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  1. Austino

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    7 Rounds - Top 16 - List is at bottom


    We get there friday afternoon and chill for a while; swimming and then getting some decktesting in with Alec when a couple other Okies show up at our hotel. We had a miscommunication apparently and they though they were rooming with us for Regionals (supposed to be nats). So they start hanging out with us and we're all testing for a while. Eventually, players start filling up the hotel, so we all go down to the lobby to play a few rounds with other people. I end up meeting Karl K, Tavish, MOP, Igor, and a few others from the "region".


    We wake up Saturday morning and head down to registration, double checking my list 3 times :thumb:. I meet up with Adrian and his kid (who went on to win Juniors) after they get deckchecked and we all chill until the event starts. Side note, I've never played in this region, so it was really cool playing a bunch of fresh faces.

    Round 1: Chris (if I remember correctly) - SP tool box
    He starts out telling me how he won a few events, so I play a bit cautiously. I start kinda poorly and can't hit a BTS for a while, and with his benched luxray GL and Lux X in his hand, I can't afford to just drop karps unless I want to sac easy prizes. I drop azelf and time walk to find that two SSU and two rescue are prized, No big deal, right? He pulls out purugly g and chipoffs my last two karps I was saving and my uxie out of my hand into the discard. I'm sitting there with 4 karp in the discard, 1 rescue in my deck, and my draw power discarded....I end up fighting a lot with bats and sableye to take a prize (rescue) and get a g'dos setup, taking 6 prizes in 6 turns right after.


    Round 2: ??? - Promogon Z
    This guy was cool, but I set up really well despite him hitting 2-3 "Let Loose" on me. He had some trouble setting up, and I hit crucial reversals on him throughout the game. I also OHKO'd each porygon z. I got lucky that the let loose barrage didn't destroy my set up.


    Round 3: Pokedad - Eeveelutions
    Cool fellow LL, hit a snow cloak T1 on my sableye while I setup. He ko's it T2 but I get up a Gyarados that turn and start sweeping. Leafeon X was kind of annoying in the matchup, but I had the resources to ohko it. After that it was smooth sailing.


    Round 4: Adrian - Gengar C
    I was ready to play someone really good, and I got to this round. We both got stopped before the round started for random deckchecks, which was crazy, because he got stopped last round for it too, lol. It was a long drawn out game that really came down to flips on each side. I hit a couple crucial scoop ups and he whiffed a couple crucial fainting spells. We took it down to 1-1 on prizes though. Fun match, dude.


    Round 5: Cat - Gyarados (teched)
    So she plays G'dos with a few other cards I thought were interesting, including jirachi, Cynthia's guidance, drawer +, pokegear, and Ditto. I completely underestimated it. She takes me down to 1-1 prizes as we essentially just trade prizes back and forth for a while. Her ditto was fierce here, too. I win the game because my reversals were legit and i smacked her ditto with g'dos then when she ko'd me (needed a belt) I KO'd it with a sableye. I ended up not being able to ko her fresh G'dos, so I hit a reversal for my last prize.


    Round 6: Breton - LuxChomp
    This wasn't a game. He mopped the floor with me and I didn't do anything. Great guy, played well. Completely fed off of my bad start and rolled me.


    Round 7: Igor - Jumpluff/Luxray
    So I'm pretty sure I'm hitting top cut anyway, but I wanted to be safe. Igor seemed like a cool guy, so we agree to just have a fun game. He takes a 2 prize lead on me until I get a G'dos out, which he ohko's thanks to me needing to fill me bench to get the g'dos out. He's up 3 prizes while I've taken none. I rally a comeback, hit some great flips, start ohkoing every pluff, koing a benched hoppip with just flash bites, and come back to where I had 1 prize left to his two. He knows he can't KO me and scoops.


    Top Cut: I make it in as 2nd seed

    Top 16: Tyler - G'dos
    G1: I setup nicely and we trade prizes for a while until he gets to where he can't ohko anything, belts, and still whiffs it. I take two prizes and end up sweeping.
    G2: We both have horribad starts and end up reversalling up each other's regice's while just trying to draw anything. I eventually get the nice setup and plow through pokemon while gusting up some crucial pokes.


    Top 8: Cat - G'dos (rematch from swiss)
    G1: We both set up, and I T2 Wager her nice hand. This slowed her down quite a bit and gave me the edge I needed to make up for me getting a prize penalty for drawing one extra card TWO times. Idk why I did, just not paying attention, and even counting them out I drew one too many. I still trade prizes for a while and it comes down to 1-1 where I hit a reversal to win.
    G2: I get T1 G'dos belted hitting for 50, then 110 the next turn and she still takes it down to 1-1 for the 3rd time today where for the 3rd time I win by reversal. I was really impressed with the list for how unorthodox it was.


    Top 4: Anders - Jumpluff (CO State Champ)
    G1: I take three prizes off of sableye right off the bat (lolpun). He finally gets up a couple pluffs that I start smacking with g'dos with only two karps in discard. The prize lead early on won me the game, along with a couple nice SSU's. I eventually get the g'dos hitting for 90, and ohko his belted pluff for game.
    G2: My opening hand contained 2 SP dark, sableye, and a crobat g. His start was a lone ditto. We flip them over, I drop everything , overconfident, and we shake hands.


    Top 2: Breton - LuxChomp (rematch from swiss)

    Before I go into details on this matchup, he absolutely TOSSED donphan 3 times in this tournament, two of them being in Top 4 both games. He rolled me in swiss, too. I was fully prepared to lose this one and figured maybe I could donk him, thinking it's the only way I'll win it.

    G1: Azelf and a karp are prized on my end, but I still make it a close-ish game. It doesn't help that I whiffed approx 6 coinflips this game, not hitting a single heads.
    G2: I set up really well and wager'd him T2 to slow his setup. I then proceed to continue whiffing flips (only hit one heads this entire game), but still pull a strong enough prize lead to where he knows I'll take my last prize and concedes to G3.
    G3: I can't believe we're even making it to G3. My start is decent, but I end up stuck with Regice active as he T1'd my magikarp. I still manage to set up and we trade prizes back and forth until the last turn. We're both at 1-1 prizes and time is called, but it's irrelevant at this point. I know he doesn't have L energy left, only 1 gain left, and I have a fully healed field, belted crobat G (so he couldn't DCE, double bat, Bright look, Bite it for KO (which WAS possible) ), and fully healed gyarados with belt active. He *had* to take a KO or I would ko any poke on his field next turn for the game. After using his Minum to draw 2 for my KO last turn, using trade off, iirc, and thinking for a while, he bright looks my azelf, drops ambipom g, attached DCE to it, poketurns luxray, drops crobat G, and snap attacks it for the game.


    We shake hands and agree that it was an excellent finish to the tournament. I get my box of HGSS, trophy, 1st and 2nd round byes at Nats, and $1000 scholarship. Definitely satisfied with the entire tournament and staff! All of us from OK had a great time and definitely want to come back whenever CO gets Regionals again.

    OK having more players in T8 than any other state in region
    Best finals game I've ever had.
    Will taking 2nd as well in Houston
    Sidney taking 3rd
    Taylor taking 5th
    HT reppin' everywhere
    Dante winning Jr's
    Meeting the Utah/CO crews and hanging with them for a couple days
    Great judging staff ran an EXCELLENT and smooth tournament.
    Great pulls from the box
    .....aaaand chillin' with Adrian after the tourney.

    Hitting 4 or 5 heads out of 3 games in finals

    Gyarados: I ran two great ball instead of communications at states.

    3-4* Gyarados
    4 sableye
    2 crobat G
    1-1 claydol
    1 regice
    1 uxie
    1 azelf

    4 collector
    4 felicity
    2 bebe
    1 team galactic's wager
    4 poketurn
    4 SSU
    4 reversal
    2 expert belt
    2 communication
    1 luxury ball
    1 NM
    3 rescue
    3 BTS

    4 sp dark
    3 warp energy

    *actually 4-3, just a bit of states humor.
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  2. prodigal_fanboy

    prodigal_fanboy New Member

    Nice, man. Do work bucko.
  3. gallade

    gallade New Member

    I should have played 3-4 magikarp...
  4. PokeMontoya

    PokeMontoya New Member

    Im Adrian In case any of your are wondering LOL GJ Mang Cant wait to do it again at NATS!!!! Thanks for Props to Dante Im glad I have a kid for a free ride to Indy LOL
  5. BretKid

    BretKid New Member

    hey nice report... hey so sorry for playing so slow i'm not the fastest luxchomp player first off but i was also on 5 hours and had been up for about 18 hours by then... but anyway thanks for being such a good sport i wish i could have given you some more convincing games in stead of you just getting a bunch of tails... hope to see you at nats
  6. ChicoBlanco

    ChicoBlanco New Member

    Congrats Austin... sounds like Oklahoma did a rad job of raiding our state.
    wish I could've made it to regionals to meet you guys

    since Bret got a trip to nationals tho, i'm going as his "guardian"

    -ian b
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  7. 8 Rounds Top 32 in Houston. Sorry you missed out on the Real Thing. Just kidding Good job in Rockies.
  8. Austino

    Austino New Member

    @ p_f - Thanks man, gotta regulate, right?

    @ pokemontoya - WORD! Nats will be a blast.

    @ bret - I'm satisfied with the outcome of our games. I was worried about it going to time though, considering you probably looked through my discard 20 times over the 3 games, lol. Thanks for a humble match that really tested both of our skill levels. Definitely wish I had hit a few more flips I needed!

    @ chico - Yeah, I remember playing you at Nats last year the day of Top Cut after you X-o'd swiss the day before. I was playing kingdra/floatzel. : x

    @ DCP - har har, and thanks! We'll see you guys at Nats!
  9. jpulice

    jpulice New Member

    Congrats! Nice job to you and all of the OKies last weekend. See you at the next pre-release.
  10. BretKid

    BretKid New Member

    yeah i kept checking for ssu reversal warp energy... at one point i checked it and then went back to looking in my deck and forgot and had to look again but it was late and a long day and i'm glad it didn't come to time... but anyway nice job on doing so well :thumb:.
  11. Austino

    Austino New Member

    Thanks, and btw, I lost the package that had your address, so I'll be bringing you a thank you package at the PR. It may not be as much as you guys sent me, but I really appreciated it and want to give at least something in return!
  12. Team Cook

    Team Cook New Member

    Great job, sounds like Colorado was the right choice for you. Best of luck at Nationals.
  13. Austino

    Austino New Member

    Yeah, we had a great time, but were definitely jealous of the 8 rounds, top 32 without jacking with flights that Houston got!
  14. pokeMOM-2-4

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    Hey Austin!! You were amazing - especially in top 4. (don't ever think I've seen a hand like that to start!) Sorry about the prize penalty - please, please don't ever make me do that again! See you at Nats!
  15. Austino

    Austino New Member

    Thank you! I'm sorry I misplayed like that, lol. I am just glad it wasn't a GL! I'll definitely be more focused when i draw cards in top cut again. ; )
  16. Weedler

    Weedler New Member

    nice job bro!

    thanks for one-shotting my ditto round two. that pink blob REALLY gets on my nerves sometimes. i mean, he can't even manage to change his eyes when he copies another pokemon =/

    but seriously, congrats Austin, thanks for not treating me like the huge newbie that I am, lol.

    cya at Nats
  17. thechubbss12

    thechubbss12 New Member

    You know Austin you were the only Gyrados I dont think I got too play this weeked lol. Either way mang super grats on getting second at Regionals on your second year of playing =).
  18. Austino

    Austino New Member

    Thanks guys, it's been a great two seasons, so far! You did very well yourself, Sidney...we BOTH lost to the same guy twice, so you did just as great. lol
  19. ChicoBlanco

    ChicoBlanco New Member

    o yea of course! i totally remember u... awesome
    see u at nats

  20. dave628

    dave628 New Member

    late congrats Austin!
    See you at Nationals if you are going!
    How is pokemon communication working for you? Does it ever become a dead draw?

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