A less then perfect Milford GC Report

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  1. The day started out a normal one. picked up my Ray and left for milford. After a small stip we make it there at 9:00 am. Its a quiet setting. TJ is there cleaning and getting ready. We decide to play a viudeo game and after the games we see mike(FlareStarfire) and his buddy alan. We all say hi and get ourv decks ready and i thanks to mike i get a gardy ex deck set up. I play it and loe 3 battles in a row witrh it without getting close in any of teh 3. i guess it is getting all the losses out early LOL. Here it is the deck i played, It will be alot better soon:

    Phy Torture:

    4 raltz
    4 kirlia
    3 gardevoir ex
    1 gardevoir r/s holo
    3 wobbuffet
    4 wynaut
    2 dunsparce

    3 tv reporters
    3 prof.elm's training method
    4 team aqua schemer
    4 team magma schemers
    3 rare candy's
    3 professor birch
    2 warp point
    4 copycat

    12 physcic

    This deck was a test run deck pieced together by trainers i had and mike had. As the toruney starts we get a message from bob that we are on the list my name so it is funny that it ends uop mike facing johhny blaze and me facing good ol ray(LuMaga1)

    Round 1 vs Lumaga1
    I rolled highter and started. This game gets off slowly. Ray gets his skitty off against my raltz and wobbuffet. I get a 1st turn hand that was workable and had one card to the gardevoir ex Ray cant get any luck in turn 2 getting a masterball and only getting a delcatty out of it. He attacks and i get my gardy up. I cant do alot against him so my attacks holds him down. he gets a 2nd masterball and again gets nothing so he gets a machamp and next turn i attak again and tahts teh game. Its sad that it ended like that but it happens.

    Round 2 against mike(FlareStarfire)
    This agme got off vetry quickly and mike ended up getting as fast if a start as i did. I got teh advantage and got him down to a beat up blaziken. I really felt i had him but he camne back to full out an amzuing blaziken victory. he got be back doiwn with a firestarter blaziken and at the end i coudlent do anything but attack and hope to get an extra turn but i missed the fact that he had teh chance ion the next turn to beat me which he took full advantage of. He beat my squeking by with blaziken.

    Round 3 vs maria ?
    I cant remmeber her last name,sorry. This was an interesting game because it was aqua vz gardyex. I got gardy up qwucik againa nd she coudlent pull a basic past electrike. i ended up again getting a 2nd turn victory with gardy. I was happy to gave a 2nd win but teh way it happened wasent as nice as it should of felt
    This next round started with the round sheet having to come back because points werent given and pairing were a little off. the round starts after the correction and noone was changed. Here we go:
    Round 4 vs joe pamo
    This was an aqua vs gardy ex deck. This match up was a bad start for me and a good start for him. As soon as i got the gardy up he already had his kyourge up with a 2nd one ready. I had no defense against his power of aqua tricks and aqua smash. I got his first kyourge down but he was too powerful and i used my last few turns trying to hold ot but he pulled off the final battle.
    We ended up going a 5th round to teh shock of some but this was a good thing for me because i win i ahve a chance at top 8

    Round 5 vs matt chow
    This is the sadest battle of teh day. I get a mulligan and a wobbuffet off against him. I end up losing this battle in 2 turns because i get NO basic. he wins 2nd turn. I am sorry ebcause i cant even remember matts deck. One thing i wish he didnet do is this: he asks if i was doen and before he attacked he wrote win on his paper. i felt that was bad sportmanship.

    I found out by rankings i would of made top 8 if i beat him but hey matt faced mike in round ojne of top 8 so it was like a sign pulling me away from top 8. I guess i will do better in cedar grove. Got 2 packs for playing but only got a reverse holo double rainbow and the 2nd evolution od walrien.

    I entered the 2nd tourney and went 2-1 losing a very close battle to steve K. I got 6 packs. I got both the cradily ex and raiko ex out of the packs. I was s happy. I neded up buying a sandstorm pack earlier and getting aggron ex so this was 3 ex's in a day. :)

    I left and had wendy's with ray, johhnyblaze and his crew. Johhny got 3rd and we all chatted about how much if a great battle it was while we ate. I have 2 more chances at the trip and 1 chance at an invite so i gotta see how it all endes. See everyone in cedar grove. :D
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    hey, nice report. i hope u win in 1 of the other 3 tourneys and get a chance for the trip!

    and i didn't mean to be rude when i wrote down win so early. sorry if i offended you
  3. Thanks for the apoligy. i never say stuff like that to the palyer. i usually brush it off its just i have never had that happene before so i had to bring it up. Good luck in the next toruneys you play in and hopefully one day we will battle again.

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