a question on team magam's claydol

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  1. Im puttiong this here because pokepop said it dident belong in the ask the master's forums so im not trying to copy topics.

    The question i have is:

    I have been looking for a card to work well with it in a deck and FlraeStarfire told me alakazam from the non ex sets and xatu from i think sandstorm would work well but i need a 3rd hitter that can run well with it and i was wondering if any of the masters had any suggestions??

    I would really appriciate any assistance.
  2. Physics Squirrel

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    you could try Espeon, Gardy ex, and/or Wobba
  3. Thanks when i get back home thursday ill definitly check up on those cards.
  4. bullados

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    Gex, IMO, isn't a backup, it's a main attacker. Definately, if you are using Psychic, or some deck that doesn't require many specific energy types, go with at least 2 Wobb as backup. If you've still got space, Espy and Boost are great backup.
  5. AbsolutelyNobody

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    Well, if you're using the psychic one, you could use, I dunno, for weirdness sake, AQ Hypno or Dusclops. I like the fighting one too, as if you get Magma's hideout out early, you can pile on bench damage early.

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