2008 Ohio State Championships

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by AgentP, Jan 16, 2008.

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  1. AgentP

    AgentP New Member

    Before we get to the details. As some of you may already know, that I was shooting for March 8th at Akron U. Neither will happen. So we are back to the Holiday Inn in Ashland again, but on March 1st. The good and bad about it is, that Indiana and Kentucky are also the same day. That means, we probably won't get any out of state competition, but this also means, that our state champions should be from Ohio! Now for the details!

    2008 Pokemon State Championship for Ohio!

    March 1st, 2008
    Doors open, and Registration begins at 9am. Registration cuts off at 10:30am
    Play begins at 11am.
    Entry Fee - FREE, of course

    The Location!
    Holiday Inn Express
    1392 Enterprise Pkwy
    Ashland, Ohio 44805

    The event will be held in Meeting Room C & D, with Meeting Room B for possible overflow.

    From North East Ohio areas - Make your way over to I-71 South. I-71 South to Exit 186, Route 250, turn left at the exit, and the Holiday Inn Express will be on your right.

    From Columbus, Cincinatti, Dayton, Athens areas - Make your way over to I-71 North. I-71 North to Exit 186, Route 250, turn left at the exit, and the Holiday Inn Express will be on the right.

    From Sandusky, Route 250 East towards I-71 South, Holiday Inn Express will be on the left, before your get to I-71.

    If you are coming from other locations, please PM me for directions.

    I will have a retailer for the Event, who will be donating to Door Prizes, and will have tables set up for sales, The Hero Zone of Sandusky. You will be able to purchase, sleeves, deck boxes, dice, counters, boosters, and even singles on site! The Vendor also informed me that he will be buying and trading Pokemon Singles as well!

    Finally Side Events! I will be taking sign ups for side events all day. They will begin when Top Cut begins, and can run as late as people want to keep playing!
    Booster Draft Events - 8 people per event. Once 8 people signed up and paid, play will begin. These can be either Regular Booster Draft or Rochester Draft. 6 Packs will be used, and entry will be $25.00.
    Sealed Deck Events - 6 packs will be used, entry will be $25.00
    Modified or Unlimited Constructed Events - $5.00 entry

    All of these tournaments will award prizes based on attendance, and in most cases each player will get something for playing!

    And there will be a Pokemon Diamond and Pearl DS Tournament on the Wii and Pokemon Battle Revolution (for more info see post 9)

    Any additional questions - PM Me, Post to this thread, or email me at dudejedi@aol.com
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  2. Gymbo ex

    Gymbo ex New Member

    Darn - I was hoping to be able to play in this one. I don't get back to Ohio until 3/7. Plus 3/8 is my birthday!

    That's alright though - good luck everyone.

  3. Heatherdu

    Heatherdu New Member

    So it knocks out Indiana and Kentucky but opens the door for Michigan. We should be able to free up that weekend instead though and will be there. I sure hope the weather is better this year!

    AgentP - just a suggestion - if you do have to use the overflow room (great preparation, btw!) please try to keep the Juniors and Masters in the same room. As a parent who plays I don't like having my kiddos out of sight. Even being at opposite sides of the room at Nationals is unsettling to me. Of course, I know that I have the option to not play/drop and sit where I can make sure my boys are safe.

    So who's going to States? Is anyone staying over in Ashland on Friday or Saturday nights?
  4. secretsof2113

    secretsof2113 Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    Heather, I'm in charge of judging the little ones, so I'll be sure to keep an eye on the boys if you can't be in the room. I think we are going to have a really good turn out for Ohio this year. I gotta make up for it somehow though, so I'm taking the trek to Michigan the next week to actually get a chance to play.
  5. DreamChaser AJ

    DreamChaser AJ New Member

    To all of my Massillon friends: Your best route would prolly be to take 30West and merge onto 250West, since that'll run right into Ashland.

    I'm looking forward to this tournament! It should be lots of fun! (I'm judging by the way, so I'll have to just win Michigan ^_~!)
  6. DL24

    DL24 New Member

    Alright!!! Deon Lunsford ready 2 take last place!!lol Although I am serious. Anyway I'll b there!
  7. Heatherdu

    Heatherdu New Member

    That's one of the great things about Pokemon and one of the reasons we keep getting more involved - it is a great bunch of people and most are great with the kids too. Unfortunately, at events like this that must be held at larger venues that may be hosting other events - well, I get worried. So THANKS!

    Oh, I know a little boy who will beg for you to give him a ride to Michigan. :wink:
  8. AgentP

    AgentP New Member

    As far as the use of the overflow room, that will be decided later. I will keep your suggestion in mind.

    There is a possibility that I will be staying Friday and/or Saturday night. Last year, we had ourselves a warm up tournament in the hotel lobby the night before. It is something we could do again, if there are enough people staying at the hotel the night before, like last year.
  9. DreamChaser AJ

    DreamChaser AJ New Member

    If there is any interest in having a DS tournament during the top cut, we can do that too. We will have Pokemon Battle Revolution. Some quick rules for the DS tournament.

    The Rules:

    -Pokemon: Mewtwo, Mew, Lugia, Ho-oh, Celebi, Latias, Latios, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Jirachi, Deoxys (all forms), Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Manaphy, Darkrai and Wobbuffet
    -Moves: Double Team, Minimize, Fissure, Guillotine, Horn Drill, and Sheer Cold.
    -Cheats: Any cheat that affects your team in any way, shape or form. No Exceptions.

    -Each team may consist of up to four (4) Pokemon, with no level cap. (The game will make them all level 50, regardless of their actual level)
    -Teams must be locked in, both in Pokemon and item.
    -Each participant is required to bring the game pak with their team on it and either a Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite (preferably charged).
    -Self KO Clause: The user of a move, such as "Self Destruct" or "Explosion" that kills everyone along with him or her at the end of a match loses.
    -Species Clause: You may only have one of each kind of Pokemon on your team. Having more then one Farfetch'd on your team, for example, is forbidden.
    -No duplicate hold items.

    If there are any more questions, feel free to direct them my way
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  10. AgentP

    AgentP New Member

    First post has been updated.

    Also, I will be there friday night, and I will be up for running the warm up tournament. Please let me know if any of you are interested.
  11. Heatherdu

    Heatherdu New Member

    Interested! I still need to make reservations but we are planning on heading up on Friday so that we don't have a rushed morning trying to get there.
  12. Naki Feralkin

    Naki Feralkin New Member

    No sleep clause, AJ? Aww. I was looking forward to playing legit and not sleeping everyone with Venusaur after I got owned at states.

    And Manaphy is typically not banned from play since its pretty much the same as Celebi/Jirachi.
  13. secretsof2113

    secretsof2113 Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    :lol: Someone wants to take two states this year, does he?
  14. DreamChaser AJ

    DreamChaser AJ New Member

    Yeah, I based the banned pokemon list off of another tournament that somebody else ran a while ago. I'd best add them just so I don't have to worry about if they are from cheats.

    If you want to go ahead and give away your strategy before the tournament, go ahead, people could just counter you...
  15. Naki Feralkin

    Naki Feralkin New Member

    I'm gonna lose to OU's anyways, so I don't care about leaking a potential strategy.. XD
  16. Heatherdu

    Heatherdu New Member

    He wants it all! Especially top cut at Nationals. 34th last year was such a crushing finish.

    Andrew was interviewed by a reporter yesterday for the local paper. He is writing an article about Pokemon and the friendship between Andrew and his best friend who won the Hilliard Cities this year. He seemed to like the angle that it is a common love and huge connection for them and that they help each other but then compete at tournaments against each other. It should be out before States so I will bring a copy along!
  17. Spirit Of Mew

    Spirit Of Mew New Member

    I'll be there can't wait to see everyone.

    I'm ready to take on anything!!! LOL

    I hope we get plenty of seniors.
  18. sKizor

    sKizor Member

    will there be any bounties this year for beating city champions?
  19. AgentP

    AgentP New Member

    Yes there will be. It will work like last year, where the person who won City Championship(s) will be worth their # of wins. For example, if you beat a City Championship winner, and that person won 2 CCs, then you will receive 2 packs.

    The City Championship winners that are eligible, are those who won in Ohio, and Pittsburgh, PA only. No other states or cities will be considered. For example: Ryne M., who won a CC in Michigan, that Michigan win won't count for the bounty, but all of his Ohio wins will.
  20. Spirit Of Mew

    Spirit Of Mew New Member

    Dang I wish I could beat myself and get four packs. lol

    Good luck to all of you, and yeah I guess you'll get four packs for beating me if your in seniors.

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