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  1. Professor Elm

    Professor Elm Active Member

    I just wanted to know the competitive player's view on this card.

    Is this card ridiculous? Does it stop original decks from seeing play? Will DP4 stop Absol from seeing play? What do you think?

    I will start off with me.
    I am not complaining that Absol should be banned or it's overpowered, but in all honesty I think this card is pretty darn amazing. On turn 1 you can make your opponents hand go from 6 cards to 4 cards.
    That makes a substantial difference as I have found in the early game.
    Combined with 4 Mars and Wagers, Absol on its own can reduce your opponent to topdecking every card they draw. Baleful Wind at first didn't seem like it was gonna be a big deal to me, but after I have tested with it I have found that any good deck that starts with Absol can totally ruin an opponents chances of winning. Setup decks just don't seem to work anymore ESPECIALLY against a Turn 1 Absol. Personally I think this card is forcing players to join the bandwagon, resort to using the fishing engine or ball engine, and abandon the traditional setup and combo decks that players have come to love.

    So, opinions?
    I know a lot has been said about it, but I haven't seen a thread to glorify and bash this card that has made such a recent impact on the game.

    And also, let's not forget the strategy part of this discussion. What are the best decks that can support it? Or do you think it can be thrown into any old deck?
  2. Scipio

    Scipio New Member

    There is one main problem in Absol. His weakness would have been easy to prey on, if it wasn't for Gardevoir's sudden popularity. Absol-Gallantry is amazing.
    What bugs me most is that mirror matches with decks with Absol in them boil down to "Lets See Who Gets Absol First", which is pretty annoying.
    DP4 will allow a decline in Absol usage (Thank you Claydol and Solrock), but it'll still be around.
  3. drrty byl

    drrty byl New Member

    fun to use and obnoxious to play against.. seems like the fad will die out with DP4 though.
  4. (TYranitarFReak)

    (TYranitarFReak) New Member

    LOL this is the... Xth thread about the Amazing absol...

    sure, it's indeed the top 5 cards of SW, and it is dominating right now.

    So, peoples come up with fishing engine. Then what? When DP4 comes, kabutops will leave fishing engine a mere fantasy.

    If you cant beat them, just join them...
  5. gallade

    gallade New Member

    disruption hanchcrow with mars absol tgw and other annoying cards
  6. Darkwalker

    Darkwalker New Member

    There are a few good counters to Absol right now, and one drawback to using Absol. The counters all revolve around out-drawing what Absol is doing to you or killing it quickly before it can bring you down to no cards in hand.

    Spinda, Delcatty, Smergle, Holon's Castform, Lickitung d, and others can simply sill your hand up faster than they can reduce it.

    Lucario, Donphan, Banette, and others can KO it as early as turn 2.

    The drawback to playing an Absol start is you are not going to get a quick KO to take out whatever their starter is and Absol doesn't really do anything to help you set up. Decks that set up without a starter and make midgame combacks can certainly put Absol to good use. Other decks that require setup or rushing the opponent will not fair as well with Absol in the deck.
  7. zapatosunidos

    zapatosunidos New Member

    Seems like Electivire/Smeargle could make a good go of it by increasing the energy density in your hand and manipulating Absol into discarding energy for you. Energy discard also shuts down the chance for two cards.

    You could center the trainer engine around TVR, Holon Adventurer, and Holon Mentor in case you don't face Absol. Additionally, Warp Point or Switch would help you get unloaded Electivires out of there and Night Maintenance would let you fish out Absol's lucky Electivire and LvX discards.

    If you are playing for the midgame anyway, you could even play it with all Basic Energy. Electivire LvX and Crystal Beach would greatly stress their setup. It would be a brain-dead simple deck, with four of everything and lots of Energy.

    Might also want to add in some Scott to allow you to wade through the Energy to get supporters when you need them, but that might decrease the resistance to Absol.
  8. gallade

    gallade New Member

    he is good, how bout absol as active you lay down absol, warp point energy and knock out shupit

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