a few questions about the Pokegym

Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by Dek, Oct 24, 2003.

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  1. Dek

    Dek New Member

    Ok, so I came onto the Wizards Pokegym around April, and boy was I a n00b. Even though I learned very quickly, I am still curious about a few things.

    1. what is this thing about maple bars?
    2. Who/What the heck is Oingo Boingo?

    Now I know these question are a little strange, but I'm just curious about all this stuff.
  2. onederlnd

    onederlnd Administrator Emeritus

    Well, I dont remember the full story behind the Oingo Boingo Weedle, I'm sure someone has a link somewhere around.

    The Maple bars have so much to do with our friend DMTM's obsession with those fine lovely "donuts"! *hides*
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  3. To further that last comment there...

    There's been a bit of a discussion/fight/blood feud over whether or not Maple Bars are donuts.

    You don't want to get in on that. ;)

    Oingo Boingo... Gah, I remember seeing that... but I can't remember much about it.
  4. yoshi1001

    yoshi1001 New Member

    "2. Who/What the heck is Oingo Boingo?"

    Weren't they an 80's band?
  5. GymLeaderPhil

    GymLeaderPhil New Member


    Basically Scott Gerhardt, old Pokemon player and now currently editor for Pojo's MTG site, was complaining about users whining about the commercialization of Pojo, the definition of Haymaker, and taking credit for decks. Somewhere along the line it just dissolved into a joke, went downhill from there.
  6. mysterioustrainer

    mysterioustrainer New Member

    Well the Maple Bar is DMTM's favorite food. Why? Not a clue. However we immortized this concept of Maple Bar. It became custom to bring the old MTs Maple bars to coventions and Worlds. Even to me the Maple Bar rules. It is the Pokemon-e TCG's breakfast of champions.

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