A new deck for Lugia EX

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Roderick, Aug 6, 2006.

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  1. Roderick

    Roderick New Member

    This deck was made to be used after the rotation. The strategy is the same as LBS but not that flexible. Play multiple energies per turn with Flygon, move them with Ampharos and attack with either Mew ex or Lugia ex. Jirachi is there to help you set up faster.

    Pokemon : 16

    Flygon (HP) = 2
    Vibrava (HP) = 2
    Trapinch (HP) = 3

    Ampharos (UF) = 2
    Flaffy (UF) = 2
    Mareep (UF) = 3

    Mew ex (LM) = 1

    Lugia ex (UF) = 1

    Jirachi (DX) = 2

    Trainers : 24

    Tv reporter = 3
    Rare candy = 3
    Power tree = 3
    Switch = 3
    Holon transceiver = 2
    Holon farmer = 2
    Holon scientist = 2
    Mr.Stone’s project = 2
    Lanette’s net search = 2
    Scott = 2

    Energies : 20

    Holon’s electrode = 2
    Water energy =6
    Fire energy = 6
    Lightning energy = 6

    Pls tell me what you think about my deck and what I should change. Also do you thin that I should replace Lanette's net searh with Holon mentor??10x.
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2006
  2. Vegeta ss4

    Vegeta ss4 Iron Chef Leader

    U only have 1 Lugia EX, u should have atleast 2 and atleast 2 mew ex if u are planning on using it as ur main attacker.
  3. The Phenom1993

    The Phenom1993 New Member

    Pretty good deck but if jirachi dosen't come in the first 7 cards SLOW
  4. Roderick

    Roderick New Member

    I know I am currently searching for 1 more of each so that I won't have problems if 1 of them gets KOed. 10x for your thoughts.
  5. DarkMagnus

    DarkMagnus New Member

    Pokemon 17
    3-2-3 flygon
    2-1-2 Amphy
    2 lugia
    2 Mew ex

    Trainers 25
    4 Trans
    2 mentor
    2 Scientist
    1 Advent
    4 candy
    4 Celio's
    2 Switch
    2 stones ( or lass but i like getting back from discard)
    4 stadiums or windstorm
    1 scott

    Energy 17
    5 lightning
    4 water
    4 fire
    4 holons pokes
  6. Roderick

    Roderick New Member

    Why do you think this deck needs 4 Trans instead of 2 ?? Wouldn't it be better to drop 2 of them and get the 2 Jirachi back....
  7. Venusaur

    Venusaur New Member

    Deck looks good.

    P.S. Did Alexander Farrugia win your nationals?
  8. The Phenom1993

    The Phenom1993 New Member

    No Ivan Grixti Won It!!!!!! Alexander No Longer Plays Pokemon
  9. Roderick

    Roderick New Member

    He's last year's champion but he isn't collecting pokemon anymore...
  10. DarkMagnus

    DarkMagnus New Member

    i feel as i say in almost all my posts with jirachi that he's and easy ko for your opp and a bad starter the 2 extra trans give you alot of options on cards. if you want a starter plusle would work well in this deck and increase you L count. and if you want jirachi make it 4 cuz if you don't start with it its a huge waste.
  11. chriscobi634

    chriscobi634 New Member

    Personally I would choose Steelix Ex

    what is left of LBS after the rotation is Steelix and Lugia. Like the title says I like Steelix a little better. Look for the deck on Deck Help and Strategy. It's call STM.
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2006
  12. DarkMagnus

    DarkMagnus New Member

    wow i feel like going to buy a candy bar.... wait i didn't know decks came with an advetisement for another deck, cuz if so can i plug mine? look at crab lock under Deck help lol

    o by the way i played the list i posted it works well but Bf bites. GL!
  13. Havoc

    Havoc New Member

    too bulky IMO, try Meg ex. It does Amphy and Flygon's jobs. =/
  14. Roderick

    Roderick New Member

    But Meg ex only attatches grass energies and Lugia EX doesn't need grass energies for the attack.
  15. The Phenom1993

    The Phenom1993 New Member

    it attaches grass then attach a holon energy
  16. Roderick

    Roderick New Member

    You still need 2 turns to attatch 2 holon's because the holon counts as the energy of the turn.
  17. DarkMagnus

    DarkMagnus New Member

    yeah stay with this build or put in Ttar/cargo they can do the job, just not as fast i guess.
  18. Professor Elm

    Professor Elm New Member

    Personally I think you are better off using Swampert ex/Holon Circle ftw!
    But you have a pretty nice build, aside from the fact that 20 energy is WAY too much
    Try to bring it down to 15 or so and add in some more trainers.
  19. DarkMagnus

    DarkMagnus New Member

    this is one of the few decks where 18 nrg is needed aas a miumum
  20. PSYCO829

    PSYCO829 New Member

    just watch out for sceptile ex...
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