Angus, Ontario, Canada City Champ., Sat. Dec. 8th.

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by P_A, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. P_A

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    Hey guys, just thought I'd give a fast heads up on this one. Registration starts at 10 am, the event starts at 11. Pizza is on the menu for the day, but as of this time the churos are not for sure. Apparently the pizza place is having a problem with their machine. However the event will definitely go on without it if we can't get any. Prize support will be added to, just like the last one held in Barrie. To get there, from Toronto head up the 400 to Barrie, and exit the Dunlop st WEST exit. That turns into Hwy 90. Take that for about 14 km, past an overpass, until you see Line 6 of Essa twnshp. Turn left, then at the next intersection turn right. After stopping, continue through the next 2 stop signs. You'll go over a large bridge. Then turn left, and the Lion's community center is on the left inside the park. Hope to see you all there.
  2. smacktack15

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    You'll see us the Lesage's there for sure and we even have a little something for you and Josh to enjoy. I have your Gallade and Gardevoir Lv.X too. BTW, what street is the tournament on??? See you there.
  3. P_A

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    Sounds good.

    Also, I found out the bridge on the 5th is open now, so instead of going down the 6th, you can wait and go down the 5th instead, then turn right on center street, and only go through 1 stop sign. The event is on Huron street.

    One last thing to add: I'm also giving away some japanese deck boxes as random prizes. You'll like them. It's worth your while to come to this event, I assure you!
  4. smacktack15

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    Well, I will go to the tournament for sure. Angus is only 20-25 minutes away from my house.

    Note to self. Rig the draw for deckboxes to win all of them:p

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