An eevee of many colors

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    Eevee was walking down the street screaming for its owner. A small girl, Danielle, asks her whats the matter. They waited hours until the girl realized the owner must have left the eevee here all alone.

    She took him in as though she was her own (which she says is her own). When she became 10 she was now allowed to start her pokemon journey she registered at the nearest pokemon center of New York City.She would use her eevee every where she went even though she caught many other pokemon.

    She was ready to go the championships when she noticed something wrong with eevee. She took him to the Orlando Pokemon Center the nurse said he would be okay as long as he didn't battle for awhile, but that couldnt happen the finals were tommorrow what would she do?

    The nurse said that the only she would be able to use eevee in the competition was to actually evolve eevee she said that Danielle would be able to purchase a fire water or lightning stone for $500 or train it into a Espeon or Umbreon in a specially designed training device for sick pokemon at the price of $300, but would definately be more risky.

    Danielle takes a glance at her wallet she has only $550.23 and if she chose to buy a stone with the safer situation she would be flat broke, but if she chanced eevee's health eevee might not make it, but then again she could always play without eevee, b ut most likely she will be likely to lose.
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    Danielle thought hard, then spoke to Nurse Joy.
    "Let me sleep on it.I will decide tomorrow morning."
    " Okay, we hope to see you again," said Nurse Joy and smiled. Danielle walked off frustrated. She walked home, cradling Eevee in her arms.
    "Don't worry Eevee, I'll take care of you!" Danielle spoke softly.
    Danielle arrived at her bed, and laid down. Then sleep overtook her eyes. Dreams of Eevee's Evolutions flooded her mind.
    She though about Flareon, the Fire Pokemon. It's heat was extreme and was a powerful fighter. There was also Vaporeon, the Water version of Eevee. With the ability to turn into Water Vapor this Pokemon would have a great advantage in the Water Arena. And, there was the lightning Pokemon, Jolteon. Capable of shooting needles of Lightning that stung,this Pokemon was perhaps the strongest of Eevee's forms. And lastly, there was Espeon and Umbreon. Espeon the psychic Pokemon, could read it's opponents mind and predict their next move, and with that advantage it could easily dodge any attack! And Umbreon, the Dark Pokemon. With posion sweat, and and made of pure bulk, this Pokemon could crush anything.
    After thinking over these Pokemon, Danielle had decided. She would take the risky way, and turn her Eevee, into an Espeon! She looked at Eevee one last time, and realized, small creature would soon become an almighty Espeon!


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    "wow" Danielle said this may be tough for you little eevee so just hang in there. Eevee started to whimper and danielle rushed him to the pokemon center.
    she rushed to the nurse and said let me try and get an espeon. the nurse said sure and placed eevee in the machine and said it would take many hours to find out eevee's final results but until then every half hour eevee will be tested to see how he is doing.
    the training started. danielle waited and waited foor the first half hour then when the results came in eevee was okay but halg an hour pasted and new test results came.
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    Nurse Joy walked towards Danielle, head drooped.
    "I'm sorry," she said sadly,"But we had some problems."
    "What! What happened to Eevee?!" Suddenly, an Umbreon walked out of the testing room.
    "W-Who is that?" Stammered Danielle
    Joy replied,"That is Cluny, your Umbreon."Danielle's dropped her head in despair and ran off outside,crying.
    Meanwhile,atop the Pokemon Center,Team Doom and their head Pokemon,Dunsparce, were laughing maniacally at the disappointed girl.
    "I guess our evil plan worked!"They all shouted,evily.And indeed, there plan did work.

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    Not bad. It is a good story, especially with the disapointment of her eevee becoming an Umbreon instead of Espeon. 8/10

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