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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by PokeCuber, Jan 14, 2013.

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  1. PokeCuber

    PokeCuber New Member

    Look at my new trade thread plz and thanks!
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2013
  2. InvAsian

    InvAsian New Member

    Hey, I have FA Skyla, willing to do your autodeal for FA Keldeo EX. How many do you have/want to trade for?
  3. PokeCuber

    PokeCuber New Member

    I have 1, I can do 1.
  4. InvAsian

    InvAsian New Member

    Cool. PM me to confirm?
  5. PokeCuber

    PokeCuber New Member

    Yeah sure.

  6. sapphdrgn

    sapphdrgn New Member

    I have pretty much all of your PL-AR wants (including the LV.X and shinies). Is there any way i can convince you to trade Keldeo EX FA for that kind of stuff..? What about White Kyurem EX FA?
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2013
  7. Winston

    Winston New Member

    What would you need for
    White Kyurem EX FA
    Entei EX FA?
  8. Anythingbutgrass

    Anythingbutgrass New Member

    Hydreigon holo 97
    RH N
    ultra ball
    Cresselia EX FA

    also need black kyurme ex if you see anything on my thread that you liked.
  9. PokeCuber

    PokeCuber New Member

    @Sapphdrgrgn PL-Arceus needs are throw ins at best.
    @Winston Im looking at Registeel EX FA
    @AnythingBusGrass i Don't need Hydreigon as much
  10. Hey! I have got 2 Eviolites and a Thundurus FA....

    How about my:
    Thundurus FA
    2 Eviolites

    For Your:
    White Kyurem EX FA

    I may have more eviolites but I will check! :)

    Posted with mobile style....
  11. candybaby187

    candybaby187 New Member

    My 30 codes for your
    Raquaza drv
    Darkrai ex tin?
  12. Mjf06

    Mjf06 New Member

    Hi, would you do

    Thundurus Full Art

    Cresselia EX Full Art
  13. PokeCuber

    PokeCuber New Member

    Bump! Added: N fullart
    Above 3 offers: Pass, because I dont value Tornadus/Thundurus FA very much, and I alue my EX's higher. Eviolites might get much easier to get in the new set. I have my set of 3 hydreigon, and no one really needs it anymore. And codes cant just be random anymore. sorry
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2013
  14. bigboy61546

    bigboy61546 New Member

    Rhyperior DP29
    Arceus DP56
    Infernape 4 Lv. X

    FA Thundurus EPO
    3x Ultra Ball
    3x Eviolite
  15. Civarc

    Civarc New Member

    How many codes for FA N?
  16. PokeCuber

    PokeCuber New Member

    Wont take codes now cuz the values are offset and are dynamic b/c of the change. srry
  17. bigboy61546

    bigboy61546 New Member

    What about my offer? Is it fair enough? I have more of your wants
  18. PokeCuber

    PokeCuber New Member

    I have those, You might've misread my list.
  19. bigboy61546

    bigboy61546 New Member bad. It should be the other way haha

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  20. Mjf06

    Mjf06 New Member

    Your autodeal

    My: Cheren FA

    Your: N FA + Rayquaza DRV(not sure if ray is considered ultra rare in this set)
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