A report on the Sandstorm that hit Seattle

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Pidgeotto Trainer, Sep 15, 2003.

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    I got to Seatac mall about 10:30 with my friend Aryl and we immediately see many familiar faces from the seatac league and elsewhere. The handing out of packs starts promptly at 11:30 and we begin.
    The Rain, Steel & Sandstorm
    Pokemon 18
    3 Lotad (2 40 HP, 1 50 HP)
    1 Lombre (60 HP)
    1 Ludicolo (The dancing Pinata)
    2 Sandshrew
    1 Sandslash
    1 Eevee
    1 Vaporeon
    2 Onix
    1 Steelix
    1 Slakoth
    1 Vigoroth
    1 Wailmer
    2 Dunsparce
    Trainers 6 (quite good for this format) :rolleyes:
    1 Rare Candy
    1 Wally's Training
    1 Lanette's Net Search
    2 Claw Fossil
    1 Root Fossil (Finally some good fossils. Almost too good for stalls & no prizes.)
    Energy 16
    9 Water
    7 Fighting

    Aryl & I decide to have a practice game to see how our decks will work. We get into a stall of fossils and powering up the bench when pairing are up.
    Round 1 vs. Aryl
    The one kid from my league and were facing each other in the first round!
    I wish this could've been more of a battle. I went first & had Eevee and a fossil. Aryl had a Kecleon & a fossil. I had Vaporeon in my hand & used Lanette to get some needed bench. I attached to Eevee and passed. Aryl attached to Kecleon and that was it. Vaporeon basically proved to be more powerful than Kecleon & Aryl didn't draw any more basics. Vaporeon rocks with 2 for 30 & 3 for 50.
    Round 2 vs. Paul Johnston
    I get a terrible start. I start with only Wailmer & Onix and choose to have Wailmer active. He has Electabuzz. :eek: I realize that he can just leave my 3 retreat Wailmer up there and attack the bench unless I force him to attack Wailmer by attaching energy. Electabuzz takes out Wailmer with about my 2 energy for about the first 8 turns. Electabuzz picks off my energy-less pokes 1 by 1 until I only have a couple fossils and he has 1 prize left. Finally, I get a Fighting and send in Sandshrew & poison! He uses Double Full Heal & uses his Xatu to heal 10 damage. I could ko buzz but that Xatu would take my Sandshrew. (Who should've had resistance to electric) I get another energy and paralyze with Dunsparce. He plays smart and doesn't heal Buzz. I can't draw Sandslash and just ko Buzz with my Dunsparce. (That's right, taking pride in my Dunsparce) :lol: He uses Xatu to ko my Shrew and wins. Electabuzz is just Evil for sealed and a Xatu for more bench damage, pretty good combo for sealed. Paul goes on to go undefeated and wins the 11-14. Congrats Paul.
    Round 3 vs. ? (sorry)
    He gets a pretty bad start. My Wally's Training allows me to get Lombre & then the Dancing pinata Ludicolo. Ludicolo takes a hit but heals it in 2 turns. Ludicolo dances it's way to victory.
    Round 4 vs. ? I'll get back on this one.
    Another bad start by me. He had Dusclops & I had a chance. I had an Onix w/ 2 energy & a Steelix in my hand but just couldn't draw a third energy. From there I didn't get enough energy to stay in the game. We played again and Vaporeon was able to just edge out Dusclops which is pretty good. I remember he got 2nd in 11-14. If someone remembers who I'm talking about I'd like to get his name there.
    Round 5 vs. ? (bad memory)
    I am in 5th for 11-14 with by far the highest tie-breakers of those with 6 points. I see I should get top 8 even with a loss because of my tie-breaker but a win could get me top 4. This was the only battle that wasn't decided by who had a good opening hand & who didn't. He starts with Ralts & I start with Dunsparce. Neither of us attach to those pokemon and we start taking time to build our benches. (The fairest way in sealed.) Unfortunately he has better forces waiting then I can muster. He has Solrock, Zangoose, & Cacturne. I'm building Lombre, Onix, & Wailmer. Definately he has the upper hand. He brings up Solrock & ko's Dunsparce w/weakness. I can't bring up Lombre since Zangoose can ohko so I send Onix. Bind works. He is also loading up an Eevee and starts attaching. Bind fails to paralyze. Solrock does 40. Onix does 50 w/Rage for the ko, now it's 3-3. He ko's Onix w/Cacturne. I send up Wailmer since Lombre can still be ohko'd by Zangoose. Wailmer attacks and gets poisoned. Cacturne wakes up and ko's my benched Slakoth. Now he's ahead 3-1. Wailmer attacks and sleep keeps Cacturne down for a turn which saved me. Finally, I draw LUDICOLO!! :clap: :thumb: I retreat Wailmer & send Ludicolo to Hydro Punch Cacturne for the ko but Ludicolo gets poisoned. But, Rain Dish heals. He sends up Zangoose, benches Seviper(Zangoose & Seviper working together?) and attaches to Seviper. Zangoose does 60 & Rain Dish heals poison. He still has an Eevee w/4 energy which is set for Flareon which I know can do 70. But, since he hasn't drawn it yet I focus on the Seviper & Zangoose. I attach my 5th energy to Ludicolo and do 70 for the ko. 1-1 :eek: He sends up Seviper and Rain Dish stops poison. Seviper does 20 & then Rain Dish heals before poison to keep him at 10 HP. Seviper has 80 HP so I need to buy some time. I have a Claw & Root Fossil so I retreat for the Claw. If he attacks the claw then he will have only 70 HP left. Plus, Ludicolo's Rain Dish will be healing him even on the bench! :clap: This game was very intense unlike the other sealed matches that ended too quickly and I was still confident in my plan especially with that Feint Attacking Cacturne out of the way. Unfortunately, the game ends in a mistake. He activates Eevee and searches for Flareon. I discard Claw Fossil and ko w/Ludicolo. He remembered you couldn't retreat Fossils but forgot you could discard them. :( Good Game still.
    Well 4th place 11-14 means 9 packs. 7th overall out of 37. (the one tourney w/out a top 8)
    Thanks to Organizer Terry
    Head Judge Joey
    Judge Levi
    and all the others there that made this a great tournament. Now, bring on Constructed. :clap:
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    Thanks for the great report... It is really appreciated....
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    Nice Report Ross.

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