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Discussion in 'Ask the Rules Team' started by Graygrey, Jun 2, 2008.

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  1. Graygrey

    Graygrey New Member

    There are a few questions I'm not sure about regarding the wording of some cards.

    -First off I'll take the main example -- Garchomp Lv. X and his previous pokebody.
    Garchomp's pokebody states that if the active has a weakness to any type of energy attached to
    Garchomp, then Garchomp's attacks do 40 more damage. So when the Lv.X does Restore(an attack)
    Does it do 40 damage and it's effect? A friend of mine says it does, and another says
    that it doesn't because it really doesn't do damage in the first place, but it's still an attack.

    Also another question about his body, does it stack with other Garchomps? It says Garchomp but
    does not specify which.

    This scenario can happen with other cards I guess, but Garchomp was the most recent that I could
    give an example with.

    -Second question is more about Unown G and its pokepower of "Guard"
    It states that it prevents all effects of attacks, excluding damage done to that pokemon(G is used
    as a tool) So...what counts as an effect other than special conditions?
    *"Place X amount of damage counters"
    *"Does 10x or 10+" (effect stated for extra damage)
    *When an effects helping opponent rather than hurting you.(ie Draw a card or remove damage counter)

    Sorry if I worded that wrong and sorry for the lengthy explaination.
  2. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    The Level X gets to take advantage of Powers and Bodies on the lower level.
    However, Restore does no damage. In order to do more damage, you have to do some damage to begin with.
    So you don't add 40 for Restore.

    When a Pokemon uses it's own name in text, it is always only referring to itself.
    It would have to say "all Garchomps" or something like that to mean that it affects other Garchomps.

    Anything that has an end result of doing damage or changing (adding or subtracting) the final damage done to a Pokemon is damage. Calculations are not an effect. So 10x or 10+ work normally.
    Placing damage counters is not "doing damage". Placing damage counters is an effect and so is prevented.
    Effects that are not done to the Pokemon being protected (drawing cards, flipping over prizes, doing an effect to some other Pokemon) are not prevented.

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