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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Vegeta ss4, Apr 21, 2008.

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  1. Vegeta ss4

    Vegeta ss4 Iron Chef Leader

    I was bored and this is a deck I have been looking at for a while. Its just a league deck because I doubt it is very competitive. But bleh, heres the list.

    Pokemon: 16
    3 Pachurisu
    3/1/3 Porygon Z
    2/2 CLaydol
    2 Mantine δ

    Trainer: 27
    4 Masterball
    4 Bebe's
    3 Roseanne's
    3 Lake Boundary
    3 Plus Power
    3 Steven's
    3 Rare Candy
    2 Warp Point
    2 Night Mant.

    Energy: 17
    4 water
    4 psychic
    3 fighting
    2 grass
    2 dark
    2 fire

    The strat-

    Pach start, grab Mantine, Baltoy, and Porygon. Next turn, evolve into Claydol, attach to Porygon and candy proy z or evolve. Next turn attach to Porygon2 and evolove to Z, or if u have Z already, attach the energy(be sure you know what deck your playing, if u see the pokemon they use, you will know what energy to attach with, and which energy to discard).
    Retreat, then play Lake Boundary, discard the energy your opponents pokemon is weak to. KNOCK...wash, rinse, and repeat.
    Mantine is to put the energy back on top of your deck, then use claydol.
  2. garchompx12

    garchompx12 New Member

    you need scott its sooo good with download
  3. dragonite1234

    dragonite1234 New Member

    -1 Bebe
    + 1 Scott
    Scott + Download=GOD
  4. Rew

    Rew Active Member

    Oh no! Play more Porygon 2 and Scott.
  5. Vegeta ss4

    Vegeta ss4 Iron Chef Leader

    no offense but, Porygon 2 is no help here for me. I wanna abuse Claydol Mantine...if I use Porygon 2, then that will take away that ability(increasing handsize)

    The thing this deck really needs, is some techs.
  6. PokePockets

    PokePockets New Member

    tech would not be bad in this deck at all. Especcially since it is just a bland Porygon-Z deck, but come MD, 1 Porygon-Z Lv.X will make this deck a PITA too play against. However, they are right, Download with the Scott is good.

    I also enjoy how you called this deck the $5 Footlong =P
  7. Vegeta ss4

    Vegeta ss4 Iron Chef Leader

    I dont need the downoad though...

    and yes, I thought many would love the name:p
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