A Dpg Unit Tourney Report!!! Nats Top 16!!

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    Hey guys, i'm finally going to write my nationals report, why? Because the stupid internet isn't working and i can't be bothered doing homework.

    Well, it all started in June, when we finally heard that New Zealand would be holding a seperate event for our nationals! Hip Hip Hooray! Myself, Matthew Russell, Edwin Woon, and Teawhi Woon started our deck creations for the nationals tournament. Of course, with all 4 of us far behind in the metagame, with myself not playing a tourney since CC's, and Matthew and Teawhi, none since TRR Pre-release, we had pretty Lam-O decks... however, in the end we KIND OF caught up, and we put together some pretty solid decks, in the end, deciding on the team name Welly Town Pokers... (ask Matt) and decided on playing these decks -

    Matt - Draggy
    Tim - DPG-unit (i realise how much i h8 this deck now... http://www.proboards.com/v4images/tongue.gif)
    Teawhi – BED (Blaz, Electrode EX and Delcatty)
    Edwin – Gardebyss

    So we were all ready to go to nationals, now ... who's gonna drive us there? -_- we're screwed. ITS OFFICIAL.

    Wait. . .


    Teawhi's Dad has KINDLY offered to take us to Auckland! HURRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAY!

    So after that BANZAI the day before nationals arrived, we had to meet at Teawhi's house at 6am, to get our ticket's to Auckland, and at about 6.15 we left, on our roadrage to auckland. We stopped at a few places on our way to auckland, like sdome random place where we stopped and got a pie, and watched happily all the people that had to goto school! LoL, wen we finished our pies, we jumped back into the car, and continued our journey.

    Our breakfast was at risk, because we were only allowed to goto McDonalds for breakfast IF we got the before 10.30... the pressure was on, we were half an hour away from Taupo when Edwins dad decided to stop. Which in a way was welcoming, i needed to stretch my legs, and we had a look in the bonnet of the V8 Commodore LIMITED EDITION. I'm Lovin it... All the way to Taupo from there we were cracking lame jokes, while going “NICE ONE!” and giving each other high-fives... which was a bit random. And after a while... Scary.

    We got to Maccas in time, and i indulged in a BLT Bagel Combo. With Lemonade. It was one of my favourite burgers ever!!! It was so good............. mmm. (we got there at like10.25)

    After that we continued on to our journey and finally made it to City Life hotels, which we got there at about 2.30. I wasn't staying there, however we stayed there and wen't for a swim, and then wandered round Queen St, and we were getting paranoid, and was trying to find a net cafe, to print off registration forms and decklists, because we thought we HAD to have them. After alol we didn't need them, but we still got them. Later that night, we went out looking for a fish and chip shop 4 dinner, it only took like an hour to finally find one. It was really weird =\ it costed $50 for 5 ppls to have dinner. OMG! To expensive!!! So then we just decided to goto the supermarket and get some food, znd then when all hope seemed to have gone... We were driving back to hotel... Down and out, soooooooo disappointed that we couldn't find a decent F & C shop...




    And it was REAL NICE!
    After dinner, i was really fat, and i was almost as annoying as David Y, after drinking 2 cans of pepsi from the budget dairy across the road.

    So we playtested for a hour after that, i played Teawhi, and it was really close, i was pretty happy with the end result of the match, however i lost, but i was OHKO'ing his Electrode EX's with my dugtrio's, and taking care of his blaziken's with my Gorebyss's, but in the end he somehow came up on top with a ATM: Rock, which was perfectly timed. Which got him the match.

    After that , i txted my aunty, and she came to pick me up, as i wasn't staying with them, I wish i had cos it sounded like they had heaps of fun at that hotel. While we were waiting for my aunty, we went to the gym, and i was running on the fastest level on the treadmill!!! It was really scary, and i ened up slipping off the end! Then my aunty came, and i left, and i ate a whole bag of lollies in one night. (It weighed 420grams)


    I wake up at the silly hour of 6.30, i can't get back to sleep, so i get up and have a shower, by the time i'm out and dressed and looking FINE I MUST SAY! It's 7am and most ppl in the house are uyp and running... I Eat stale weet-Bix for breaky, which doesn't taste very nice, but i eat it... I NEED MY ENERGY FOR THE DAY! I quickly check my deck for anything that doesn't need to be in there... im looking, hmm... is it necessary to have 2 switch's? Nahh, 2 Briney's? Nah... ok, so i have 2 spots left, i put in a 4th desert ruins, and my first ATM: Rock, which i borrowed off Edwin.

    We leave at 8.30am, i want to be there early so i can have a look around. But it takes a while to find the dam place, and after bout a half hour of looking, we find it, and myself and my auntie go have a look around the ancient place... After having our look around, i see Martin and i think Tao arriving, so it's time for my aunty to leave, its really cool, she gave me some inspiring words, telling me not to forfeit, and keep on going! (I end up forfeiting 3 times lol) and then i help set up the tables when kristel arrived.

    The tourney is about to begin, pairings are up, no more changes were made for my deck, i've got my funky name tag, i've got my cool POP boosters, i'm fired up and ready to go. After a few chats with Welly town pokers, while Kristel is writing up the pairings, my pairing is finally called. Table 19, against a boy playing a card that is unown (lol) to me... Dusclops (NOT EX... phew) But she's screwed up the pairings or something like that, because there is a young 8 year old girl playing a 18 year old... LoL (its age groups...) so she changes it, and I end up playing someone i have heard of.

    ROUND 1 William Wong (Blaziken)

    He's like OMG UR NZ NUMBER ONE! I'm like yeah... Then he's like NOOO!!!!!! Y me? Y not David Y?
    Im like lol.

    All the games are best of 3.

    First match, rare candy a Clamperl first turn DRE, and knock out lone torchic.

    We start, i get a dunsparce, he gets a torchic, i start, i get a energy, (phew) and i SAR for Pidgey, Diglett, and Clamperl, i see here that i have a huge typer advantage, with Gorebyss being my main attacker, so my main aim is to power up Gorebyss ASAP. I see a DRE and A Celio's Network in my hand, so i switch out for clamperl, knowing if he doesn't get out another basic, i'll win easily T2, but he does, so my plan is ruined, he gets out a sparce, switches, and attaches to Dunny, and SAR for a nice big bench of Torchic and Electrike.
    Knowing that my plan is kinda dead, i try and aim on getting out a pidgeot. So io draw, i OAK my hand, then draw... DRE, DRE... oh no, Pidgeot... cool... Steven's Advice.. yay, and RARE CANDY. Yes! So i'm pretty flushed, and rare candy into pidgeot, i quick search, get out a gorebyss, it'll still come in handy, and then evolve and attach DRE to it, and get the first KO of the match.

    After this, its pretty vague... but the prizes go back and fourth in this game, and he wins in the end, when he takes out all my gorebyss, and then im pretty much screwed!!!


    Third match, is pretty much the same as the first, he has a massive draught of everything, and i kill his torchic with a clamperl.


    After one round we have the lunch break, as the rounds started at 11. I get myself and Edwin some burger king, but i have to carry Teawhis and his and mine, so i can eat anything, and matt's just walking along next to me with just his, lol.

    After the lunch break, i havent even started my lunch, but Kristel said as long as our opponent didnt mind, we could eat. My opponent for roun 2 hardly even knew we were playing... I was like auto win... He was very interested in his burger. There was mayonnaise all over his face! Lol
    ROUND 2 George (Rogue Rogue Rogue)

    Game 1
    He plays Latias/Latios, i ko third turn, he doesnt even care.


    Game 2
    He plays Latias/Latios, he's still eating his lunch, and just ends his turn as soon as he draws a card. I KO 4th turn


    At this stage im STOKED! I like want to smother every card in my deck with kisses. But i dont want to get to over confident!

    At this stage Edwin is 1-1, Matt 2-0 Teawhi is 1-1 and struggling.

    The pairings are called, and im playing... DAVID Y!

    ROUND 3 David Yan (EPG Unit Exeggutor, Pidgeot, Gorebyss)

    Game 1
    I get owned. Can't get anything, have lone Dunsparce, and forfeit after 3 turns of nothing.


    Game 2
    This is better, i quickly get set up, with only 20 minutes remaining on the clock, im desperate to get the game to 1-1 before time runs out, so then we sudden death... I don't care about the usual strategy, i just try to get out a gorebyss with benched pokemon with DRE's all over them, and i do exactly that. After a while his turns start to get a bit long, he realises he can't win, im up 6-3 in prizes, i get a bit angry at him and tell him to hurry up. He does ( http://www.proboards.com/v4images/cheesy.gif ) and i continue my onslaught, and take all 6 prizes b4 he even has 1.


    Game 3
    We are in a massive hurry, im just trying to get out a Gorebyss ASAP, and for backup Dugtrios, 3 minutes left... he takes the first prize, by now we have an audience of two, Rob and Edwin, with one minute left, i see a move to get my prize! I get it, and kill him to the ground!!! I'm quite happy. Rob studies the board. David Y ends his turn, he realises hes lost. Im all happy, hes got a pidgeot, i can do 100 with gorebyss, i start cheering quietly to myself, i attack, i shake his hand...


    He says, that doesnt kill me. I'm like... Ahhh why? He's like ive got another special energy on my pokemon, so multi doesnt count. I start raging, the judge hears it and comes over. He's killed my pokemon when he couldnt have because that would have minused 10 damage off gorebyss's attack which would not have killed me. Great time to realise David! I could have attached an energy if i'd known that, David tries telling lies, but it didn't work, and in the end, the only result we could get was to restart the match, and play sudden death.


    It was going to be a battle of the Gorebyss's, i could feel it, and i started with a lone clamperl, i attached a psychic and passed. He had a clamperl also with a benched Dunny, he wanted to attack. Fast. He rare Candies... im like... oh no! He evolves, plays a DRE, and says GG, and tries to kill me and pack up. But noooo David needs to learn how to read, Eskeleton reduces the attack by 10. so all i have to do is draw, attach DRE to my newly draw Gorebyss, Strength charm and KO him for my hat-trick of wins.


    IM LIKE YEAHAHAHAH! And im thanking Rob and Edwin for backing up my story, which was true.

    At This stage, im thinking 2 players from welly are gone. They are the defending champ and Edwin.

    Tim 3-0-0
    Edwin 1-0-2
    Teawhi 1-0-2
    Matt - 3-0-0

    Me and Matt are feeling pretty happy, whislt the Woon's not to happy.

    Im standing 2nd at this point, with only Prof. Aspen (Andrew) above me, Matt was 4th i think, and nationals was starting to look good.

    ROUND 4 Prof. Aspen (andrew) (Dark Night)

    I was thinking, first hard match of the tourney, this is gonna test my deck.

    Game 1
    No chance, nothing at all.


    Game 2
    Win very luckily, came down to a flip.


    Game 3
    Dead 2nd turn.


    Im like noooooooooooooooooooo, My shards didnt help me at all in this game, when i thiught i had a good matchup, but he pulled off some very nice moves, and got me early.

    At This stage, we are looking quite confident still, Matt lost his first game of the touney, so did I, we are quite happy with our performances now, Edwin was happy that he'd pulled himself back to 2-2, and Teawhi doing the same thing, but with a terrbile resistance. Unfortunately for Rob, he was basically gone for t16, with his ludicargo just not working for him. He was 1-3. I thought he would bounce back though. And may have a chance for t16, cos atm there was a 1-3 in top 16.

    ROUND 5 Marvin Cho (2nd, Rock-Lock)

    It had just been anounced there would be 6 swiss rounds. Then cut to t16... OVERALL.

    So i was playing Marvin, the only other time i had played ihm was when i was 9, and playing the Fan App. Tourney, i found out he was playing Rock-Lock when he started with no base.

    GAME 1

    This game was one of the more memorable in the touney, we got both off to a flyer, taking prizes off each oher quickly, but he's quite a quiet player, and he's very skillful, and it's hard to tell when hes got a winning move, he keep's ths same expression, we were getting prizes like a see-saw, until i got a big break, and was leading 4-1 in prizes, i was feeling confident, but i had a hard battered bench, and when i had his tyranitar down on 40 hp, he did a well times ATM: Rock, which got him all four przies.


    GAME 2

    At this point, i was nervous... i heard that teawhi came off with a win to goto 3-2, and Edwin won to goto 3-2 aswell, Matt and I were still struggling in our battles.

    I get a horrid start, i start cursing everything around me, as the rips through my whole bench, how can people be happy WHEN I... THAT'S RIGHT!!! ME!!! Am getting absolutely slaughtered, i hate this deck!!!

    At this point, i am in doubt of top 16, now only in 11th place. Edwin was 12th, Matt won his match and was doing the best off all of us, he was in 6 or 7th place. Teawhi was on low resistance and in 15th place he basically had to win to make t16.

    I think we all agreed, we had to win to make t16, apart from Matt, who was automatically in.

    and then it hit me, and edwin...

    Table 8 ... Tim Jorgensen vs Edwin Woon

    I was raging!!! Edwin was laughing. But as we sat down on the stupid table... there was silence, i muttered “gud luck...”

    Game 1
    Took like half an hour, but Edwin had total control during the match, just mucking around with me really.


    Game 2
    I'm like edwin.. let me win..... you've got a high resistance!!!!! By now it was about 6pm, and i knew he wasnt gonna let me win, it was the end of the match b4 it had even started.


    Im like raging, raging so bad, teawhi had lost aswell, but he was cool about it, thinking he would do quite well in the side events the next day, we were both 3-3 and we almost knew we were gone. Matt R also lost, putting him and Edin on 4-2, definitely in t16.

    Later, i figured out from listening, that 3-3 would prolly make t16... 4 of them. I was like... YES! I've got a ultra high resistance, and i think i may get in! Unfortunately for Rob, he had pulled himself back to 3-3, well done, but had like a 33 resistance, no chance. My resistance was 73, i was happy with that. The top sixteen was annnounced

    9th... not me
    10th Edwin
    11th Matt
    12th not me
    13th... not me!!!! RAR at this point im so sad...
    14th ... T-Tim JORGENSEN! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY im so happy. My nationals hopes are still alive.
    15th... no one i knew... Teawhis gone... surely..
    16th... Teawhi Woon.

    WE COULDNT BELIEVE IT! WE WERE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Because of rob's horrible resistance, he placed 19th.


    To be continued..........
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