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  1. PKM4
    Getting ready for the EUIC.
  2. Axiato
    Hello everybody! I'm one of the few professors that are at the Okinawa Pokémon League. Even if we are in Japan, we are a US League
  3. SeaDraggin
    Currently Basic Professor working on Judging Credentials
  4. waynegg
    waynegg benomac7
    Too soon, brother. Too soon. Now you can be in peace with your son again... :(
  5. pokemonrocks777
    Hello. I am Pokemonrocks777. Welcome to my page on the pokegym please feel free to PM you have any questions summit them in one PM since I am only allowed to have 50 max. I will be more than Happy to Help. :)
  6. waynegg
    waynegg Prime
    Thanks man! I really appreciate it!
  7. Prime
    Prime waynegg
    You do such a good job with the Card of the Day. The PokeGym is in your debt for your continued service.
  8. vaporeon
    Hi there. Thanks for looking at my page.
  9. waynegg
    waynegg The Hybrid
    Sign in. Click the PTCGO link in the top right. Click the bottom link that says "pokemon trading card game online. Now you're there. I'm sure there is a simpler way but that's how i have to get in for sure.

    Sometimes it glitches and puts me in the Trainer Challenge area instead when I don't take that route....
  10. bulbasnore
    bulbasnore juniormccracken
    Nice start on the WWWW for BR Autumn! Keep it going!
  11. EeveeLover
    EeveeLover bulbasnore
    Alert: The forums are currently turned off!
  12. Lucario EX
    Lucario EX Gliscor
    Hi, Gliscor. Nice fakes!
  13. Lucario EX
    Lucario EX strawberryfields
    Welcome to the PokeGym!
  14. Rogue Archetype
    Rogue Archetype
    No. Only the previous week's topics. The current topics and the Guru Points tally should be visible from main forum.
  15. MrMeches
    MrMeches Rogue Archetype
    Should we put ALL the GURU stuff in your SUB?
  16. EeveeLover
    EeveeLover MrMeches
    Da' Fish is Da' Man!
  17. Rogue Archetype
    Rogue Archetype Hatter™
    Thanks for the spelling correction of Feraligatr !
  18. Lucario EX
    Lucario EX Centurion13
    Welcome to the PokeGym!
  19. ExoByte
    ExoByte JandPDS
    What Target was this at? Do they still have any of those? I need to see a sealed one to see if there's a production issue. Thanks.
  20. Lucario EX
    Lucario EX Brawler
    Cool profile pic.