2012 National Championship thread (International Edition)

Discussion in 'Tournaments & Events Worldwide' started by Jason, May 5, 2012.

  1. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Anyone got all dates for European/other international Nationals?

    Can post attendance, what/who won stuff here...Just as long as you follow a few rules. It'll be updated everytime new info gets added.

    5/6 May
    12/13 May
    19/20 May
    26/27 May
    2/3 June
    9/10 June
    16/17 June
    23/24 June
    30 June/1 July
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  2. sdrawkcab

    sdrawkcab Forum Moderator

    Canada is the same weekend as the states
  3. Jason

    Jason New Member

    thanks michael, i have updated it
  4. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Mexico is 16/17 of June.
  5. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Thanks pablo
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  6. baby mario

    baby mario Front Page Article Editor<br><a href="http://pokeg

    30 June - UK .
  7. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Added, Thanks Jak.
  8. Glumanda

    Glumanda Rulings Compendium Translator

    How about using the tournament locator?

    Germany will be on 9/10 June.
  9. bullados

    bullados <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showthread.php?

  10. QD4U

    QD4U New Member

    ^ wait so Switzerland will have their nats in a HGSS - ND format? No Dark Explorers for them?
  11. Darkmot

    Darkmot New Member

    Yeah and Austria too.
  12. Jason

    Jason New Member

    updated first post, Thanks Ryan and Glu
  13. Darkmot

    Darkmot New Member

    Oh yeah, Jason Switzerland and austria just have 1-day nats. so just 6th for switzerland and just 12th for austria ;D
  14. Zarmakuizz

    Zarmakuizz New Member

    May 26th for Finland.
    June 16th and 17th for Netherland.
    Nothing for Spain.
  15. Jason

    Jason New Member

    updated. Thanks Zarmakuizz
  16. SuperE

    SuperE New Member

    Denmark is the 26/27 May :)
  17. hampuse1

    hampuse1 New Member

    Norway 19-20 May

    Sweden only the 2nd of june
  18. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Thanks Hampus and Steffen.

    If anyone have the info on who/what won/top4 Switzerland nats, I can add the info to the first post. No last name allowed for youngsters, of couse ! Also like attendence nbrs too
  19. Darkmot

    Darkmot New Member

    1. Remo L. with Zekrom/Eelektrik
    2. Miguel G. with Zekrom/Eelektrik
    3. Sascha G. with Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus
    4. Xavier with Donphan/Mewtwo

    Gratioliations to Remo, who gets to fly to Hawaii!
  20. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Added your info, Flipp. Good luck in Austria next week!

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