2011-11-23 NV Volcarona 021

Discussion in 'Card of the Day' started by waynegg, Nov 23, 2011.

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  1. waynegg

    waynegg CotD Editor<br>Forum Moderator

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    [gal=52502]2011-11-23 NV Volcarona 021[/gal]​
  2. Lost Zone Master

    Lost Zone Master New Member

    I like this card. 110 HP is slightly above average for a Stage 1 that doesn't evolve. Weakness isn't bad, but resistance is. 30 damage AND taking an energy from the discard pile for 1 :fire: energy is pretty good in my opinion. Heat Wave is great too, with it being DCE-able, and causing a burn on the opponent, AND 60 damage. Overall, pretty good card.

    Modified - 8/10
    Limited - 8/10
    Unlimited - 6/10
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  3. adamisclassy

    adamisclassy New Member

    Hp is average maybe 10 over average. Retreat and weakness are good. First attack is meh for me. We have Typhlosion who does that as his poke power. Second attack is too expensive and status conditions aren't that great in this format. 5/10
  4. Regis_Neo

    Regis_Neo Moderator

    Today's CotD is Volcarona from NV, which sadly doesn't capture its in-game awesomeness. Statwise 110 HP is nice for a Stage 1, x2 Weakness to :water: is meh, no Resistance is common, and :colorless: to Retreat is cheap. Fiery Dance is decent for :fire:, dealing 30 and letting you attach a basic Energy from your discard onto one of your Pokemon. Heat Wave is overpriced at :fire::colorless::colorless: for 60 and Burn.

    Modified - 2/10 (In all honesty, when you have variations of Reshiboar and Tyram out there, there isn't really any place for a mediocre Stage 1 like Volcarona in today's environment)
    Limited - 7/10 (Solid choice for :fire: decks)
    Unlimited - 1/10 (No use at all here)
  5. Electric Spider

    Electric Spider New Member

    This guy won me prerelease. It's an overall solid card. Unfortunately he's overshadowed by much more powerful fire types in the format.

  6. Shino Bug Master

    Shino Bug Master Front Page News Editor

    Honestly, i don't see why THIS isn't the ideal stage 1 kind of card. DOnphan, Cinccino, Zoarark, Donphan, get OUT of my format! This thing has damaging energy acceleration, 1 retreat, 110 hp and a solid second attack with either its first attack or dce and status conditions. Power creep should creep away and go back to the Lost World it came from </3

    Modified: 2/10
    Modified Modified to avoid powercreep: 8/10
    Limited: 8/10
    Unlimited: 0/10
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