3 way tcg gameplay?

Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by Poke Granny, Feb 20, 2008.

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  1. Poke Granny

    Poke Granny New Member

    I know it's not anywhere near sanctioned but has anyone ever tried taking on 2 different opponents at the same time?:eek:

    My grankids and I play that way a lot. We have made up rules about who you can attack and when.

    If anyone else has tried it I'm interested in your rules
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  2. well, one time i was playing 2 VS 2 for fun, and my friend died turn 2 and i still won XD but i suppose you could call the 3 way =/
  3. moza

    moza New Member

    No, I haven't tried a threesome(pokemon battle).

    I've done 3 vs 3 tho, and that was fun.
  4. tglilly

    tglilly New Member

    I played a 3 way at the league I go to. How we played is that we go clock wise from the person who had the highest roal. We play with the orignial single rules except that we have it where only the last person of our first round can play a suporter/trainer/stadium. Also we have it where you can not attack the same person twice ( like say I am first and attack the second person the next time it's my turn I can't attack the same player.)
  5. Scyther_trainer

    Scyther_trainer New Member

    My Friends and I used to do a 3-way battle way back in the Neo Days.

    We modified special conditions to only check "just before" and "just after" your turn (otherwise poison would be broken and sleep would be too weak)

    but we always ran into problems of fairness. Whoever had the weakest start usually got pounded into submission and we had frequent arguments about being fair.

    We tried enacting a rule where Player A could only attack Player B and B could only attack C, etc; but that took away too much of the strategy. Then we tried a rule where if a player was attacked the second time before their turn, none of their pokemon could be knocked out (it kept 10HP). Anyway, it was incomplete but it worked.
  6. bulbasnore

    bulbasnore Administrator Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    Moved. Not news or gossip.
  7. Dom

    Dom New Member

    Tried it back in Base set/jungle days, got into a big grammatical argument regarding Clefable. "Choose 1 of your opponent's pokemon" I think it says on the card, one of the opponent's was like "that means I can choose which opponent" but no, we were doing it like player A attacks B, B attacks C, C attacks A so I ruled you dont get to choose which opponent. I was right.
  8. Poke Granny

    Poke Granny New Member

    sorry, where does it belong?

    never mind that was dumb
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  9. Magic_Umbreon

    Magic_Umbreon Researching Tower Scientist, Retired

    Sounds quite easy in a clockwise way, with interesting strategic implications. It would be quite bizzare. Think about it for a moment. In the sequence A > B > C > A where each player attacks the next one (A attacks B). If A puts B in a weaker position, then C will be in a stronger position. (and the same for all three in the circle). So really, you want to leave your opponent in a situation where they can KO the player who is attacking you. If your opponent notices this, they may do the same, keeping the player attacking you in a strong position. So no-one really wants to attack and instead claims bench prizes or such. But I'd imagine you'd play the game out in your head. Hmmm...

    In a free-for-all, two players would inevitably gang up on another then fight among themselves. Which doesn't really work either.
  10. Vegeta ss4

    Vegeta ss4 Iron Chef Leader

    Three Ways are fun, you get to make up rules all the time. It is always tough to decide who goes 1st though, I mean all 3 of you get to have a turn but, who gets the engine running!!!
    just make sure to bring sleeves because there will be some wear an tear in this kind of long play.:lol:

    Boy, I love pokemanzzzzz:thumb::lol:

    actually, I don't.
  11. pichu bros. rox

    pichu bros. rox New Member

    I've tried this with my bros but someone always ends up teaming up on someone. :/
  12. CyberManectric

    CyberManectric Active Member

    At my league we like to do weird battles for fun. Most of the time we to Tag battles where each player has 3 prizes and two play as a Team. We've even allowed the teams to share trainers and transfer them to his/her partner. Those battles are always more fun.

    We've also done battles where both players take a modified legal deck and an unlimited deck and suffle them together into a massive 120 card deck and battle with 12 prizes. Those kinds of battles are insane but worth the fun. :biggrin:
  13. Let Fire Fall

    Let Fire Fall New Member

    We've done 4 people before. Didn't really work out too well though. They all just teamed up against me.
  14. Azure Kite

    Azure Kite New Member

    whenever you do an even number of players thats more than 2, you NEED teams. If you don't do teams, your looking at survival of the fittest. Darwinism we call it. But I will do 3+ games with people at times. But there is really to much controversy over what does what when you use an attack and all that and for us it usually ends up with people getting mad a one another. Or maybe thats just us Virginians, I don't know.
  15. we used to take like 1 deck per person playing with different sleeves, shuffle em together and deal out 60 to each person, those are amazing fun,... i miss it ='{
  16. charmander rox

    charmander rox New Member

    A second problem with A attacks B attacks C is that a player could bring out Base Set Mewtwo and just sit and wait while player B eliminates player C, and player C can't do anything.
  17. Poke Granny

    Poke Granny New Member

    the kids and I are trying out 2on4. 3 opponents with 2 active pokemon each. On our turn each of our actives get to attack but not both on the same opponent. So when it's my turn (A) I decide which active i will attack B with and which will attack C, and I get to choose which of my opponents 1 or 2 I will attack.

    Does that make sense at all, it does to us but it's not very easy to explain. And we argue a lot also!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And we finally got connected with a league so maybe I will get to play someone besides these two argueing kids, YEAH

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