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    Five rounds
    Top 4

    Corvallis, OR
    Masters Battle Road
    Players: 23

    Game 1
    Deck: Unown/Nidoqueen MT/Dodtrio
    Player: ????

    No comment..... I get uber start likes always (NOT) but yea she did nothing at all, I just ran through her, she was a good sport about it though.
    gg mam


    Game 2
    Deck: Torterra/Eggs MT/Vesp
    Player: Kayhon (CyberManectricEx

    I underestimated his deck by a long shot, he showed that Torterra can be good. So we go along he doesnt know what the whole concept of my deck is he gets full bench I shuffle in his grotle with a couple energy, to bad my poochyena is prized and I cant get his active torterra X back in his deck. So we go all the way down to 1-1 prizes left he has 11 damage counters on his tortx while I have zero on my queen MT. I am confident that I won, it is his turn he plays two plus powers so he ko's my queen ftw... I call a judge over for a ruling on his pluspower... long argument I have a couple of people backing me up because of the distinct text on the card, "the active pkmn" not "defending" or "opponents" just "the active pokemon" so after all of my effort he gets the ruling in my favor. I lose I was mad, but then gin its cmex how can u be mad at him : ) nj kayhon.
    gg sir

    idk why they couldnt check then....

    Game: 3
    Deck: Lucario/Blissey
    Player: Lindsey

    EH bad start, I was frustrated still, I can't pull it through I lose nuff said. UGHHHH
    gg mam

    Game: 4
    Deck: ???
    Player: ???

    I am drawing a blank about this game, all I know is that I won so yea.....
    gg sir

    Game 5
    Deck: Licky d/other stuff (I cant remember)

    He keeps lapping up for stuff and cant get nothing, I have godly setup with ching and t2 queen d and then rest is history... Eventually I copycat for 16... he never gets a prize on me. He was a very nice person.
    gg sir

    I dont make the top cut, but I still have a winning record so I was happy but still mad bout the ruling

    Clint A. (Team_rocket_prodigy), Kayhon (CyberManectricEx), Marvin (Phazon_Elite) and I go over to clints house and were gonna have a halo montage but what do you know clint lost his game : / lol So we just play around with decks and youtubing it up. They leave and I finally figure out what I was playing tomorrow all thanks to Cory C. (corypoke2) and Keagon C.

    Eugene BR
    Players: 19 ?
    Rounds: 5
    Top 4

    Game 1
    Deck: Meg/Gatr d
    Player: Nanette A. (ilikegengar)

    So we start off, I have a bad hand 2 chanseys and 2 boost and the rest energy : / She gets and alright start I top deck a blissey : ) and kill her pinsir d and a couple other guys she throws out at me. She did alright for her first time playing the deck. I end up winning.
    gg mam


    Game 2
    Deck: Blisscatty
    Player: Marvin (Phazon_Elite)

    He starts with a skitty and me with machop : ) we role he goes first and I show him my pluspower, and him not knowing I dont have a fighting (only play three in deck) he thinks he lost. So he is so sad cuz of his mentor blissey and boost in his hand. He uses tail whip roles the die and gets the freakin tails : ) I top deck a castaway search out fighting strength charm and idk and I overkill his poor skitty t1 80 : )
    gg sir


    Game 3
    Deck: Torterra/Eggs MT
    Player: Kayhon (CyberManectricEx)

    Yes a rematch, I start with chansey with boost, blissey and tv in hand. He starts with turtwig on bench and combee start. I ko him t2 then he evolves into grotle I do pluspower boost again for ko.
    gg sir


    Game 4
    Deck: Meg MT/Gatr MT/Parasect MT
    Player: ???

    This was my longest match yet it was pretty much I started off good he gets t3 meganium and keeps getting heads on paralysis while I have a full powered blissey active and getting one started on the bench with delcatty pK and ex. He makes a wise decision at the end to dre and retreat to start powering up his gatr on the bench. I pull somethign and ko both of his pokemon.
    gg sir


    Game 5
    Deck: Mario (UGHHH)
    Player: June

    This was against my favor by a long shot : / We both start with machop she does 20 I do 20 she evolves to machoke DRE for the ko, I send up skitty with boost and petm in hand elms out the delcatty ex (luckily i play 2) boost for the win o yea n a pp and sc to top that off :)
    gg mam


    I go 5-0 in the swiss getting 1st

    TOP 4
    1. Daniel Z. (me) - OMGBBQ.dec (blissey/machamp PK)
    2. Dillon M. - Blisscatty (WITH NO HOLON FF WTH????)
    3. Lindsey - Blisscario
    4. June - Mario (UGHHH)

    ME vs. JUNE

    Game 1:

    I cant believe I have to player her again : / I hoped that she would get 2nd or 3rd so she would lose and I wouldn't have to player her : ) I didnt think i could lucksack my way out of this one again so we start I start off with chansey she does 40 with riolu I attach holon ff and pass she evolves machoke attach ko me I lose


    Game 2
    I am depressed and lack self confidence (no surprise) I dont no what happened I just sucked it up with prizes 5/6 were energy 2 boost and 2 holon ff and one fire. I do some stuff sack a few cards to power up blissey but then again NO ENERGY AT ALL I SWEAR. She lucario x's me and I just do UGHHH no energy and pass she ko's me I deck myself out with nrg draw cuz I was bored and was gonna lose anyways. She takes like 10 min I swear deciding how to ko me when she can pass : / I lose no surprise

    GG MAM


    So I place third again : /

    so the top 2 was
    June (mario) vs Dillon (Blisscatty) NO HOLON FF : /

    I have to leave he wins first game GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Like t4 or so
    I still don't know who won I will update with that.

    Josh (madhatter) winning
    Clint Winning
    Keagan C
    Cory C
    Pink Sleeves
    5-0 swiss - eugene tourney

    MARIO - not even a deck
    Cheap calls
    Bad starts
    Clint for going 1-2 : /
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  2. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    thats me in the props!
    and dumb ruling : /

    Cant wait for the report where you actually did good!!!! jkjk
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2007
  3. ilikegengar

    ilikegengar Member

    Yikes! So sad for that happening.

    Rich found the Halo game last night. I hope you'll all come back some time. Perhaps spring BRs, Corvallis CC?.

    What a busy weekend. Good job OSP!

    Thank your mom for the cookies.
  4. corypoke2

    corypoke2 New Member

    Hey - I want to know how Eugene went also.

    My name is Cory, not Corey...no worries though. Glad to see the alternative "Beat Blissey" strategy might have worked better :thumb:

    I'm gonna make Keegan (not Keagon!) get his own Pokegym account and stop mooching mine + I think I'll change my password...can't trust that kid :lol:

    More propz
    Clint A for winning Corvallis against a specifically designed "Beat Blissey" attempt...if you can't beat em join em...nah. I think Blissey is the new Metanite for 2007/2008.

    Rich A and BDS for organizing a great tourney!


    Sorry about those mistakes updated with Eugene Tourney.
  6. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member

    Rawr, sir.

    You suck, sir.


    GJ getting T4, though. You are now as good as me. lol

    Yay for us being unable to win prizes! ^^
  7. momma_june

    momma_june New Member

    OSP its always a pleasure to play you win or lose
    also... its not Mario its Casons deck revised and played by me in his honor
  8. MrMonday

    MrMonday New Member

    Hey OSP thanks for the props, but my name is spelled keegan not keagan. Too bad you didn't get farther though. Shoulda named my account DBE, Deck Builder Extraordinair jk, since you didn't win, jk anyway. Dad you happy now?
  9. Jason

    Jason New Member

    still good job on your progress, OSP. hope you will finally win something at cities :)
  10. corypoke2

    corypoke2 New Member

    I'd be happier if you knew how to spell :tongue: What kind of air is extraordin anyway?

  11. Pokeplayer

    Pokeplayer New Member

    Those Eugene/Corvallis folks....heck Oregon folks in general run really good OP events!!!!!
  12. soxrcol

    soxrcol Active Member

    Gj osp, It blows that I cant make brs... D:


    ty man, about your cards... I have been very side tracked with school so I can give it to you at cities if you want or if your heading to the eugene pre-release that would be GREAT
  14. soxrcol

    soxrcol Active Member

    rofl, I dought that, uhh..

    mabey citys, tell me what ones your going to.


    idk as soon as they list htem.
  16. soxrcol

    soxrcol Active Member

    rofl, ok, ill wait till then.

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