2012 USNats Judge Seminar

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    There will be a Judge Seminar at US Nationals, in the Indiana Convention Center on Thursday, June 28 12-2 Eastern time. Lunch will be provided.


    1. You are committed to judging as your major mode of participation in OP events for 2012-2013.
    2. You have already arranged to be there before noon on Thursday.
    3. You want to hear some experienced judges speak on timely topics, such as found in the other thread in this forum.
    THEN sign yourself up at:


    The entry form has a password, without the quotes, of "Professor 2x4".

    There are only 30 seats. If you're not sure you're coming to USNats, please DONT sign up. If you had completed plans to go to Nats, and signed up for the seminar, but something you didn't expect happens, please "request a refund" at that site as soon as you know you can't make it.

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