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  1. Quatermain

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    Hey everyone,

    I know that the base set vulpix was misprinted to say HP 50 and that this is common. But in my collection i have a base set vulpix that does say 50 HP. It is lighter than the HP 50 vulpix so im thinking that means its from shadowless??

    How rare/how much is this card worth?

    I can't find any on ebay or anything
  2. Carrington388

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    I'd try taking that card to an expert appraisal service. I suspect you might have a fake card--as far as anyone can tell, the HP 50 error on Vulpix wasn't corrected until the last, foreign printing, which occured quite a while after the shadowless prints.
  3. Quatermain

    Quatermain New Member

  4. Mew*

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    You said it is "lighter" and a lot of fakes don't have good color so it might be one. Can you take a scan of the card or take a picture with a camera so we can see it. A simple but not 100% test you can do is to hold it up to a light and see if you see light through it. Real cards don't allow light to pass, but fake cards usually do.

    However I'm not sure of the value if it is legit.
  5. Tombstoner

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    HP 50 is normal, but I'm not sure for Unshadowed. The light color is normal but only for Unshadowed. I'm not sure if I can help.
  6. Quatermain

    Quatermain New Member


    I did the light test and it did not let light pass through. I did the light test with the HP 50 vulpix and it was the same as the 50 HP

    I'll take a picture and post it today

    thanks again everyone

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    how do i do this?

    (by the way, the cards also felt the same)
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  7. PokePop

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    We already have a picture in our error gallery, you know.
  8. PokePop

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  9. Quatermain

    Quatermain New Member

    YES! Thats the one

    is it worth anything?
  10. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    About a dollar or so.

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