2011-01-02 TM Alph Lithograph FOUR

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  1. MrMeches

    MrMeches New Member

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    [gal=51079] 2011-01-02 TM Alph Lithograph FOUR
  2. JPN Gallade

    JPN Gallade New Member


    Finally, a trainer card for once! I also like the artwork. It certainly has some 3D feel into it.:wink:

    This Alph Lithograph is a lot better compared to previous ones. It lets you look at all of your face down prize cards, and then you can rearrange your prize cards afterwards. It's basically like Azelf only without the Pokemon effect. Despite this, this Alph Lithograph can actually be worth using. It is always nice to see cards that can give you a peak at your prizes.

    Overall 7/10 in modified, 10/10 in limited, and 6/10 in unlimited

    In modified, this card is quite good. It is perhaps one of the best ways to easily know your prize cards right now. Its only issues include the fact it can nab out a Pokemon like Azelf, and it it gets trainer locked by cards like Spiritomb AR or Vileplume. Regardless, this card can still be useful no matter what. Unlike Azelf, it can't be power locked, and once Azelf gets rotated, this card will surely be Azelf's replacement.

    In limited, this card can do a fantastic job. Here, with no trainer lock running rampant whatsoever, Alph Lithograph becomes very useful when you need to find what's prized so that when in a match, if you need to pull out an important card to help have an advantage, you can play so that the next time you KO something, you easily pull out a needed prize card with Alph Lithograph's help. Indeed, if you have enough luck to pull out this secret rare, I would definitely recommend running it.

    In unlimited, this card still has its same awesome uses. The only issue is here that there are better options to use (like Here Comes Team Rocket), and there are even more cards that can trainer lock it cold, which is why its rating is lower than in modified. Regardless, its definitely not useless, as it can still be useful when it comes to finding out one's prizes.
  3. ThePokemonRhombus

    ThePokemonRhombus New Member

    As for THIS Alph Litho, I find that it is quite usefull. It's always nice to get a little peek at what your prizes are. The cool thing is, is that if you ever wanted to put somthing in for an Azelf you can always put in this alph Lithograph. However, that's only if you don't wanna switch out a card in your hand with a pokemon that you might find though.

    The only problem I have with the card currently is that it is EXTREMELY hard to find. But besides that it isn't bad.

    6/10 Overall

  4. PokemonPizzaParty

    PokemonPizzaParty New Member

    3rd basically azelf but is a trainer and you cant take a pokemon. Its ok but its also pretty hard to get. 6-7/10
  5. Dragonflames1994

    Dragonflames1994 New Member

    Would be an awesome card for my collection, as it is the coolest looking AL.

    Kinda limited uses, but at least it's not a supporter. 6/10 Overall.
  6. kekaw2

    kekaw2 New Member

    5th. other than bieng azelf's replacement, this card isn't really that good. 5/10
  7. TheKing

    TheKing New Member

    the best alph lithograph

  8. espy87

    espy87 New Member

    right now i wont play it. the next two years i will play it
    im sure thats how everyone feels

    right now: 6/10
    next season 9/10
  9. Blue Wave

    Blue Wave New Member

    I ran this in Gyarados since I had no Azelf (with Rotom UD of course) and guess what - it worked better than the Azelf!
    Saved my games multiple times, especially when I had two or more key cards in my prizes.

    8/10 - it´s not the best, but in some decks a very good option instead of Azelf with Rotom UD. It does take two deck spaces though, which hurts some decks.
  10. Regis_Neo

    Regis_Neo Moderator

    Yeah, playing catch-up again...so here we have Alph Lithograph FOUR from TM, basically a Trainer version of Azelf LA (and for those who don't like to read Unown, it translates to the following: LOOK AT ALL OF YOUR FACE DOWN PRIZE CARDS!). So while not quite as flexible as Azelf due to it being harder to search out directly, it doesn't eat up a bench space either, which is good in many ways. And of course once Azelf LA is gone, then this'll be pretty much your only option.

    Modified - 7/10 (Most people would still rather roll with Azelf LA, but there are many merits to using this over him as well)
    Limited - 10/10 (Eh why not? Never know if you might have something valuable hidden away)
    Unlimited - 1/10 (Not really that super necessary of an effect)
  11. Otaku

    Otaku Active Member

    Yeah, playing catch-up again... oh wait, someone already used that opening line. >.>

    We look at Alph Lithograph Four from HS - Triumphant, a "Secret Rare" Trainer. I am already worried about reviewing it... I don't see "Four" actually in the name, but instead it looks like that is printed in Unown text on the bottom where the numbering for the set should be. Still, that's how the Compendium Lv.X names it, so for me its official.

    Getting back to the card, I wish this had been a common, just so that Junk Arm would have been useful for Limited play. The actual effect is actually solid for a "normal" Trainer: you get to look at all your face down Prizes. There is one ruling on this card, and here it is:

    This has me a little confused. Going purely by that it is giving a small, additional effect of allowing you to rearrange your Prize cards, but I thought you could only do that as part of a stated effect, along the lines of you can't Bench your Active without using an in-game mechanic. It isn't a big deal, so I'll move on.

    There is always a risk that something you need will be stuck in your Prizes... after all its a tenth of your overall deck. Even if nothing especially vital is "Prized", rarely will every card in your Prizes be equally useful to you at the time you earn one.

    Right now decks that have some important, key cards they simply cannot afford to have stuck in their Prizes run Azelf from Legends Awakened. When Azelf is Benched it lets you both look at your Prizes and exchange one card from your hand for one card from your Prizes, which is definitely more potent than Alph Lithograph Four. The caveat is you have to run a 70 HP Basic Psychic Pokemon that is Psychic Weak in a format where many decks run a card that can OHKO it with a Double Colorless Energy (Uxie Lv. X). Lock Up (the attack on Azelf) is only useful in a few key situations. As such, Azelf is not something every deck can afford to run. Alph Lithograph Four might end up being hard to obtain due to rarity, but once you do have it you should find it fairly easy to work a Trainer into your deck in terms of space. It won't be as easy to search out as Azelf or to recycle it, but you do have some options at least for either. So for decks that just want to/need to see what is in their Prizes, but aren't especially worried about all copies of a key card being Prized, this would probably be the superior choice.

    Once Azelf rotates out, Alph Lithograph Four plus Rotom from HS - Undaunted is a possible replacement. It trades of being slower, taking up more space, and risking Prizing something just as good for being re-usable. If you can make room for multiple Alph Lithograph Four (or a way to recycle it) then a single Rotom can repeatedly filter out good cards from your Prizes and send them back to the deck while Alph Lithograph is used the first time to let you know which Prizes to pick and subsequently to make sure what you've exchanged is safe to leave in the Prizes. I haven't heard of anyone using it now, and I wouldn't expect them too: the loss in speed in fatal for the current environment. This is a possibility for the next format, but even then may just be too clunky to work, or be preemptively replaced by something in a future set before any such rotation even happens!

    For Limited play, take it! You are often forced to run suboptimal Evolution Lines and non-Pokemon in small, unusual amounts, making it easy for those four Prize cards (still a tenth of your deck) to contain something really important. Finding out exactly what is Prized and where becomes a serious advantage, unless you don't draw Alph Lithograph Four until late game, when you've already deduced what is left in your Prizes, and you're down to the last Prize.

    For Unlimited play, you get to combine better draw power and a Trainer intensive format with the same usefulness of knowing exactly what is in your Prize cards. It should be pretty easy to draw or search Alph Lithograph out during your first few turns, so as long as Trainers aren't being blocked by Chaos Gym or a Pokemon, it has all the advantages of Modified play without the major drawbacks. Additionally, I don't fancy Azelf in this format as much: it gains access to Scoop Up but screams "Gust of Wind and KO!" if you can't constantly keep it in hand. Given that decks already running Scoop Up have better targets for it and you often will trash your own hand for cards like Professor Oak, that just seems like too much effort for too little gain. The only card I found that was similarly useful was Here Comes Team Rocket! which suffers because it was reprinted as a Supporter and it affects both players, making it too costly for Unlimited play. Alph Lithograph Four is hardly a staple, but it is one of those cards you have to eliminate from your deck when building, that is to say it will often get bumped by something more important to your deck but when you have room, you'll happily run it and enjoy the effect.


    Unlimited: 7/10 - While not necessary, it is quite useful.

    Modified: 7/10 - Not the best option, but a good one.

    Limited: 10/10 - Equivalent to draw/search power so often that the times it isn't are negligible.


    Alph Lithograph Four appears to be a well made Trainer. It is just as good in Unlimited and Modified, but for different reasons. A Pokemon does the job better in Modified, and quite frankly that seems to be how Pokemon is meant to be: non-Pokemon need to have a useful effect but it can't be too powerful or they so easily become staples.
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