A Winner Deck with only common and uncommon cards

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by megatron007, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. megatron007

    megatron007 New Member


    This weekend in the tournamernt of my city (antofagasta chile) My friend won the tournament with a modest but powerful deck (I was 5). The deck counts with only 6 stars, 4 multy energy and 2 heracross, but, this deck works well as a T2 Deck.

    This deck beat blissey deck; queenhatter deck and loose with infernape deck and magmortar-manetrick deck, qualified for the finals.

    In the finals luckly beat the same deck with he loose in the qualified rounds and become champion.

    The deck is this:

    4-4 Parasect
    4-4 seaking
    2 heracross

    18 pkmn

    4 bill manintenance
    3 celios
    3 rival
    4 switch
    4 buffer piece
    2 steven advice
    2 speed stadium
    22 trainers

    7 water energys
    9 grass energys
    4 multy energys

    20 energys

    The tech is speedy and resistance with buffer and extend fungus. My friend hates the stage 2 deck (this is also a part of the strategy, the speedy of stage 1 pkmn).

    this deck proove what the talent of the player don't dependent of the popular cards. depends of the smart and strategic of the player.
  2. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Why Rival instead of some other draw or search card?
  3. megatron007

    megatron007 New Member

    because he doesn't have more draw cards, he start in the game in base set but he retired in neo series and return in dp series two weeks ago.
  4. luka84

    luka84 New Member

    I've seen the Heracross card and I really like it. I was thinking about building a deck around that Pokemon as a back up to a more powerful pokemon. So you are saying your friend did pretty well with this deck? That's great.

    I have to agree with Megatron007 - I just started out too and its hard to have a lot of decent trainers when you are only starting up. Still, I agree with PokePop you should think about swapping out some of the trainers for better draw cards. Like that Holon Master card I think its called? Which lets you draw three basic pokemon. Or Castaway, that's a pretty useful card too.
  5. DarthPika

    DarthPika New Member

    You might want to try T2 tune for a fairly easy to build t2 deck.
  6. speeder

    speeder New Member

    It is called holon mentor it lets you search your deck for 3 basics that are 100 hp or lower and you have to discard a card first. which hercross is it and you should take rival away since it isa supporter that lets your opponent see your deck and choose what cards you get.why would you need so many swiches?
    You should add some tv reporters so you can draww quicker.BTW both heracrosses are rare.
  7. votalesin

    votalesin New Member

    I am guessing he is meaning the DP Heracross, since most of the cards are from DP. I built this deck and toyed with it for a while. Its different than what we are all programmed to think.

    Sometimes 3 Mentor, 2 Castaway, 2 tools of choice, 3 Skitty, 2 Delcatty, 1 Delcatty EX, 2-2 Magneton, Crystal Beach, Rare candy and DRE is the way to go. I use these cards as an example since I have seen all of them quite often at Battle Roads. But seriously, this deck does have potential.

    More poke getting stuff, with many copies of everything, wager won't hurt much even if you lose. Maybe a Sableye, or Holon WP and GL.

    If anything, the decklist posted here is simple to build out of spare cards, and is a great way to show new players that commons and uncommons are not useless, and they can be used effectively to play well, and win games.

    I plan to use this deck, or something similar to it, to teach new players. Good decklist!
  8. megatron007

    megatron007 New Member

    for speeder:

    He uses the switch for saves his pkmn for knock out or special conditions, and as he uses only a seaking and parasect, the remplace of a pkmn doesn't trouble his strategic (seaking attacks with 2 energys and parasect with 1 or 3) he replace a paras and evolve to parasect for cause special condition.

    he thinks replace the heracross dp for roselia dp. Roselia takes a less damage but makes troubles to the opponent with his specials conditions and his healing ability (my friend love defend and heals his pkmn).

    My duels with him are rudes and long in time with every deck I use (empoleon/octillary, rampardos/sudowoodo, gyarados/ambipon). I beat him quickly with t2 kricketurne , ursagang and my own creation toxicrobat, but he is a rude opponent with only this deck.

    For the novices players think in this deck and discuss about him in this thread.
  9. Ikari

    Ikari New Member

    When Secrets Wonders are released, replace the Parasect line for Venomoth: 50 for 2 Energy and Special condition for attacking it.

    Good 2 corners deck! :smile:
  10. megatron007

    megatron007 New Member

    venomoth is very great, for a uncommon card.
  11. stalkerex

    stalkerex New Member

    Well congrats to your friend. I never run a deck thats metagame, i find that to be boring. So i like seeing sum1 come up with something from nowhere. Its good to see seaking getting attention. Good build ^^
  12. votalesin

    votalesin New Member

    Your own creation my butt, Toxicroak/Crobat and Toxicroak/Drapion were as common as an energy search for weeks. You may have been the only one in your area playing it, but its not your original creation.

    And if your opponents are rude, you can call a judge. However if your opponents are SKILLED or CONSISTENTLY WINNING thats something else entirely.

  13. Ikari

    Ikari New Member

    Stop bashing... i understand what he mean...

    Toxicroak/Crobat is his built, you like it or not... he may not create it, but he use it.

    And be less "RUDE" with your vocabulary...
  14. megatron007

    megatron007 New Member

    for votalesin:

    1) I Build toxicrobat in first week of september and i don't read of he in any forum, if anybody build this deck before me is coincidence.

    2) This forum is for post ideas and learn more alternatives for the pkmn tcg. Read the forum rules, this forum is not for insult people.

    3) I use the term "rude" becouse in my country rude is the same as skilled (It is a synonym). And
    My English is so so (I'm Talk spanish, don't mock of the Foreign people).
  15. votalesin

    votalesin New Member

    I wasn't mocking, I was correcting. The term may be a synonym in your language, however it simply doesn't make any sense in English. Having to weed through posts to figure out what someone is saying because their grammar is too difficult to decipher can be considered spam. Yes I read the forum rules, just as you suggested.

    If you built the first Poison deck in your area, great. I liked the deck, its just too slow. I saw 4-5 at the first battle road this season, then they disappeared. If you got a combo that works well, then my hat is off to you, no one in Washington runs the deck due to the fact that Blissey and Lucario are simply too fast.

    Sorry if I miffed you, but the combo was obvious way back when we got the translations for the cards. And please keep posting in English, it will improve your skills and vocabulary with great speed. I'm learning Japanese, and reading forums is helpful since it is a variety of people writing the same way they talk.
  16. megatron007

    megatron007 New Member

    sorry = for my Exalted response votalesin. I see that you don't have bad intentions. With respect to
    the deck that i post (both my and my friend deck), i post this because i read this forum and i see in most of the thread the same deck (lucario, blissey, empoleon, infercatty, etc) and i Attempted escape from routine and popularity, post new ideas for deck. In my city, most of the players copy some decks from this forum and It bothers me because id like think in differents strategic. That is the goal of the game or not?.

    I thanks you for read my thread. I pretend show somthing different for the average post.
  17. votalesin

    votalesin New Member

    Yes that is the goal of the game. I have Blissey and Typhlosion and Delcatty and all the standard boring trainers. But whats the fun in that?

    I USE your deck. I LIKE your deck. I haven't lost yet with the deck. I did modify it slightly, I opted to actually use ONLY commons and uncommons. So the multi energy got replaced with 2 each of the basic, and the Heracross I have temporarily replaced with Bidoof. He knows disable, and its a POP6 card so kids will end up with one eventually. I find it a good deck to teach beginning players with. No pokepowers, no pokebodies, no random deltas confusing kids (Charmander isn't electric! was a common phrase for a while). Also, I swapped 2 switch for 2 warp point. And a few other trainers, but I put in a variety of supporters for the new players to see all the different effects that different supporters have.

    I actually play this deck and find it to be really enjoyable. So thank you for coming up with the idea. *I* really appreciate your work. And I always tell my players, if you want a boring deck, use the same winning cards that everyone else uses. If you want to show me you have skill, use pokemon that you personally like and use them well, and if you can....

    Take out the net-deckers and show them how powerful creativity can really be.
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