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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Lucario4ever, Aug 24, 2008.

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  1. Lucario4ever

    Lucario4ever New Member

    Well I can each make a partial deck but I cant decide which one. Well there both absolutely terrible and the need help. I have no recent cards except the ones I got at a prelease yesterday but I want to get at least a ok deck ready when I start attending league.

    Severely Incomplete Deck 1

    3 Mammoswime
    2 Piloswine
    3 Swinub

    2 Tentacool
    2 Tentacruel

    3 Unown R

    Pokemon: 15

    2 Cynthias Feelings
    1 Bucks Training
    2 Quick ball

    Trainers: 5 :(

    11 Water
    6 Ground

    Energys: 17

    Card in deck: 37

    Strategy: Just try to get out mammoswime asap using tentecruel as back up. Also the Unown R's can move around the energys attached to other pokemon so I can use that if I end up needing it.

    Severely Incomplete Deck 2

    3 Speed Deoxys
    1 Attack Deoxys
    3 Unown R
    1 Unown W
    1 Eggsacute


    2 Cynthias Feelings
    1 bucks training
    2 Quick ball

    Trainers: 5

    Energys: All Pyschic

    Cards in deck:?

    Strategy: Well this actually did ok in the prelease, basically When getting deoxys swtich to attack form and use its attack for 80 the switch to speed for retreat. You'll be doing forme change every turn basically. Unown R to move around energys in case one of your deoxys needs it, eggascute is useful for getting out the deoxys, and Unown W can be good for drawing or be used as a stall.
  2. fire spin

    fire spin New Member

    what cards do you have
    id proberbally go with deck 1 though unown r isnt very good, might beworth taking 1 or 2 of them out.
    you should probeberbally atttend league wether you have a deck or not since you might be able to trade for the cards you need.
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  3. Dendrobatida

    Dendrobatida New Member


    As per deck forum rules, you'll need to provide complete lists prior to the 'gym sprucing them up for you. I think 24 hours will be enough time to allow you to flesh out the lists you've given us (and to narrow it to the one you'd prefer we look at). If not completed by this time tomorrow, we'll lock this thread and you can repost once you're more familiar with our guidelines.


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