2013-07-31 PLF Ultra Ball 122

Discussion in 'Card of the Day' started by waynegg, Jul 31, 2013.

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  1. waynegg

    waynegg CotD Editor<br>Forum Moderator

    "Before posting, please review the FAQ and follow the Guidelines provided for Card of they Day. Whereas we enjoy opinions of the cards, it is necessary to include a Brief Description for all players to understand your point of view and an optional Rating (ex. x/10). In the future, posts not using the FAQ information may be deleted and reported. Thanks, Mgmt"

    [gal=54779]2013-07-31 PLF Ultra Ball 122[/gal]​
  2. battleboy

    battleboy New Member

    An essential to all decks and now in shiny 10 out of 10

    I dont always participate in tournaments, but when i do i always get third place.
  3. pokedan24

    pokedan24 New Member


    Staple. Gets any pokemon you need when you need it. Need I explain why this is good?

    The drawback hurts some, but there are ways to get back the cards or even benefit from the discard (bicycle comes to mind). It's just too good not to be in your deck.
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