AHH!!!! I went 4-1 and didn't top cut!

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by Professor Sycamore, May 25, 2008.

  1. Professor Sycamore

    Professor Sycamore New Member

    Today I felt confident about this battle road. I was running my Magnezone deck my trademark for those who know me. So here's how it went.

    Round 1: Vs. Empoleon varient. (OMG Donovan is going to kill me for forgetting his woman's name...:lol:
    I was able to stay competitive in this match because I was attacking with my Electric pokemon. PachirisuGE /MagnetonPK until I was able to get my zone. I was able to cruise after that.

    Round 2: Vs Vaporeon/Mismagius/RaichuMD (Dana)
    This was looking like a like I would lose this. I was down 6 to 2 in prizes and I was able to make a comeback to look like a victory when magnezone hit the field. We were at the last prizes each. He was able to call out his Raichu to get the last prize by using Thunderbolt and hit Zone for the last prize.

    Lunch...mmm... $.99 Chili dogs from Sonic!

    Round 3 vs Hunchcrow/Cradily HP (Steve)
    This was another horrid start. I went about 5 turns without any energy, but once again Magnezone came to the rescue! I was able to actually complete the comback this time.

    Round 4 vs Blissey/Scizor (Devondrick...sigh...playing teammate)
    We always went back and forth and we were exchange blows repeatedly. I was able to get the upper hand when I knocked out a Blissy with Delcatty to take control. and the finishing blow was when I hit a fresh Blissy with Magnezone with 5 metals and 3 pluspowers.

    Round 5 Vs Mario (Jarvis....sigh.... playing another teammate again!!!!)
    I was able to get the jump on him, mainly because I had my windstorms in hand when he used Cessation Crystal. When his Machamp was gone I was in complete control.

    At this point I was feeling real confident that I made top cut. Usually 4-1 would be good enough. But NO!!!! I didn't make the top cut. I was edged out by Birch by .14% on the second tiebreaker!!!! Of course I was mad, but its okay. I will make sure I will Top Cut next time.

    The dozens of new players today.
    Des for the ride.
    Staff at Comic Book Craze.
    Judges...Except for Spotter....okay even Spotter...:lol:

    Not top cutting by .14%!:mad:
  2. hitmonchan93

    hitmonchan93 New Member

    This is MADNESS...
  3. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    sorry for 3rd.. but welcome to competitive pokemon :)

    but nice with magnezone.. i may have to take another look at it...
  4. Rashad

    Rashad New Member

    good job man real good dude
  5. Blaziken 1111

    Blaziken 1111 Active Member

    GJ. Also how did you get magnezone to work. I've been trying to do that since it came out.

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