2 St. Louis Area "Season" Tourneys starting up... B&B Games in Eureka and St. Peters!

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    OK, for those of you who have come to the B&B Game Store League in Eureka, in addition to the weekly league, 3 times a year, they have a "series" of tourneys which cumulate in a large store credit prize.

    Cost to enter the events is $5.00 weekly, no weekly prizes (OK, everyone gets a pack for playing) but $2 per player is put towards the "FINAL 8" event.

    In the Winter Season at Eureka, over $360 in store credit was given to the top 4 finishers who were...

    Jack C. ($180) Ranked #1 Masters in MO as of this date
    Zak K. ($90) Yeah, My kid...86th in NA? 1st (or 4th) in my heart
    Jason F ($50) I can rarely beat him. Very Rarely.
    Brian H ($40) Ranked #10 in Juniors in NA as of this date

    Past winners of the top prize were Joe C. and Zak K.

    A certain Meganium45 was knocked out of the T4 by Brian H. Great job Bubba!

    Starting on Monday January 14th, Eureka will be starting its next session, the "Winter League" that will run for 12 weeks, and cumulate on the 13th week with a top 8 event, in which the prizes will be given out. Minimum top prize for the winner, $125.00. Remaining entries are divided so that the total is 50% to the top, 25% to 2nd, and, if available, 3rd, 4th, and possibly credit for 5th-8th...If 3rd gets above $50, we move the prizes down to 5th-8th...still no limit on 1st and 2nd though!!!

    The "qualifying" tourneys are unsanctioned events (because a certain M45 plays), are done one game, and the tourneys are 3 swiss rounds. At the end of 3 swiss rounds, points are awarded for all players.

    1st and 2nd place get 3 points
    3rd and 4th place get 2 points
    5th and lower get 1 point

    This is NOT per division, but is overall. Weekly events are age-modified swiss, but rankings are done with the entire tourney as a whole. (1st place Junior may be 1st overall, 3rd overall, or 5th overall)

    Points are added up on all 12 weeks, and poof, week 13 is the playoff (announced in week 12)

    Play for it on week 13, and on we go.

    We will also be starting this on Wednesday January 16th in St. Peters, MO.

    We are reducing the qualifying weeks by one, in order to accomodate the Great Expectations PreReleases happening on February 4th at B&B Eureka, and February 6th at B&B St. Peters.

    Points in tourneys ONLY count for the store you attend. Points are not added between the stores, but you can certainly play and qualify in both locations.

    The top system rewards players who are there week in and week out, and do well.

    In Eureka, we have had 16 different players make the top 8 cut over the last 3 sessions, and 8 different players win store credit! Anyone can do it!

    See the stores for details.

    Come, you do get to play against me from time to time!

    I will be posting weekly results (and with player permission) deck choices.

  2. meganium45

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    OK, as I am not the "TO" of these events, I will share with you the deck thoughts in St. Louis...and the top 4 each time I play.

    For week 1, 16 players, which translates into almost $400 in the prize pool if we keep this pace up!

    Winners were:

    Jason F and Zakary K - Both playing Absollade variants.


    Jessica W and Vince K (M45) - Both playing Mario variants.

    There you go!

    See you Wednesday!

  3. darkHYPO

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    I'm off school next week ,so the Siweks will be invading the tourament :)
  4. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    This Wednesday...no 12 week tourney took place, as there were a lot of people showing up late.

    We will begin next week.

  5. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    Week 2 in Eureka... A lot of new people hitting the top cut.

    1st and 2nd this week were....

    Andrew K. playing the "blade" (Gardegallade/Absol)
    Brandon H. playing the "blade"

    3rd and 4th were...

    Vince K. playing the "blade"
    Joe C. Playing DWD.

    Seniors over Masters... bwahaha

    Very Very Dark around these parts.

    Happy Birthday to lilGroudon on the day of this event!

  6. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    OK, we are done with a season at B & B in St. Peters...playing for the CASH...

    Top 8 players...

    6 got prized.

    Sophie over Dema in the "we are exhausted match" for the Juniors! Great job!!

    In the final 4...

    RIQ over M45 (yeah, he was using the "but I have cancer" excuse while trading for ho-oh like 10 minutes before we started) GOTTA LOVE RIQ!!

    Zak over Colin ...

    Colin and I split. for 3/4

    Zak over Riq in the finals...$100 prize!!


    B&B Eureka will be final in a few weeks...should be interesting with the new sets in the mix!

  7. DarkJake

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    When is the restart occurring for both places?
  8. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    I will find out and let you know.

    I love Colin's last minute deck change....

  9. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    Eureka Qualifier Update - May 19th Event - No Majestic Dawn Allowed

    OK - for those who read the gym and are playing the last Qualifying event next Monday, the store (which has already had its prerelease) has ruled that Majestic Dawn will NOT be allowed for that final qualifying tourney. (on the 19th of May)

    It will be playable in the finals the following week. (The 26th of May)


  10. Riq

    Riq New Member

    LOL the cancer quote always works lol

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