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    My family and I leave at 10:20 and drive up to Glen Burnie. We show up before the store opens and stand outside for about 5 minutes in the cold. After we get in we scramble to get all the cards we need for our decks. I am playing Magmortar/Typhlosion/Claydol

    Round 1 vs. Ben
    This was his first premier rated event ever. I set up and proceed to take win.


    Round 2 vs. Summer
    She is using an Empoleon/Absol deck. She starts with piplup and has an absol on the bench. I start with a pachirisu. I set up quickly and KO her 2 pokemon by turn 4.


    Lunch break. My dad and I walk to subway and bring back food for me and my 3 brothers.

    Round 3 vs. Gallade
    We both set up in this one and I make 2 huge mistakes that end up costing me the game.


    Round 4 vs. Totoro
    He is using DWD. I start with pachy and get a bench full of basic and nothing else for about five turns. Eventually I get a galactic's, win it and get claydol. After that I was able to win.


    Round 5 vs. DarthPika (my brother)
    DarthPika is using gallade. I lose to DarthPika in a very close match. I goes down to the wire, but Darthloser pulls it out.


    Round 6 vs. Jonathan A.
    He is playing in his first tourney of the year because he is in college. He is using a borrowed Gator/Claydol. This is probably the absolute worst match-up for my deck. I manage to get it so we have 2 prizes each. I then put out my Salamence PK and KO his gator. He needs to have a Gator, DRE and 9 energies in his hand to win. I end up winning on time and taking my last prize card. Time runs out on his turn so he decides to take a really long turn to annoy me.

    I end up making SE as the 8th seed. I made it in by opponent's opponent's win %.

    Round 1 vs. Michael P. (Magmortar/Blaziken/Claydol
    In the first battle he draws no supporters for the entire battle. I win the first one. Second one I start with a magmar and and a bunch of energies. He KO's my magmar on T3.
    Match 3. He gets a faster start then I do but I manage to get set up about the same speed as he did. I am able to KO all the magmortars and leave him with a bench full of blazikens. 80 damage vs. magmortar isn't enough. I win and advance to T4

    T4 vs. DarthPika (I officially hate TOM)
    DarthPika wins the first, I win the second, and the third match is really close. We went back and forth all game. I end up winning by Flameblustering to take my last prize.

    T2 vs. ???(sorry I can't remember your name)
    He is using Gallade. First match I win partly because he didn't realize that he had a gardevoir with 40 damage on it. He brings down his own pokemon and I win.
    Match 2
    I get a great set-up and he doesn't. He ends up conceding because I will win on time. (the first match took over 30 minutes)

    WOOOHOOOO! I win MD states!! My brother in the senior division wins 1st also.

    Good judging
    My brother winning seniors.
    DarthPika gettting 4th

    TOM making me play my brother TWICE.
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    Stupid Warp Point.

    I would have beaten you if you hadn't drawn it....

    Stupid TOM.

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