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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by FireKatKid, Nov 15, 2007.

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  1. FireKatKid

    FireKatKid New Member

    Alright, I have two decks I switch back and forth with. I haven't put -too- much in depth thought into them, since I usually make decks of who I like. But I was wanting to get some opinions to see how they could be better.

    Deck 1- Sinister De-Nature

    Sneasel (Diamond Pearl) x 3
    Weavile (Secret Wonders) x 2
    Charmander (Secret Wonders) x 3
    Charmeleon (Secret Wonders) x 3
    Zangoose (Power Keepers) x 1
    Mawile (Power Keepers) x 1
    Ponyta ( Diamond Pearl) x 1
    Rapidash (Diamond Pearl) x 1
    Charizard (Power Keepers) x 1
    Charizard (Secret Wonders) x 1
    Charizard Delta Star (Dragon Frontiers) x 1

    Stadiums/ Supporters:
    Holon Legacy x 1
    Holon Mentor x 1
    Steven's Advice x 1
    Scott x 1
    Mr Stone's Project x 2
    Bebe's Research x 1

    Trainers and Older Trainers
    Energy Search x 1
    Rare Candy x 3
    Master Ball x 1
    Potion x 2
    Energy Restore x 1
    Night Maintenance x 2
    Switch x 1
    Energy Recycle System x 1
    Great Ball x 1
    Memory Berry x 1
    Warp Point x 1

    Fire Energy x 7
    Dark Energy x 5
    Darkness Energy x 4
    Delta Rainbow Energy x 2
    Holon Energy FF x 2

    The main point of Deck 1 is to get the Charizard Star out on the field and powered up. With his first power, he can add an energy previously discarded onto his person. The majority of the trainers get energy for him from both the deck and the discard pile, especially with help from Weavile who automatically adds enough energy to Charizard Star to attack. The Weavile himself also discards a good chunk of the hand of people who like to pump their hands up far. The rare Candies are there for the two other Charizards to get out quicker, with the Memory Berry there to let them use an attack that turn that doesn't necessarily require them to use their energy up.
    Hints? Suggestions?

    Deck 2- Razzle Dazz-Albumin

    Magnemite (Power Keepers) x 3
    Magneton (Power Keepers) x 3 (Though one is the original version from an E-reader set)
    Electrike (Mysterious Treasures) x 1
    Manectric (Mysterious Treasures) x 1
    Gible (Mysterious Treasures) x 2
    Gabite (Mysterious Treasures) x 2
    Garchomp (Mysterious Treasures) x 1
    Pikachu (Mysterious Treasures) x 2 (I'd much rather have teh POP 6 Pikachu)
    Pikachu (POP 6) x 1
    Pichu (Mysterious Treasures) x 1 (Once again, I want to ditch it, as without the MT Pikachu, I have no use for it)
    Happiny (Mysterious Treasures) x 1
    Chansey (Mysterious Treasures) x 2 (For Happiny style or basic style)
    Blissey (Mysterious Treasures) x 1
    Azurill (Diamond Pearl) x 1 (Just a deck filler. Last minute addition just to draw cards)
    Shinx (Diamond Pearl) x 1
    Luxio (Diamond Pearl) x 1
    Luxray (Diamond Pearl) x 1 (To do major damage, then switch the energy to Raichu, Garchomp, or Blissey)
    Jolteon Star x 1 (I love ma Eevees and its a nice basic attacker)

    Potion x 2
    Quick Ball (Mysterious Treasures) x 1
    PlusPower (Diamond Pearl) x 2
    Strength Charme (Dragon Frontiers) x 1
    Great Ball (Power Keepers) x 1

    Lightning Energy x 20
    Metal Energy (Basic Type) x 2
    Double Rainbow Energy (Crystal Guardians) x 2
    Multi Energy (Fire Leaf) x 1 (I know the set is banned, but someone told me it was remade)

    Deck 2 is based on getting Raichu to power himself and Blissey up to a good amount. Garchomp is there to help stop dragons, with the lightning and the steel energy to help with his poke power to moreso hinder pokemon that have those two weaknesses.

    So What do you all think? I'm moreso worried about the Char deck cause I love Charizard and want to use him but can never think of a good combo for him. Thanks in advance.
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  2. ryanvergel

    ryanvergel New Member

    Only post one deck per thread. It helps keep things on a single topic and removes clutter, while allowing each list/deck the individual attention you're looking for.

    I'm locking this but feel free to repost the list.

    Also, you listed multi energy. Yes, the cards from FRLG are rotated (we call sets that can't be used in the modified format rotated) but because the card of the same name "Multi Energy" was reprinted in a set that is still in modified, older copies of the card can be used.

    I'll go ahead and do a quick fix. Off the bat I'm seeing WAY too many pokemon and small lines. I take it you're a newer player. You might want to check out the archetype and standard strategy section. You'll see what kinds of trainer lines people use, and what pokemon lines look like. People tend to use only pokemon that are essential. You want to be as consistent as possible. A stage 2 main attacker usually runs a 3/2/3 or 4/2/4 or 4/3/4 line. You also run rare candy for speed. With 4 basics, 2 or 3 middle evolutions, and 4 stage 2 you can get out the stage 2 much easier and faster.
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