2013-07-08 PLF Latias EX 085/112

Discussion in 'Card of the Day' started by waynegg, Jul 8, 2013.

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  1. waynegg

    waynegg CotD Editor<br>Forum Moderator

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    [gal=54773]2013-07-08 PLF Latias EX 085/112[/gal]​
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  2. thepliskin5005

    thepliskin5005 New Member

    This is a great card i used this in darkri hydregigon and magnazone switch deck 7.5
  3. Vablakes

    Vablakes New Member

    Uh, wrong image/thread title?
  4. pokedan24

    pokedan24 New Member

    Anything that protects itself from attackers is bound to be annoying. But for every attacker this blocks (Darkrai, Keldeo, Snorlax, Lugia), there's just as many pokemon that have no abilities (cobalion EX, Mewtwo EX, Black Kyurem EX, and Plasma Kyurem). Since the attack is weak and has strange energy requirements, this is more of a niche card than anything game changing.

  5. zaeden906

    zaeden906 New Member

    indeed, 1 broken basic kingdra.

    Most decks have main attackers w/o abilities such as absol/kyurem/accelgor etc. However its still viable thanks to keldeo/blastoise that doesnt run BK ex... so 4/10?
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  6. Stealth

    Stealth New Member

    This guy seems reasonable if your meta is filled with Darkrai and Blastoise/Keldeo. It does fairly little against the Plasma deck, only blocking Deoxys ex, which is not a card they're likely to attack with anyway. The fact that he only smashes in for 70 damage doesn't help either, making even something small like Absol PLF a 2HKO. All EXes are 3HKOs, which again is really awkward. 160 HP is usually enough to survive 1 attack back, though.

    It's an acceptable tech against the aforementioned decks, but if you're running those energy types, you're probably stuck with Victini EX to power Latias EX up. I personally really dislike Victini EX since it's so easy to KO for a lot of decks, and loading this guy up manually is not going to happen. He could be a tech in some weird big Basics deck, but really, the new Plasma deck outclasses those decks by a fair margin.

    Rating: 4/10 for now, the Ability is nice but he doesn't really have a deck to work in, because the energy requirement is so awkward and the attack is so weak.

    If the next format is gonna be filled with Genesect/Virizion ex decks, then this guy might get some time to shine (together with Safeguard Sigilyph, perhaps)
  7. ArceusRules

    ArceusRules New Member

    This card is horrific. It's HP is kinda on the low side for an EX. Most EX's have 170 or 180 HP. Dragon Typing is fine. It's Ability is nice. But what really hurts this card more than anything, is it's attack. It does NOT hit the MAGIC number of 90 and the attack isn't affected by Weaknesses, Resistances and any other effects. You only have to stop reading after the first effect on this attack. ISN'T AFFECTED BY WEAKNESS. BAD BAD BAD! 70 damage and it doesn't hit for weakness. Sorry, but that's horrific! If it doesn't hit the Magic Number of 90+ and doesn't hit for Weakness, the card is instantly bad. People reason that you can Plasma Bade this thing and play Deoxys on the bench. Well I have 2 words for those people. TOOL SCRAPPER. There you go people. If you rely getting out Tools and setting up your bench, you're relying too much on your bench. It means then you have to waste a Skyla getting out your Tool, rather than using it for something more useful, like Laser, Catcher, Switch, Scramble Switch or Computer Search. Only to maybe immediately during your opponent's turn, have it Tool Scrapped. Anything that doesn't hit for the Magic Number of 90 or more, is a bad card. The other bad thing about this card, is that it takes 2 different Energy Cards to hit only 70 damage. That means 3 shotting an EX or even 6, because it could be Max Potioned. And by the time you fire off 3 Barrier Breaks with this thing, it'll be knocked out, netting your opponent 2 easy prizes. If your gonna go with an EX that doesn't apply Weakness, Resistance and any other effects on the Defending Pokémon, go with Cobalion. Now THAT is a good card, cuz Steel Bullet hits for the Magic Number of 90+

    Oh yeah and there's an error in the thread name here. Kingdra. This isn't Kingdra, it's Latias EX.
  8. pnoodle5

    pnoodle5 New Member

    I will argue that laser support works fairly well with this card. Poison + Virbank, as long as it is sustained, makes that 70 into 100 which is pretty great. This card, however, would have been better placed in the first plasma set for it to be more useful. Also, the ability is unlikely to be useless or nullified since decks running Garbodor do not usually use other Pokemon with abilities, meaning you don't need yours anyway.

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