1st edition Fossil/Gym/Rocket Holo (64 cards) - good/bad deal?

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  1. darkstar

    darkstar New Member

    A seller has offered to sell me these cards for $330: (condition is GEM MINT)

    1st Ed Dark Blastoise(Holo) $6
    1st Ed Dark Dragonite(Holo) $5.25
    1st Ed Dark Arbok(Holo) $1.5
    1st Ed Dark Weezing(Holo) $1.5
    1st Ed Dark Raichu(Holo) $5.75
    1st Ed Dark Slowbro(Holo) $1.5
    1st Ed Dark Gyarados(Holo) $3.5
    1st Ed Dark Machamp(Holo) $3

    For all these Team Rocket total $28.

    1st Edition Blaine's Moltres (Holo) $6
    1st Edition Blaine's Charizard (Holo) $20
    1st Edition Rocket's Hitmonchan (Holo) $5
    1st Edition Rocket's Scyther (Holo) $7.50
    1st Edition Rocket's Zapdos (Holo) $8
    1st Edition Rocket's Moltres (Holo) $8
    1st Ed Brock's Rhydon(Holo) $4
    1st Ed Erika's Clefable(Holo) $3.50
    1st Ed Erika's Venusaur(Holo) $6.25
    1st Ed Erika's Vileplume(Holo) $2.50
    1st Ed Giovanni's Nidoking(Holo) $6.25
    1st Ed Lt. Surge's Raichu(Holo) $5
    1st Ed Sabrina's Alakazam(Holo) $5.50
    1st Ed Brock(Holo) $3.50
    1st Ed Blaine(Holo) $3.75
    1st Ed Misty(Holo) $3.75
    1st Ed Sabrina(Holo) $3.50

    For all these Gym Heroes and Gym Challenge total $102.

    1st Ed Aerodactyl(Holo) $3.25
    1st Ed Articuno(Holo)x2 $12.50
    1st Ed Dragonite(Holo)x2 $12.50
    1st Ed Gengar(Holo)x2 $9.25
    1st Ed Haunter(Holo)x2 $6
    1st Ed Hitmonlee(Holo)x2 $10
    1st Ed Hypno(Holo)x2 $7
    1st Ed Lapras(Holo)x2 $7
    1st Ed Magneton(Holo)x2 $6
    1st Ed Moltres(Holo)x2 $12
    1st Ed Muk(Holo)x2 $5
    1st Ed Raichu(Holo)x2 $8
    1st Ed Zapdos (Holo) $6

    For all these Fossil total $104.

    Machamp (Holo) $2
    Mewtwo (Holo) $3.50
    Poliwrath (Holo) $2.50
    Venusaur (Holo) $7
    Alakazam (Holo) $3
    Blastoise (Holo) $7
    Chansey (Holo) $2.50
    Hitmonchan (Holo) $1.50
    Clefairy (Holo) $1.50
    Gyarados (Holo) $2.50
    Nidoking (Holo) $2.50
    Raichu (Holo) $3.50
    Zapdos (Holo) $3
    Charizard (Holo) $17
    Ninetales (Holo) $3

    Is it worth it? If not, what price do you think would be reasonable for these 64 cards?
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  2. raichuforyou

    raichuforyou New Member

    If you are buying that many cards you might as well be buying complete sets, especially if you are dropping $300+ on them. Most of those prices aren't too bad but they add up.
  3. darkstar

    darkstar New Member

    The guy I'm trying to buy from doesn't have complete sets or I would be trying to buy them lol.

    Though that's the case, do you think I'm getting a good deal? Paying too much? Paying too little?
  4. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    ^ This. Most of these prices are fairly reasonable for non-base set first edition.
  5. darkstar

    darkstar New Member

    thanks for all your help!

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