Amphy fights weakness in Colorado City Championship

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by Ampharos7, Nov 28, 2007.

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  1. Ampharos7

    Ampharos7 New Member

    All right, it's about time that I write a report since I haven't written
    one since states, so here it is.

    I made sure to trade for some cards a week before cities so I would be
    ready no matter what would be played. I heard that the Mario deck craze
    was dying down since Secret Wonders came out, so I decided to use either
    Electrivire or Amphy. After a while, I noticed that Amphy was a lot more
    consistent, so I stuck with it and hoped for the best.

    On the way there, we broke down for about 30 minutes in front of the 7-11,
    so I thought we were going to be late. Luckily, we arrived in enough time
    to get set up and play. Anyway, here's the deck.

    3 Mareep
    2 Flaffy
    3 Ampharos

    2 Nidoran
    1 Nidorina
    2 Nidoqueen

    2 Pichu
    3 Pikachu
    3 Raichu

    4 Rare Candy
    3 Speed Stadium
    2 Strength Charm
    1 Night Maintenance
    1 Switch

    3 Castaways
    3 Celio's Network
    3 TV Reporter
    2 Holon Mentor
    1 Copycat
    1 TGW

    10 Electric
    4 DRE
    1 Scramble

    So here's the report on all the matches.

    Round 1 VS Jery with Empoleon/Mantine

    This was a great matchup because of weakness, but going second almost
    cost me the game. Luckily, he got a bad hand and couldn't kill my Pikachu
    in 2 turns. On my second turn, I drew my TGW, but I didn't need it because
    my Raichu's Explosive Thunder did 80 damage on the Mantine, which is just
    enough for the win if you include weakness.


    Round 2 VS Christina with Mario/Farfetch'd Variant

    I thought this was going to be an easy match until I heard she was playing Mario.
    Lucky for me, she started with Farfetch'd. I started with Mareep active and Pikachu
    on the bench. She went first, attached an energy, and tried to attach 2 pluspowers
    for a quick knockout on Mareep, but I told her that if you go first you can't play any
    trainers. So she hit me for 30 instead. I then played Speed Stadium, got 1 heads
    flip, attached to Mareep and did 30 + paralysis. She then played Riolu on the bench
    and passed. I drew a card, evolved into Flaffy, attached an energy to Flaffy, and
    used Electric Current for the knockout and attached the energy to the benched
    Pikachu. She then brought out Riolu and had to pass after a tails flip on Speed Stadium.
    I then evolved into Amphy, attached an electric and Cl;uster Bolted for the game.


    Round 3 VS Chris with Honchcrow/Absol

    I really liked this match and it turned out to be a relatively easy one because I got a
    god setup with a turn 2 Amphy and Raichu. Anyway, he started with Absol, but I got a
    quick knockout with my fully powered Amphy and got ahead quick. Right after that, he
    managed to get his setup with the Honchcrow on the bench and his Murkrows attacking
    as the actives. The only problem was that I was making take damage for supporters and
    his Murkrows were weak which ended in lots of knockouts for me. Eventually, I knocked
    out all the Murkrows and the Honchcrow LV X with 1 prize left and it was game from there.


    Round 4 VS Josh with Gallade/Gardevoir/Nidoqueen

    This was definitely my worst match all day. I got a decent start and actually got to go first
    for once, but before I could Mentor next turn and evolve all the pokemon in my hand, he used
    Team Galactic's Wager on me. I lost the wager and got nothing that was helpful. After about 4
    turns I got a Castaway, but it was too late as he started crushing all my pokemon with his
    Gallades ftl.


    I knew now that if I win I'm in, and I don't even want to think about the other possibility. So
    I figure I'm going to face Blissey beacuse 3 of the 4 decks I could face are Blissey. Instead,
    I played the odd deck out, and it's a very interesting match to say the least.

    Round 5 VS Shane with Breloom/Lucario

    Ok, this is it, the deciding match. I had to go second, but luckily he started with Seedot and
    had a Shroomish on the bench. I had a Mareep start with Nidoran on the bench. He attached
    to Shroomish and passed. I drew and attached to Mareep. I placed a strength charm and hit
    for 20 + paralysis. He then attached to Shroomish, evolved into Breloom, and passed. I then
    placed Mareep on the bench, attached to it, played speed stadium, got 1 head and did 10
    damage + paralysis to seedot. He then put Stantler and Smeargle on the bench and attached to
    Smeargle and passed. I evolved into Flaffy, used Speed Stadium for 2, rare candied into
    Nidoqueen, Rare candied into Ampharos attached to the active Flaffy, and used Attract
    Current for the knockout and attached to Flaffy. He got his Breloom out and it went back and forth
    for a while until he ran out of cards and I started getting all my prized really quick.


    So I'm in the playoffs which is really cool, but I have to face weakness against Josh (which is
    really bad), but here are the standings and the playoffs.

    1st Michael Perucca(Gallade/Gardevoir/Nidoqueen)
    2nd Jared (ME) (Ampharos/Raichu/Nidoqueen)
    3rd Josh (Gallade/Gardevoir/Nidoqueen)
    4th Breton (Blissey)

    So here's the semifinals:
    VS Josh Game 1

    I had a pretty good hand for going second (which I'd been doing all day), but It figures that
    I go first the first time I want to go second. Anyway, I can't do anything with my Nidoran,
    rare candy, Nidoqueen, 4 Supporter start going first, so I have to pass. By second turn, he
    poisions my Queen and I can't use Invatation or switch out, so I'm stuck with nothing on
    the bench because I can't get an energy to save my life. I finally get something after 5 turns,
    but I can't beat weakness with that bad of a start and I end up getting destroyed by Gallade.

    Game 2

    I start with a Mareep and a Nidoran, and Josh starts with Nidoran, Ralts, and Squirtle. I go first
    with Mareep and Paralyze the Nidoran. Next, I;m able to get a couple of evolutions out until
    Josh does the same. Once again, the Gallade is just brutal because it can one hit KO anything
    of mine and I don't stand a chance.


    So I get 3rd place and get 4 packs, which is actually pretty good considering how my
    matchups were.

    So here are my props and slops.

    Speed Stadium
    Amphy's PokeBody
    Josh for lending me an Amphy
    Hot Tie Society (We Rule)
    Family Guy (Best show in the world!!!)

    Going second
    Facing Weakness

    So this is my tournament report, and if anyone has any suggestions to improve my Amphy
    deck or tell me a deck that has a chance against Gallade, I'll really appreciate it.

    This is Jared signing off saying, make every flip a good one!:biggrin:
  2. flariados

    flariados New Member

    nice job man and you are not right because southpark is the best and after that family guy comes:p
  3. BloodDraek

    BloodDraek New Member

    nice job dude, you did pretty well against your bad matchups
  4. ChubbyChilupa135

    ChubbyChilupa135 New Member

    ur not in hot tie
  5. hk27

    hk27 New Member

    Hot tie. hug? JK!

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    I Hug You
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  6. Ampharos7

    Ampharos7 New Member

    Being in Hot Tie

    Oh really, ChubbyChilupa135.
    You can ask Adrian, Ian, Breton, and Josh
    and they'll say otherwise.
    Plus, do you even know who I'am?
  7. EeveeLover

    EeveeLover Member Services Administrator

    Since you say who you are in your post, it is not that hard to figure out.
  8. ChubbyChilupa135

    ChubbyChilupa135 New Member

    ur jared i do know u
  9. Umbreon777

    Umbreon777 New Member

    I really wanted to see someone do well with Ampharos. Becuase I KNOW it will be a good card. Congratulations!

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