2013 U.S. Nationals Judge Seminar

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    Dear Professor,

    We are pleased to present the U.S. Nationals Judge Seminar, for players with prior judging experience who are committed to judging multiple local events.

    Vince Krekler is doing the curriculum this year and it looks really great - lots of meta issues, which great judges know and learners will want to learn - so y'all come.

    Pre-registration is available at this URL:

    http://judgeusnats13.eventbrite.com (deadline 6pm July 3rd).
    Pre-registration (and wait list registration if it fills up) is open until 6pm July 3rd. If a person misses that deadline, they can show up at room 135 and impress us with their patience and ability not to harass an organizer, while waiting to see if they get in. :tongue:

    Kim Cary

    p.s. 12-2 pm July 4 if you're wondering.
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