2nd Place Seviervielle TN Masters

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by KingGengar, May 31, 2008.

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  1. KingGengar

    KingGengar New Member

    Well, here we go again with another lovely story of frivolity and Pokemon.

    Friday night, I met with my buddy and partner Prime to test a few new decks; but Garchump doesn't cut it, even with Level X; and the new Empoleon/Omastar doesn't quite work well enough for me; so I stick with GG/Gallade.

    Get a good early start on Saturday, pick up Matt, and head to Tennessee. We arrive early and in good spirits. Matt judges and I get checked in. Our friend Nick is there, and he wants some advice on a deck, so I help him build a decent Empoleon variant. And then we play.

    ROUND 1 - Ryan G. w/ EGG (Empoleon/GG)

    I went ahead very early by I think 3 prizes but for some reason I blanked out and powered a second Gallade instead of Gardy, so I missed out on Pyschic Lock-ing him. This is the difference as he comes back and wins in OT. Disappointing start for me. 0-1

    ROUND 2 - dude with Togekiss/Fire Pokemon (sorry, forgot your name)

    He started out OK, but stalled on a Monferno, and that was the only break I needed. I set up fast and won fast. 1-1

    LUNCH - there was chocolate cake for someone's birthday... like I needed more sugar

    ROUND 3 - Alex K. w/Tortellini (Italian Torterra - ok, I just made that up)

    He moved swiftly with a Torterra but I ended up using Bring Down on it and then the game was pretty much in hand. 2-1.

    ROUND 4 - Alan A. w/Garchomp

    This went very fast and I never saw his whole strategy. 3-1.

    ROUND 5 - Tyler M. w/Darkrai-Weavile-Wigglytuff (call it Black Sleep, I guess)

    Being weak to Fighting, Tyler's deck didn't fare too well and there isn't much to say. He didn't get set up and I was able to squirm out of sleep. But only temporary for me.... 4-1.

    TOP 4 - Ryan G. w/EGG

    Lots of joking but I paid attention this time and won the first game. Second game I got very little and was steamed because my deck almost never fails to set up, but this was bad and ticking me off - I scooped. Game 3 I started out the same way, and I was REALLY peeved at the way luck had turned. BUT... somehow, I was able to get a Gardy, 2 Claydol, and a Gallade out on 1 turn, powered up Gallade and took his Empoleon, and then time ran out with me up 2 prizes. Great games, Ryan!

    TOP 2 - Tyler w/BLACK SLEEP

    OK, I definitely went in too confident. I won the first game as I had the earlier game, very easily. The second game I got NOTHING- it was worse than the second game with Ryan. For six turns, I had 3 Basic Pokemon and no Energy, with no way to even evolve, and no Supporters - I scooped big time! OK, nothing to worry about. But I started game 3 slowly again, and it didn't make sense because the deck is so consistent and the only thing I was whiffing on was luck of the draw. Finally, I had 2 Kirlia out with Gardy and Gallade in my hand; 1 Kirlia active had a Psychic Energy; the other had no energy; my choice was either to continue powering up the Active Kirlia and hope Tyler didn't KO it (he had a Confused -from Ralts- Darkrai with 2 Energy on it at the time) or to place an energy on the Benched Kirlia, expecting the worst (Darkrai Lv.X) and planning for the future. I decided to risk it and placed a Psychic Energy on the active Kirlia. He fulfilled my worst thought, and found the Darkrai Lv.X, un-confused Darkrai, and KO's the Kirlia with all the Energy. Now I made a worse error, this time not in judgment - I evolved the Kirlia on the bench to Gallade instead of Gardy, and Scrambled the Gallade - I was reasoning on Darkrai's Resistance but I should have been thinking about cutting off Wigglytuff's Sleep Poke-Power, which had been annoying all day. I should have Scrambled the Gardy and stopped Tyler from using Wiggly, and his Claydol, and then going with Take Down while building the Gallade using Gardy's Poke-Power to help me. But I was thinking in greed, and saw that Fighting Weakness. So I took a prize to even things, but the Scramble then became useless to me, so that I even had to retreat Gallade. Even so, we were about even in prizes through the game when time was called. It was my turn and we were deadlocked with prizes, but I didn't have any options but to bring up a Furrett and use Keen-Eye, hoping he wouldn't have a true Dark Energy, and then I would be able to power Gallade by using a DRE with Baton Pass on the next turn. However, Tyler had the Special Dark Energy and KO'd the Furrett for the win by putting it to sleep with Wigglytuff and then attacking with Darkrai (he had Sidney's Stadium to prevent his own sleep - clever).

    In retrospect, I don't think my deck was the problem but only me - I was too excited to exploit his Fighting Weakness; I took my focus off Wigglytuff's Poke-Power and my own ability to stop it with Gardy at least until I properly built up Gallade; I even overlooked a Take Down opportunity by forgetting that Gardy Lv.X can't KO itself. But all props to Tyler for coming up with a creative deck that handled its own weakness.

    P.S. Nick went 3-2 in a very good showing.


    Matt (Prime) for lending me the cards to build the deck, and for playtesting, and for being a good friend.
    Keith for hosting and organizing another cool event - thanks LAWMAN (for distracting the old man!)
    Matt "Gible" for being a fun judge
    Toni for keeping it all together


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  2. KaiserBeetle

    KaiserBeetle New Member

    That was a great game we had in finals man, thanks for the props on my deck I love it, hope we play again soon old man!
  3. TeamPwnyJF

    TeamPwnyJF Member

    Congrats on a good tourney Tom...don't think we've forgot about playing any tourney's. It was our senior year of high school, and we got distracted. But we'll catch up again with you soon!!
  4. Fireryotaku333

    Fireryotaku333 New Member

    Another great tourney and although neither of us won I've never had nearly as good a time at a BR before. I did place 6th, but honestly wouldn't have placed 16th without your help and that of a few others w/ kindness and patience that was bestowed upon me. I really am happy I did...ok, but more happy that you did well, and you did! Too bad I couldn't stay and watch the last match, but as you may have seen I was busy being escorted from the premises by force lol...oh well I'm glad you enjoyed your matches and happy you did so well. And equally as glad that I did (WAAAAY) better than I would have if it were not for you and your time and (EXTREME) patience.

    Thx so much for everything and hope you had as much fun as I did...it probably helps to have divine intervention 30 mins before the start of the tourney...we should do it again some time! lol
  5. Jason

    Jason New Member

    i need some mario..... ah well, gj tom.
  6. bugsbite

    bugsbite New Member

    Tom looks like you are still in form! :smile:

    Will we see you at Greenville and Fort Mill?
  7. HBK HaVoC

    HBK HaVoC New Member

    Tom I just have one thing to say to you on that remark and by the way this is Alex or Tortellini.
    YOU WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. ashinto

    ashinto New Member

    nice job, and congrats with getting 2nd, and Dark Sleep won!
  9. Lawman

    Lawman Active Member

    I prefer to call Tyler's deck either Freddy Kruger or Nightmare on Elm Street. As I told you, some of the leaguers over here where talking about combos for Darkrai X on the drive back from the Cleveland PR when that came out. The best idea was to use Wiggly with it for the constant sleep effect and then get more damage w/ Darkrai's atk. At the time though, GG was too strong and the fighting weakness was too much to take rd after rd.

    Now, with newer decks out there....less GG and more chances for Darkrai to work. Normally, it wouldnt beat GG on a consistent basis, but it outdrew you in game 2 and 3 in top cut. Good tourney though and thx for coming over. Although you havent played much this season, the skill is still there. See ya @ Nats in a few weeks my friend!

  10. Prime

    Prime Content Developer<br>Blog Admin<br>Contest Host

    You rule. I'm biased. Sue me.
  11. KingGengar

    KingGengar New Member

    TYLER: Old Man? Young punk! Haha... good job once again. I'll getcha next time.
    TEAM PWNY: Yeah, it's more funnerer when youze show up. Have fun tho... you only get one senior year.
    NICK: thanks man! It was so freaking cool to see you happily winning with our deck idea.
    JASON: m-m-mario... you never know what's coming tho, do ya? boo-yeah!
    JAN: probably see you at one of the SC tourneys :)
    ALEX: omigosh! I almost fell off my chair laughing! Excellent game, loads of fun.
    ASHINTO: thanks, dude!
    KEITH: All good points... and another smooth tourney.. be proud!
    MATT: the subpoena's in the mail! Thanks, partner!
  12. charchar

    charchar New Member

    nice job. 2nd 4packs. GG ftw.
  13. Kabutops141

    Kabutops141 New Member

    Grats on getting 2nd place! Hopefully see ya at Nats.

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