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    Xurkitree GX's attack Lightning GX states "your opponent reveals their hand. add a card you find there to their prize cards face down."

    Nihilego GX's attack Symbiont GX states "add the top two cards of your opponents deck to their prize cards"

    so my question after the card(s) are added would you shuffle the prize cards? it doesn't mention doing so like gladion does.

    secondly if your opponent has played town map/here comes team rocket and then you use Lightning GX would you have your regular prizes face up and the one from Lightning GX face down? what about for Symbiont GX it doesn't mention if they should be face down or face up like Lightning GX does. I believe for Lightning GX the card has to be face down as it mentions it but Symbiont GX I see could be argued either way.

    finally assuming the previous question leaves me with both face up and face down prizes and I use gladion I assume I can only pick from those 1-2 cards that are still face down correct?

    thanks for your time pokepop
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