2009-11-7 Charizard AR 1/99

Discussion in 'Card of the Day' started by MrMeches, Nov 6, 2009.

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  1. MrMeches

    MrMeches New Member

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    [gal=49247] 2009-11-7 Charizard AR 1/99 [/gal]​
  2. koolkidkaz

    koolkidkaz New Member

    probably the worst current meta counter, due to the fact that Kingdra is coming back, Gyrados and Legoes are still up and running, and Dialga GX is being teched in a large amount of decks.
  3. Yarac

    Yarac New Member

    I'm torn on this one:

    1 for a possible 80 is terrific:biggrin:, but
    Weakness to water is just terrible right now:nonono:

    May work with Exploud to get rid of the weakness, but that retreat cost, need to discard energy and the fact he can't abuse upper all work against him.

    I'll be keeping him in the binder for now...
  4. ArceusRules

    ArceusRules New Member

    This card is gonna replace Flygon. 1 for 80 and 3 for 130 with 5 fire Pokemon on your bench and you don't have to evolve them vs. only 1 move that increase in power and you have to have evolved Pokemon on your bench and the attack does 110 for 3.

    Charizard > Flygon

  5. Regis_Neo

    Regis_Neo Moderator

    Today's CotD is Charizard from AR, a surprisingly playable Charizard...first one in a long while. Statwise, 140 HP is wonderful for a Stage 2 (10 more than common), +30 Weakness to :water: hurts, -20 Resistance to :fighting: helps, and :colorless:colorless:colorless to Retreat is expensive. Fire Formation is a great Poke-Body; +10 damage for each :fire: Pokemon on your bench is pure gold, giving you a possible 50 extra damage (or more realistically, 20-40 depending on if you use Uxie, Claydol, etc). Fire Wing is a cheap 30 for :fire:, but it can deal as much as 80 considering the Poke-Body. Burning Tail is also nice at :fire::fire::colorless for 80 (or up to 130 with its Poke-Body, enough to OHKO most Stage 2s), with the slight drawback of having to discard a :fire: Energy on Charizard. Overall, with a lot of :fire: Pokemon support, this card is downright deadly.

    Modified - 9/10 (One of the best Charizards to come out in a long time, though its Weakness to :water: hurts)
    Limited - 8/10 (Still great, as it has cheap effective attacks, plus more damage for :fire: Pokemon on your bench)
    Unlimited - 2/10 (Well...might be fun anyways?)
  6. baby mario

    baby mario Front Page Article Editor<br><a href="http://pokeg

    It's nowhere near as good as Flygon at the moment. You're just comparing possible attack damage and ignoring Flygon's ability to abuse its PokeBody, its Colourless Energy needs, and its LV X.

    You can't really compare them at all imo. Flygon is a deck full of combos and strategy, and Charizard is an in-your-face, big-hitter.

    It's a decent big-hitter, but it is very hard to make the most of it right now. The +10 attack boost for Fire Pokemon is nice, but until we get the Energy Draw Ninetales, the problem is that there aren't really any other Fire Pokemon that you would really WANT on your bench. Typhlosion MT is not really needed, and Rapidash AR is a poor alternative to Mewtwo LV X. Ninetales MT might be a decent tech against Pokemon that are weak to their own type (Flygon, Salamence, Gardevoir), but that's about it. Really, you are being forced to give deck and bench space to sub-par Pokemon just to boost Charizard's attacks.

    We won't see the best of this card for another set.

    6.5/10 Now
    8/10 Later

    You can give it +2 just for being a Charizard if you want to.
  7. Aggronblaster

    Aggronblaster New Member

    You should take into account that a 2-2 line of Infernape 4 would both increase damage output, and force your opponent to switch into easier stuff to kill.
  8. Deoxys Cool Form

    Deoxys Cool Form New Member

    I don't rate this much. For now I guess but probably still when the next set comes out. I was thinking this the other day and I actually think this is very true; What if it was another Pokemon? I mean even I have to admit that making a Charizard deck sounds alot better than; I'm building a Venusaur deck. But I do think it is pretty good. 6/10 and with next set 7.5/10. I may be wrong but I really don't rate the card.
  9. Dennis Hawk

    Dennis Hawk New Member

    It would be good if Ninetales was in the format right now. But it isn't.

    It would be good if Great Feraligatr was not in same set as Ninetales. But it is.

  10. Charizard is better than Flygon and I have Flygon Lv. X, so I'm hardly biased. Fire type Pokemon are awesome anyway. 1 energy for a potential 80 is amazing and this Charizard is highly playable. I agree you are unlikely to have 5 Fire Pokemon on your bench more likely three, but excluding Kingdra and Dialga G Lv. X this is an impressive card. Love and Peace, Jakxx
    Charizard better than Flygon :fire::fire::fire::fire::thumb::smile::rolleyes:
  11. Deoxys Cool Form

    Deoxys Cool Form New Member

    ...Rampardos does 80. And it doesn't need 5 fire bench. It is fossil though so that equals itself out. Where is Rampardos? Flygon stops all Lv.X's ( Or basicly anyway ) it has disruption with his Pokebody it has free retreat, resistence to thunder is sweet, Charizard has a worse weakness, Flygon stops Stadiums ( Or basicly anyway ) it's evoloutions are far better than Charizards and Flygons Power Swing is a nice alround attack. Charizard has better HP and slightly better Speed. It loses to Gyardos, Kingdra and gets Pwned by Palkia G. Flygon doesn't have any 100% match ups against him ( At least I think so ). Charizard relys on his body alot. The match up itself my be slightly in Charizards favour but there is more than one deck ya know. Simples.
  12. FlamingJapaneseMan

    FlamingJapaneseMan New Member

    Yuck. People have hyped this, but in all reality, it is not so hot. Not because of its attacks. Not because of its pokebody. But because there's so much water in the format. Oh yeah, and DGX.

  13. The Gorn

    The Gorn New Member

    At least this Charizard is playable. Obviously the idea is to swarm fire.


    Maybe couple it with Moltres and Heatran as they are basics that are somewhat self-loadingwrt energy. Moltres can pull the energy out of the discard pile.
  14. Add in the plus powers and expert belt after a few hits from a poke turn crobats and this guy could get rid of about anything. You know what happens when you play with fire so only 5/10. Great deck for new jrs.
  15. Alazor

    Alazor Active Member

    So looking at this guy, I would play him with Houndoom (Legends Awakened) and Rayquaza (Legends Awakened) with Stark Mountain (Legends Awakened)-- unless I'm missing something here.

    He reminds me of Feraligatr d (Delta Species)... if there was a Beedrill (Rising Rivals) that searched for Fire Pokemon and was fire type, this card would be in the Fireman's house. But for now (haven't playtested it.) But 140 hp is decent.

  16. Nekizalb

    Nekizalb New Member

    140 HP is really good. The Pokebody is powerful, but for it to work effectively you have to have 5 Fire Pokemon on your bench. Usually, you will have a Claydol on your bench or a tech that is not fire-type. 1 for 30-80 is not so bad, and 3 for 80-130 is really good, especially when you can recover the energy with Heatran. Retreat Cost and Weakness are really bad, though. 6/10
  17. thepliskin5005

    thepliskin5005 New Member

    I have two of these its a real good card it can do a lot of damg up to a hundread and thirty.....well people usually have clayd doll on there bench lol
  18. xcfrisco

    xcfrisco New Member

    I see this as a pseudo Kingdra/Gyarados almost, but with worse typing, lol. Get out at least 4 fire pokes (Ideally other charizards) and expert belt the first two charizards, skip the third, and expert belt the last one. You opponent is gonna have to KO three 160 hp monsters that are doing 90 for 1 fire energy and one regular charizard. No double weak means the only way you opponent is ever getting a OHKO on this thing is if they get out a Lucario GL. Play this with the new Spiritomb to stop other decks from outspeeding you.

  19. baby mario

    baby mario Front Page Article Editor<br><a href="http://pokeg

    I can't possibly counter such a brilliantly constructed and unbiased argument.
  20. Happiny13

    Happiny13 New Member

    Lets use reality to talk about this card. Chances are you will only do 40-60 early game and maybe 70 late game. You need Claydol on the bench so you will need 5 benched pokemon to do 70. Kingdra can do 60-20 for 1 with a Claydol.
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