6-1 1st Place Denville Battle Roads Report (2nd Straight Year)

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    So, after using yesterday (5/31) as a testing ground for my Empoleon/Omastar. I decide to talk to a few people online (Mostly Kettler) and I decide to make some changes. I end up changing about 8 cards in the deck to try to make the starts more consistant. It worked out well so that is good. On to the report.

    R1 - Jimmy O. - (Mirror)

    So, when I see I am playing against Jimmy, I am not happy. I am like 2-100 against him in tourneys dating back to the good ole STS days. So, I know he is playing Empoleon. I get a much better setup however my lack of drawing or getting a Claydol hurts as he is able to make a brilliant comeback after I have taken 3 prizes or so. He ends up taking 6 of the next 7 to win.

    Loss - (0-1)

    R2 - Sonny F. - (GG)

    I see that I am paired up against a 1-0 after losing the first game. I have a really good start, and get up a quick T2 claydol. He never sees a supporter and I proceed to 6-1 him, I think but it may have been 6-0.

    Win - (1-1)

    R3 - Anthony G. - (Magmortar/Blaziken)

    He gets a great start and takes a few prize lead on my. But Empoleon has his weakness and has too much HP for him to be able to one shot me, where I can ohko him. I end up winning by running thru is water weak fire pokemon.

    Win - (2-1)

    R4 - ???????? - (GG)

    I get a horrible start. I think I started with 2 Helix fossil. I get a call energy which helps a bunch. He ended up getting 2 Claydol and a Gardy up by T2 which was insane. I proceed to start getting setup. I do some nifty moves and use a WP plus a Omastar to de-evolve his Gardy Lv. X with 100 on it and his Gallade with a DRE making him discard it. I then proceed to royal screw up and play Roseanne's instead of wager letting him get play back his 2 Claydol and Dugtrio. It doesnt help as the loss of the DRE severly hurts. I end up taking a 2 prize lead that turn and I dont let it go.

    Win (3-1)

    R5 - Benny R. (BenLugia) - (GG)

    I see that I am playing Benny who is the only remaining undefeated, which means for the second time today I get to play up. He gets a diglett start and it just doesnt get better as he just doesnt draw anything remotely helpful. He drew into no Claydol or Celio and proceeds to be 6-0'd by me.

    Win (4-1)

    So after losing R1 I manage to snag the #2 seed and have to play against Frankie Durso

    T4 - Frankie Durso - (BanBliss)

    G1 - I go first and I start with Chatot. He gets up Banette and after he takes the first prize I start spreading damage with Empoleon. He cant get a Banette in the discard and I end up spread damage everywhere. I ko his active Banette that he Ghost Headed to ko my Chatot. He sends up another Banette (with no energy) and hits me for 70 on my Empoleon after TSDing his Shuppet and Banette back to his hand. I decide to hit both Shuppet on his bench. Now his Blissey, and both Shuppet's on the bench have 30 on them. He attaches DRE and does 30 to bring me up to 100 damage. I go and use Omastar and devolve his bench including the Shuppet he justed Evolved. I proceed to take a 2 prize lead and he just cant recover and I win because I have much superior board control.

    G2 - I look at my hand and I think I am going to lose. I have 2 Helix Fossil for the 2nd time today. He choose to go first and has 2 Chansey down. I end up topdecking a Call Energy and using it on Helix Fossil. I get Piplup and Chatot. He proceeds to not have the Blissey. He pretty much attaches 1 energy a turn for 8 straight turns while proceeding to get 7/9 heads on scrunch before he finally evolves the Chansey. I am able to knock it out since he flip tails on scrunch and I did 30 and 30 the turn before. He proceed to continue drawing nothing and I end up winning easily.

    Win (5-1/6-1)

    T2 - Benny R. (BenLugia) - (GG)

    So for the second straight year I play Benny in the Finals. Only this time he is the #1 seed and I am the #2.

    G1 - He gets a really good start and I am behind the whole game. I end up making it close but it ends up being decided on a TSD Flip. If he flips 0/3 I win in 3 or 4 turns if he flips anything else he gets Gardy Lv. X and wins. He flips the first one heads and I scoop as he takes his final prize with Bring Down.

    G2 - I go aggro Empoleon and proceed to play super fast as G1 took forever (35-40 min.). I then start spreading by T2 with Prinplup. I then KO his Diglett T2 and proceed to start targeting Ralts while I start setting up a 2nd Empoleon. He cant really do anything and I proceed to 6-0 him for the second time today.

    G3 - I start for the 3rd time today with 2 Helix Fossil. I am hoping he choses to go 1st as I can get T2 Claydol with the Roseanne's in my hand. He does, and uses Sentret's Grope. I go roseanne for Baltoy and Phione. I discard my Helix Fossil and Wish for Claydol He goes and gets some pokemon and Grope's again. I then use Claydol to get some bench pokemon and wish for a Prinplup after I attached an energy to it. He goes grope's again and get some more basics. I go bring up Empoleon and do 30/30 to his Ralts and Ralts. He goes RC into Gallade and attaches to it I go ko the Ralts and do 30 to Baltoy. He brings up the Gallade and flips 4 prizes to tie the game. I Send Up Empoleon and do 30 to him since I dont have enough energy on my Empoleon. I also proceed to royal screw up. I evolved my Fossil which is fine, but I messed up and played a Piplup instead of my Chatot down. He then Sonic Blades on his turn and time was also called on his turn. So I send up Omanyte. I draw and I have to get 1 of 4 cards in my deck to win. I decide to play Wager and then use Claydol. I win the wager and my second card is Omastar. I also draw and energy. I use Omastar to lift up Dugtrio and retreat and hit his benched Baltoy FTW.

    Win (6-1/8-2)

    So, I end up winning the Battle Road for my 2nd straight year and I also manage to win 2 in a row for the 2nd straight year.

    Props -

    Kettler helping me again.
    Dustin for helping me out.
    Benny for pulling a Glaceon Lv. X
    10-1 this weekend.
    I will gain about 8-10 Rating Points
    Defending my BR Title. :cool:

    Slops -

    Losing to Jimmy R1
    Benny for pulling a Glaceon Lv. X
    I will gain about 8-10 Rating Points
    Oh Where Art Thou Playtest Partner? :nonono:

    Thanks for Reading,
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  2. Serebii1997J

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    Great job Drew, already two!
  3. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member

    Thanks Man,
  4. ChristianOrtiz

    ChristianOrtiz New Member

    good job drew :p

  5. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member

    Thanks Man,
  6. B_B_C

    B_B_C New Member

    Great job drew! Also good seeing you.
  7. garchompx12

    garchompx12 New Member

    GJ man. you deserved it
  8. BloodDraek

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    nice job Drew, I wish I could stay to see your top 2 match but I had to go. benny would probably tell me to move back any way like he did to Brian.

    GJ anyway.
  9. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member

    Yeah, same to you.

    Thanks, I appriciate it.

    Thanks, yeah it was intense. Yeah, most likely he would of. :lol:

  10. AnimeDDR110

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    Great Job, Drew. Winning two BR's in a row is just amazing for your premiere rating. Props to you.
    Also you played Evan E. Round 4, As I was walking back and forth the whole time watching the outcome.

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