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  1. Kasheal

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    Hello I am Philip and I work at a game store in Bristol, England.

    For some reason our store which has been running pre releases for a couple of years with the help of a Professor is not on the list for the upcoming Steam Siege pre-release. I have tried contacting the company through the main website with a question and while I got a response it doesn't seem to be helping at all and has no further contact details.

    If anyone knows of a good way to get in contact with the company I would really appreciated it so I can try to get this resolved. The TCG has quietened down in our area but I would really like to still have an event for those players we do have.

    Thanks for reading and any suggestions would be really welcome.
  2. PokePop

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    This is not really a question about how to make a judge call at a tournament, so I'm moving it to the general forum.
    Not sure if anyone can give you a better answer than putting in a service ticket, but maybe someone in the UK can help.
  3. BJJ763

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    I think you moved this here by mistake. I couldn't find a re-direct in the ATRT
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    not sure how it differs in the UK but if you've done official prereleases before either you (the store) or the professor running the event should have gotten an email from pokemon or one of the areas distributors a while ago with instructions to sign up for the prerelease.

    at this point with the prerelease this weekend it's pretty much too late to get a prerelease so your best bet is to try running a release event, and figure out who to contact to make sure you are signed up for the next one.

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