3rd place Forth Worth Cities report, undefeated in Swiss.

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by hitmonchan93, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. hitmonchan93

    hitmonchan93 New Member

    The Fort Worth City Championship was today. I wake up, get my stuff, and head to Fort Worth. It was about an hour drive more or less. I went in playing Medieval. We had 4 rounds and a Top 4 cut.

    Round 1
    Sean V.(inappropriate last name, srsly)
    Dragonite ex and Torterra
    I get a Budew start against him. He goes first starts with Dratini and hits me for 10. I draw, Mentor, discard a Mentor, get 2 Ralts and a Stantler. I then Errand Running for a Rare Candy. He goes then gets a Turtwig, benches it, attaches energy to his Dratini, evolves to Dragonair. Wraps, hits heads, and paralyzes Budew. I go Celio's for Gallade, Rare Candy, a Ralts to it, attach DRE then I pass. He goes, evolves to Dragonite ex, and Dragon Roars ko's Budew, and puts 5 to Gallade. Then I bring up Gallade, attach an energy, I then play Team Galactic's Wager and I win it. I get a Candy, Gardy, but decide to save it since he's only played a Roseanne's this whole game. =/. I then Sonic Blade for 100 on Dragonite and bring up Turtwig. Next turn I ko it with Psychic Cut. Then I ran through his only 3 Pokemon. =/

    Round 2
    Andy M.(Absol/Lucario)
    He's one of the better people in my area. He starts with a mere Sableye as I start with my ideal start, Stantler. I go first and Lead for a Celio's. He then goes, he Dual Balls for a Riolu and then Roseanne's for another one and a Fighting. He starts to Disable me for Lead, trying to slow me down. But my hand was a beast. I mentored for Ralts. I candy to a Gallade attach DRE, I topdecked Gallade . I then pass. He benches a few more Riolu's but little does he know that he doesn't get a Lucario, FOR 6 TURNS. That gives me more than enough time to set up from there and then I take the game. I win on time, then I asked if he wanted to finish the game out, he abided. I then took my last 2 prizes in four turns. So I would've wound up winning that game anyway.

    Round 3
    Josh H.(Ramen TRUK)
    I've known Josh for a while and he's been improving a great deal. I go first, and then I get a Budew start. I Errand Running for a Rare Candy then I say go. He has a Riolu active, a Riolu and a Chansey benched. I was like "Oh God! He has Pluspower, I know it." It ends up he doesn't and sacks a heads for Wild Kick. I then go and Mentor ftw! Get Ralts' and a Stantler. I then drop Candy Gallade DRE, and then Errand Running for a last time for another Candy. He goes and and evolves to Blissey on the bench. Attaches an energy to Blissey, retreats Riolu to put a Fighting in the discard and to seal the ko on Budew. He then Happy Chances for 40. I bring Gallade up with DRE and draw I Celio's for a Gardevoir Candy Ralts to it. Telepass a TV Reporter he had used and I get 3 energy 2 Psychic and a Fighting. That's just what I needed. I discard a Wager attach a Psychic and Sonic Blade Blissey(YESSSSSSSS!!!!) and then he brings up Riolu. He goes evolves to Lucario and Feints. I go and then Telepass and all that then I Psychic Cut Lucario for 90 ko. He brings up Blissey and after that he ran out of gas. Tries to SSU his only Pokemon(Blissey) and then I take the game.

    Round 4
    Demetre F.(Gardylade/Donphan)
    He's also one of the better people in my area. I go first with a Stantler start, attach to Stantler and Lead for a Celio's. He goes with Ralts and then he uses Tackle or whatever for 10. I go Mentor for 2 Ralts and a Squirtle. Bench the Ralts' and Squirtle attach to a Ralts and I then Lead for a last time for a Professor Oak's Visit. He goes evolves to Kirlia and Psychic Research's a Phanpy to his hand. I then go candy Gallade Oak's Visit I hit DRE bring up Gallade active attach DRE and Psychic Cut for 130 and the donk!

    Here's how the standings look:
    1st Cameron H. (me) Medieval
    2nd Josh H. (Ramen TRUK)
    3rd Andy M. (Absol/Lucario)
    4th Demetre F. (Gardylade/Donphan)

    Top Cut
    Game 1:Demetre F.(Gardylade/Donphan)
    I get a spudding Squirtle start?! Wts?! He gets turn two Donphan and the game doesn't go too well due to my start. I candy Blastoise t4 and have Gallade active Psychic Cutting and he then brings up Gardy. Says Psychic Lock ftko. I have 50 on me I then say, "I have Shield Veil on, no weakness, sry." He then points out he has Battle Frontier on the field. And even worse I had 2 Windstorms in hand before the attack. jjahga;lgkjahgha;lkjdglalgksajglhasglk;jsg;lja;fgjsldkjgkjhas.
    Game 2:
    I think, "Ok everything's going to be fine it was just a bad start that first game I got this." I draw my hand to only find a Squirtle start, again?! What's going on here, lol?! This game I got total spud, there was no game really. He wiped me on the floor. :p

    Uggh. At least I got packs, and I was 4-1 for the day. My points did take a boost at least. Then I just hang around for a while longer to find that Josh wins! Good for him, he hasn't won anything before so kudos to him.
    Well at least I got an Electrode, Reverse Dark Energy, Pluspower, and an Oak's Visit. lol

    My PTO for lending me the cards I needed before hand. Especially TSD that helped alot.
    Me going undefeated in swiss.
    Josh winning his first Premier Event.
    Me going 4-1.
    Point boost for today.
    Doing good with a deck I haven't tested before hand, period. lol
    Adding something to Team M's record.
    Spud from Anthoy chats.

    Donphan, God!
    Dale's dice bag.
    Squirtle, why'd you do that. I didn't need you then!
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  2. BloodDraek

    BloodDraek New Member

    Nice job man, I feel bad for you that you beat the donphan/gardy deck in swiss but not in semifinals. but nice job nontheless
  3. Adam Garcia

    Adam Garcia New Member

    what happended with dales dice bag?
  4. shiftrymaster68

    shiftrymaster68 Active Member

    Luck got the better of both of us today Cameron. GJ and see you @ Crowley!
  5. hitmonchan93

    hitmonchan93 New Member

    He comes up from behind and hits you in the face with his dice bag, there's a deck box in there too. The feeling is undescribable.
  6. B_B_C

    B_B_C New Member

    Good job! lol that guys last name!
  7. hectagonman

    hectagonman New Member

  8. swampert97

    swampert97 Active Member

    Great job Cameron! Wish I could've been there, see you all in Mesquite!
  9. empoleonperson

    empoleonperson Active Member

    good job but not many blisseys wow except the one that won.
  10. Naki Feralkin

    Naki Feralkin New Member

    Sounds like you had fun, but a question.

    Why didn't your opponent finish off your Gallade with Dragon Roar after you knocked out the twig?
  11. hitmonchan93

    hitmonchan93 New Member

    ^ ahh, good question. He did, I forgot to mention I had another Gallade ready to go on the bench.

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