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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by jameswilliams1324, Jun 7, 2009.

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  1. jameswilliams1324

    jameswilliams1324 New Member

    Thank you everyone for some great trades!

    Welcome to Dippy's Card Mart, How may i help you?

    Hello all. This is my First Trade Thread, and I know I will be sending first for a while, but we all have to Start somewhere. So as always a few rules.

    1. Ref Rules of course. If we are the same, we will discuss something.
    2. My Deals are not Confirmed until we exchange address's via PM, please keep that in mind.
    3. I will CYL, and I also like offers!
    4. Please don't rip me.
    5. I will update often, please keep checking back!
    6. I live in the United Kingdom, if that is problem in trading, please let me know
    7. Have fun! :biggrin:

    Trade's going on

    Dustinmoe - waiting to recieve
    Avmozz - Havn't sent out yet
    Pokemonmike - Sending send time
    Xanabafang - Sending same time

    Rayquaza95 - HE RIPPED ME!
    RKO112893 - RIPPER!


    1x Pikachu #112
    1x Surfing Pikachu
    1x Charons Choice

    10x Infernape 4
    1x Luxray GL
    1x Lucario GL
    1x Rayquaza C
    6x Power Spray
    4x Cyrus's Conspiricy
    1x Cyrus's Initiative
    2x Palmers contribution
    2x Roseannes
    2x Candy
    1x Champions room
    1x Battle Tower
    8x SP Radar
    4x Energy Gain
    1x Volkners
    1x Aarons Collection

    6x POP 6 packs
    20x POP 9 packs

    6x Honchkrow Pt (1 RH)
    4x Bronzong G Pt
    2x Weavile G Pt (H)
    2x Houndoom G Pt
    1x Toxicroak G Pt
    1x Skuntank G Pt
    1x Rampardos Pt (H)
    3x Tyranitar Sw (1 RH, 1 R)
    1x Metagross La
    1x Bronzong 4 RR
    3x Luxray (2 La, 1 Dp) (1 La RH, 1 La H, 1 Dp H)
    1x Gardevior Pt (H)
    3x Politoad La (2 H, 1 RH)
    2x Vileplume La (1 RH)
    2x Ninetales Pt (1 RH)
    2x Pidgeot Sw (1 RH)
    1x Venusaur Sw (RH)
    1x Suicine Sw (H)
    1x Sceptile Sw (RH)
    1x Omarstar Sw
    3x Electrode Sw (1 RH)
    10x Snover SF
    2x Abomasnow SF
    18x Machop SF/Dp (ask for what one su want)
    6x Machoke SF
    20x Gastly SF
    7x Haunter SF
    14x Cherubi SF
    8x Larvitar SF
    4x Pupitar SF
    1x Nidoking (RH Dragon Frontiers)
    4x Horsea
    2x Seadra
    2x Baltoy GE
    1x Lunatone GE
    1x Cherrim SF
    4x Duskull SF (Reaper cloth)

    Trainers - Not updated!
    2x Cynthia's Feelings
    17x Dusk Ball
    9x Quick Ball
    16x PlusPower
    1x Poke Drawer +
    6x Poke Healer + (1 H)
    5x Poke Blower + (1 H)
    6x Conductive Quarry (1 H)
    9 Mom's Kindness
    14x Potions
    10x Energy Link (2 H)
    10x Switch (1 H)
    6x Marley's Request
    6x Rival
    5x Snowpoint Temple
    4x Super Scoop Up
    3x Great Ball
    8x Pokeball
    13x Energy Search
    8x Skull Fossil
    2x Claw Fossil
    1x Dome Fossil
    1x Root Fossil
    1x Armor Fossil
    7x Energy Switch
    3x Professor Rowan
    2x Night Maintenance
    4x Night Pokemon Centre
    2x Memory Berry
    2x Double Full Heal
    2x Fossil Excavater
    3x Luxury Ball
    1x Energy Restore
    1x Pokedex
    1x Energy Pickup
    1x Stark Mountain
    1x Life Herb
    1x Pokemon Rescue
    1x Leftovers
    1x Bubble Coat
    1x Buck's Training
    1x Plus Power

    Random DP-SW Reverse Holos and Holos
    Sneasel Dp 100/130 RH
    Noctowl Dp 34/130 RH
    Smeargle 66/132 RH
    Lopunny Dp 30/130 RH
    Shelder 105/132 RH
    x2 Lileep La 105/146 RH
    Seaking Dp 62/130 RH
    Weepinbel La 127/146 RH
    Wooper 118/132 RH
    Skuntank Dp 15/130 H
    Monferno Md 41/100 RH
    Manaphy Dp 9/130 RH
    Mantyke Dp 55/130 RH
    x2 Dodrio 46/123 RH
    x2 Zubat 108/123 RH
    Ledian La 60/146 RH
    Anorith La 46/146 RH
    Smoochum 67/132 RH
    x2 Castform (Rain Form) La 49/146 RH
    Castform La 48/146 RH
    Bronzor Md 52/100 RH
    Nincada La 108/146 RH
    Dunsparce 47/123 RH
    Combee Dp 79/130 RH
    Unown (C) Dp 67/130 RH
    Steelix Dp 36/130 RH
    Pelipper Ge 48/106 RH
    x2 Dragonair La 52/146 RH
    Wormadam (Trash) 43/132 RH
    Elekid Dp 48/130 RH
    Trapinch 115/132 RH
    Spoink La 121/146 RH
    Luvdisc Ge 77/106 RH
    Doduo Mt 80/123 RH
    Happiny Mt 52/123 RH
    Chimchar Dp 76/130 RH
    Nosepass LA 109/146 RH
    Golbat Mt 50/123 RH

    Warp Energy 91/108 (Powekeepers) H
    Boost Energy 87/101 (Dragon Frontiers) H
    2x Master Ball 99/113 (Delta Species) H

    2x Mew 111/110 Holon Phantoms boxtopper
    2x Azumarill 114/113 Delta Species Boxtopper
    1x Altaria Ex 90/106 Ex Emerald (Italian)

    Black star promos (Nintendo)

    003 Treeko
    004 Grovyle (Winner)
    008 Torchic
    009 Combusken (Winner)
    010 Mudkip
    011 Marshtomp (Winner)
    013 Meowth
    021 Jirachi
    025 Flygon
    026 Tropical wind
    053 Suicune (Pokemon 4ever stamp)

    Best Promo

    Electabuzz H (winner) 1
    Hitmonchan H 2
    Hitmonchan H (winner) 2
    Professor Elm H 3
    Rocket's Scizor 4
    Rocket's Scizor (winner) 4
    Rocket's Sneasel 5
    Rocket's Sneasel (winner) 5
    Dark Ivysaur 5
    Dark Ivysaur (Winner) 6
    Dark Venusaur (winner) 7
    Rocket's Mewtwo (Winner) 8

    Spanish Burger king promo’s


    Pop Series cards.

    I only have random cards from each set left let me u know what u want, i have 50x+ of each common from pop 7- pop 9.

    Pre-release cards.
    1x Manectric Ex Deoxys
    1x Grumpig Ex Emerald
    1x Bayleef Ex Unseen Forces
    1x Metang Ex Delta Species
    3x Tentacruel
    1x Exeggutor Ex Holon Phantoms
    2x Ivysaur Ex Crytsal Guardians
    2x Dragonair Ex Dragon Frontiers
    1x Cacturne Ex Power Keepers
    1x Lucario
    1x Milotic

    Citys/states/nationals cards.

    1x Charmander 04
    1x Machop 05
    4x Shinx 08 (1 Staff)
    1x Luxray 08

    6x Dratini 09
    2x Dragonaire 09
    1x Dragonite 09

    SV LV.Xs
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  2. kirstin

    kirstin New Member

    i have some of the cards from your want list

    i'm looking for these in spanish or italian language
    the burger king promos in spanish

    lmk if you have any of the above cards
  3. ljgenco12

    ljgenco12 New Member

    CML for
    1x Charon’s Choice

    Pop Series cards.
    Pop 1
    1x Armaldo Ex 16/17
    1x Tyranitar 17/17 ( 1 H English)

    Pop 2
    1x Celebi Ex 17/17 ( 1 H English)

    Pop 3
    1x Ho-Oh Ex 17/17 (1 H)

    Pop 4
    1x Mew 4/17
    1x Deoxys Ex 17/17

    Pop 5
    1x Mew d 3/17
    1x Espeon * 16/17
    1x Umbreon * 17/17

    Pre-release cards.
    1x Manectric Ex Deoxys
    1x Grumpig Ex Emerald
    1x Bayleef Ex Unseen Forces
    1x Metang Ex Delta Species
    1x Tentacruel
    1x Exeggutor Ex Holon Phantoms
    1x Ivysaur Ex Crytsal Guardians
    1x Dragonair Ex Dragon Frontiers
    1x Cacturne Ex Power Keepers
    1x Luxio Dp
    1x Gabite Mt
    1x Porygon2 Ge
    1x Mothim Md
    1x Bucks Training La
    1x Tropius
    1x Piloswine Sf
    1x Lucario

    Citys/states/nationals cards.

    1x Charmander 04

    1x Machop 05
    1x Machoke 05
    1x Machamp 05

    1x Whismur 06
    1x Loudred 06
    1x Exploud 06

    1x Squirtle 07
    1x Wartortle 07
    1x Blastiose 07

    1x Shinx 08 (Staff)
    1x Luxray 08

    1x Dratini 09
    1xDragonair 09
    1x Dragonite 09
  4. jameswilliams1324

    jameswilliams1324 New Member

    Kirsten - i have Spanish Giratina, Pikachu, Turtwig, Piplup, Eevee and Lefeon burger king Promo's.

    ljgenco12 -
    my: Charons choice + Dragonite (nats) 09

    Your: Dialga G + Crobat G
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2009
  5. Pinsther

    Pinsther New Member

    Please CML for any of the following:

    1x Weavile G Pt (H)
    1x Nidoking RR
    1x Rampardos Pt (H)
    1x Gardevior Pt (H)

    Pop Series cards.

    Pop 1
    1x Blaziken 1/17
    1x Sceptile 4/17
    1x Swampert 5/17
    1x Pupitar 9/17
    1x Larvitar 11/17
    1x Armaldo Ex 16/17

    Pop 2
    1x Entei 1/17
    1x Raikou 3/17
    1x Suicine 4/17
    1x Venusaur 6/17
    1x Ivysaur 7/17

    Pop 3
    1x Blastoise 1/17
    1x Combusken 7/17
    1x Ivysaur 14/17
    1x Marshtomp 15/17

    Pop 4
    1x Flygon 3/17 (non H)
    1x Sceptile 5/17
    1x Combusken 6/17
    1x Grovyle 7/17
    1x Mudkip 11/17
    1x Squirtle 14/17
    1x Treeko 15/17
    1x Wobbuffet 16/17
    1x Deoxys Ex 17/17

    Pop 5
    1x Charmander 10/17
    1x Meowth 11/17

    Pop 6
    1x Bastiodon 1/17
    1x Riolu 8/17
    1x Piplup 15/17
    1x Turtwig 17/17

    Pop 7
    1x Latios 4/17

    Pop 8
    1x Heatran 1/17
    1x Lucario 2/17
    1x Luxray 3/17
    1x Yanmega 5/17
    1x Luxio 8/17

    Pop 9
    1x Regigigas 4/17
    1x Rotom 5/17
    1x Gabite 8/17

    Thanks for your consideration!
  6. jameswilliams1324

    jameswilliams1324 New Member

  7. The Machampion

    The Machampion New Member

    Ooh James my main man, you dont want much =P, Hit me up with these;

    Roserade Gl
    Bronzong Gl RR

    I will give you Palkia G ??

    PM me to finalise
  8. jameswilliams1324

    jameswilliams1324 New Member

    Deal, PM'ed:thumb:
  9. punyhuman07

    punyhuman07 New Member

    8x Quick Ball
    1x Poke Drawer +
    2x Premier Ball
    4x Snowpoint Temple
    4x Super Scoop Up
    3x Night Maintenancel
    2x Fossil Excavator
    3x Luxury Ball
    1x Stark Mountain
    1x Pokemon Rescue
    1X energy Gain
    i'm looking to get these cml please thanks counter a offer
  10. jameswilliams1324

    jameswilliams1324 New Member

  11. putgik

    putgik New Member

    Hi, please CML for 2x Heatran POP 8, thank you.
  12. jameswilliams1324

    jameswilliams1324 New Member

    Make an offer?

  13. putgik

    putgik New Member

    Regigigas Lv. X (tin)
    random rare (cml please)
    for your
    2x Heatran POP 8
    LMK, thank you.
  14. jameswilliams1324

    jameswilliams1324 New Member

    could you do :

    Regigigas Lv.X
    Blissy from Platinum.

    2x Heatran?

    If so pm me:thumb:
  15. TheLegendKiller

    TheLegendKiller New Member

    Interested in the TSD, PM me
  16. jameswilliams1324

    jameswilliams1324 New Member

  17. TheLegendKiller

    TheLegendKiller New Member

    Heres the deal, got your address and I will post it later today 1st class.

    Make sure you put it in a toploader:cool:
    TSD (Mint)

    Snorlax Lv X

    Btw what do you want for Nationals 2004 Charmander??
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2009
  18. jameswilliams1324

    jameswilliams1324 New Member

    errm i dunno, u want to offer on it?
  19. nnaann

    nnaann New Member

    You have any Roseannes spare? I also need some POP 9 that you don't have doubles of - would you still swap them?
  20. jameswilliams1324

    jameswilliams1324 New Member

    i dont think i have any roseannes spare but yes i am getting rid of all my pop!!

    P.s. Come on msn plz :thumb: and give me my ref lool.
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