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Discussion in 'World Championships' started by SHPanda, Aug 18, 2010.

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  1. SHPanda

    SHPanda New Member

    I wrote this sort of fast, so bare with it :p. I'm skipping pass all the things i did during teh week cuz i doubt anyone wants to read that. If you do lemme know and i'll edit this.

    Round 1: Dialga Chomp
    I opened with a spiritomb start and a few supporters to his Dragonite. I set up a claydol and power up a ralts while he attaches DCE to dragonite. I continue to set up when he attached a 2nd DCE to dragonite to use giant tail and flipped heads to ko spiritomb. I send up a kirlia and play down spiritomb and retreat back into spiritomb and grace into gallade. He then proceeds to giant tail me again and get another heads and prize count now at 6-4. I judge his hand away and send up azelf and level up and hope he doens't do anymore damage as my other spiritomb was prized. He doesn't draw well off his judge and wiffs on the 3rd Giant tail. Gallade comes up and one shots dragonite, and from there it goes down hill as psychic locks for the rest of the game keeps him from recovering.

    Round 2: Dialga Chomp
    I open with spiritomb again, and him with driftlim(ugh pooka, stop playing these cards and letting people copy you). Eventually he sets up but plays right into dusknoir, and then gets dark plam'd under psychic lock. Later on he tries to dump his hand for a bit psychic balance and benches unown g, but he's powerlocked thus his last threat gets dark palm'd and he scoops.

    Round 3: Gengar/Garchomp C
    I think I opened with ralts and call this game. His turn 1 was by far much more impressive. By the end of his turn 1 he had a claydol, baltoy, garchomp, uxie, and azelf on his bench with a active ghastly using pitch dark. I try to get anything out, but that start was too much for gardy to get anything going.

    Round 4: Cursegar
    His start wasn't too hot, and after i started to psychic lock him with a judge he was pretty much out of the game. I think he flipped one fainting spell but it was tails, and i just ran away with this one via psychic locks and azelf x.

    Round 5: Luxchomp
    He gets t2 garchomp x swinging pass spiritomb, and follows it up with luxray and then more garchomp, while i'm sitting here never setting up.

    Round 6: Honestly cannot remember what or who i played this round :-x
    Sry, don't remember, if you read this and played me, lemme know what deck you played so it can jump start my memory.

    Round 7: Cursegar
    We both spiritomb walled each other, but he had to play around dusknoir as i ran the duskclops and he knew it. After a judge and a fainting spell going my way, azelf + gardy = i beat crusegar.

    I know the swiss rounds, weren't all that exciting i thought so too lol. I either psychic locked for game or got rolled on by turn 2. Top cut i way more exciting i promise :p.

    Top 32: Gardy
    He used nidoqueen as his tech line, unfortunitly for him duskclops win mirror almost 100% of the time. Both games, we spiritomb walled each other, but i was able to force him to attack first by threating dusknoir. And anyone who has done gardy mirror before knows, that first one to swing with gardy loses. This happens 2 games in a row.

    Top 16: Sablock with honchkrow
    Game 1: He gets a pretty good start, and starts impersonating for conspiracy's to get power sprays to keep my powers out of the game. Unfortunitly for him every time he impersonated i had lookers or judge in my hand and then i psychic locked him and used his own cyrus to get rid of his hand, which is game over for the sablock player.

    Game 2: Garchomp C lvl X t2 blew my board up in 5 minutes under a spiritomb lock.

    Game 3: He gets a early lead by killing my spiritombs with sableye, Eventually things look pretty terrible on my side of the field With him at 2 prizes and me at 6. I noticed he had only 2 sp in play and had used up alot of his energy so it was going to be hard for him to kill anything. retreat my spiritomb with my energy for the turn to send up a 2 energy ralts. RC it to gardy and telepass his judge and hope he doesn't draw anything. He uses init, to get rid of a rare candy in my hand, but i respond with telepass for his init, and psychic lock. I take prizes till we are both 1-1, but he has a damaged garchomp c x on the bench from a psychic lock and my spiritomb only had 1 counter on it so they were both at 50 hp. psychic for the turn and bring down for the game.

    Top 8: Gyarados
    Game 1: This one went really short. Every time she impersonated i used a looker or a judge and started to psychic lock. She got nervous and used looker on herself and then impersonated. I just telepassed her looker and she realized the mistake she made and scooped the game.

    Game 2: She came out a bit aggressive in this game with a belted gyarados to kill a uxie. I responded with a gallade flipping over 6 prizes for a one shot. She got out another gyardos, so for the first time in a entire year of playing gardy, i used sonic blade. after i killed the 2nd gyardos with gardy, she got a 3rd one out. However she had filled her bench in doing so, so i just warp'd it out and dark palm'd it. more psychic locks and kick out bts with my moonlight. I was at one prize left and she sent up a chump blocker and bench'd a magikarp to evo it next turn. However 30 isn't alot so a lvl up and bring down won the game.

    Top 4: Cursegar
    Game 1: His hand was pretty bad, he had a t1 queen but that was it. 1 gallade later, and were going to game 2.

    Game 2: This game went back and forth alot. I had to deal with 2 SF gengar's via gallade swings with let him use powers. I had gotten a tails on the first fainting spell but teh 2nd one when i went to kill a belted gengar with my own belted gallade was heads which put him right back into the game. Nidoqueen him the next guy i sent up for a one shot and i couldn't kill anything as spiritomb was too damaged for me to bring down anyone.

    Game 3: I go first this time. I start with spiritomb and I know time is running down and probably first prize will win the game. I explode with a baltoy, azlef, ralts with a psychic, and a uxie for 5 then darkness gracing for a claydol. He starts building up a cursegar that can soon one shot anything in my deck. I then get moonlight and retreat my own spiritomb for azelf to lock up his spiritomb. He doesn't have the warp energy to get it out of the active spot so i level up azelf send up gardy, level up gardy and psychic lock. Time i called on his turn and he can't repond with a ko.

    Finals: Luxchomp
    Game 1: I get out a quick gallade and start taking prizes, he 2 shots it and then i respond with machop/rc/machamp/Fighting and the game goes to auto pilot for me with a blow out win.

    Game 2: I had a turn 1 claydol going 2nd. However he had a turn 2 garchomp x under a spiritomb(ugh how do they always do this with no trainers idgi) It didn't help that i drew 0 supporters and he went t3 luxray x and played cyrus and game was over as i had nothing.

    Game 3: i start uxie and a good amount of supporters. He starts with Dialga g. I am going 2nd and rose for psychic and spiritomb. I retore uxie back to the deck and send up spiritomb, my only basic. He draws DGX off the top, i know this cuz he slapped down the card he drew(this would later happen again). So now he can use trainers while i have nothing on my field, great. he defens and i try to build up a gardy and a claydol. He kills my spiritomb and then i send up kirlia. I don't have much as he power sprays my claydol and i just continue to try and stablize while building a fighting, machomp and machamp in my hand with supporters cuz the only card i have that was relevant is rare candy. I draw into machop and rose for psychic and fighting and attach psychic to a uxie that i used. I then looker his hand that has everything he needs. He then proceeds to draw everything he needs including PONT which btw i had no idea what that card did or that it even existed until he played it. If you saw this live and that i pointed to PONT when he played it, it was me asking a judge what that does. So i have a board of just gardy with 1 psychic and 80 damage. And a Uxie active with a psychic. Btw side note, i didn't draw moonlight all game or else my life would have been alot easier. On my turn i bebe for machamp, play down machomp/rc/machamp/fighting and retreat uxie. telepass PONT with a hand of 0 and use take out. I start taking prizes with take out as he starts to chump block a few guys. Prize count is 3-2 in favor of him. I use lookers to see that he has just luxray x in his hand and his only out to win this game uxie x. He has already used a few bebe's and comm's this game so i didn't think he had much left. I shuffle my hand in because i don't want to give him more chances of drawing uxie x. I retreat my machamp with a dce to send up a fresh gardy with psychic and a dce to psychic lock a azelf. I have been asked why i didn't just use take out in this situation. The reason is beacuse of luxray x, he could have send up luxray after the azelf died, to bring up uxie and use flash impact. and maybe a crobat to kill it. Now had i known that he only ran 2 lighting i might have opt'd for the take out, but i still think psychic lock is better there even if he only ran 2 lightning. because if he does use luxray to kill that uxie, then uxie x is still a out for him to win. Where as if he can't respond with a ko in that turn then he automatically lose as i would go to 1 prizes with him at 2, and uxie x would stop being a out due to it being one shottable by gardy. So he litterally only had one turn to draw uxie x to win the game with about 20 or so cards left in his deck
    and he rips it off the top and one shots gardy. I can still possibly live through if i draw 1 of my 2 belts(i haven't played any this game) to increase uxie's hp. I do not and thus have to use take out and pray that he doesn't have lightning. But he had it and use bright look and thrash bolt for the kill on uxie.

    Well thats it, had I drawn a bit better at the end or him a bit worst, then results would have been different but thats just how the game is. Here is the list I used.

    4 ralts pt
    2 kirlia (teleportion blast)
    3 gardy sw
    1 gardy lvl x
    1 gallade pop7(pic is soo cool)
    1 baltoy sv(for moonlight abuse)
    1 claydol ge
    1 unown g
    1 duskull(reaper cloth)
    1 duskclops(confuse ray, but it doesn't really matter which one you run)
    1 dusknoir dp
    1 machop sf
    1 machamp sf
    1 uxie la
    1 azelf la
    1 azelf lvl x
    3 spiritomb

    5 psychic
    1 fighting
    3 call
    4 dce

    4 bebe
    4 rose
    2 looker
    1 judge
    1 lucian
    3 rare candy
    2 expert belt
    1 luxury ball
    1 nm
    1 warp point
    2 moonlight

    beach house and everyone who was in it.
    everyone who wanted me to sign something, lol ego booster.
    Fighting energy

    Uxie X
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  2. yoyofsho16

    yoyofsho16 New Member

    Wow, way to represent the state. Even with the bummer draws in finals, 2nd is a COLOSSAL achievement. I hope your list gets printed (I have a stroooong feeling it will), and go easy on us this year with your auto invite :(
  3. k-psycho

    k-psycho New Member

    I was rooting for you pram, i think i wouldve decked the japanese dude for slappin my cards haha
  4. vegitalian

    vegitalian New Member

    1-1-1 Dusknoir is the play!

    Nice job on coming 2nd, that is an excellent accomplishment.
  5. Dual_Draw

    Dual_Draw New Member

    I was cheering for you in that G3, he ripped that DCE and I kinda just sank. It was really epic to see you come back from a situation like that. Congrats and good luck next year.
  6. kevstoy

    kevstoy New Member

    Congrats Mike! Well deserved!
  7. Nova Zapdos EX

    Nova Zapdos EX New Member

    Great job mike!!! I can't wait to buy your deck.
  8. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    It's gonna be pretty different sitting across from a Worlds finalist at Battle Roads this October.

    Don't dwell too long on how things might have been; bask in your accomplishment, instead. Just wait until next season when all the locals will hound you for advice at every opportunity. Talk about an ego boost.

    Congrats, and see you around.
  9. Bolt

    Bolt New Member

    thanks for the props prammy and congrats!! great season and a well deserved finish.

    who knew when you were criticizing me and mikey's dinner choices at regionals that you'd end up 2nd at worlds
  10. Steven_Slayer

    Steven_Slayer New Member

    AMAZING performance at worlds ! , as a Plox player i wanted luxchomp die in the finals, but topdecking like that japanese is epic ._. , btw , lol at the 1-1 Machamp line but it looks like it was a great move so i think i'll try it with friends these last days of " legal " plox , cheers and you should understand how sad i feel for G&G leaving the format :(
  11. WittyNameHere

    WittyNameHere New Member

    I played Downer instead of machamp. But Machamp seemed like a much better choice. I just never tested it, and I'm really uncomfortable playing against SP.
  12. GrandmaJoner

    GrandmaJoner New Member

    come a long way from the sportsmanship award, nice job dude congrats!!
  13. Martin

    Martin New Member

    We all are very proud of you Michael.
  14. rokman

    rokman <a href="http://pokegym.net/gallery/browseimages.p

    sick job dude
  15. metalbird

    metalbird New Member

    Great job Michael. I'm still sickened by that Uxie top deck and the cards he got off your Looker's, but you did great getting second. At least you got the finalist hat.
  16. Magnechu

    Magnechu Active Member

    lol @ bolt
    nice job prammy

    moonlight better than Q? and was lucian useful?
  17. totoro

    totoro Active Member

    So proud of you, Mike!! Love the list and your amazing run! Be prepared to be autographing a LOT of things this year--the juniors (heck, everyone!!) will be asking!!!

    myself included!! :biggrin:
  18. Hurricane

    Hurricane Member

    Hey Mike, I was sitting right behind your match and though I didnt see it, I heard it was epic! I hope to see you next year, but with the Championship title ;) Nice job and Good Luck!

    ~Jacob Lesage
  19. SHPanda

    SHPanda New Member

    VA peeps: thanks support, it means a lot.

    Bolt: lol,, at least you got to eat some duck :p

    Martin: UXIE X, it just keeps following me lol.

    Jonner: I think it'd be cool of them to bring back the sportsman ship award but then again i think if it had any sort of prizes that go along with it then it would get abused.

    Mikey: Moonlight was really huge, it let me do a lot of level up tricks plus gave me potential complete immunity to power spray via spiritomb and gardy x. The lucians, ummm i didn't use it once in swiss, but once i hit top cut i used it every round. So maybe its one of those cards thats only good vs the very best?

    @comments about machamp: It was definitly amazing vs sp. Any sp that wasn't ready for it would just get smashed on. Generally if you and sp go at the same speed Gallade + machamp will more than likely prove to be too much for any sp deck to handle. Otherwise you are probably forced to psychic lock all day, though for those last couple of prizes vs anything machamp can just come out of nowhere and win games.
  20. Sandslash7

    Sandslash7 <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showpost.php?p=

    Way to go Pram!

    Congrats on an amazing finish at WORLDS. Hope to see you at some VA tournaments this year.
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