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  1. smacktack15

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    Yesterday I woke up at 9:00AM to get ready for the tournament. I played some test games against my dad and brother only to test out some card switches that I made the other day with my deck, Power-ADE (Team Lesage's Gardevoir/Gallade). I decided to stick to my changes and then I went on my way to Angus (a 20 minute drive from where I live:smile:) Here is how the tournament went...

    9 Players in Masters (Top 2 Cut/ 3 Rounds Of Swiss)
    9 Players in Seniors (Top 2 Cut/ 4 Rounds Of Swiss)
    6 Players in Juniors (Top 2 Cut/ 3 Rounds Of Swiss)

    I played in Masters with the already-mentioned Power-ADE.

    Round 1: Myself Vs. Daniel Torres w/ Charizard SW + Magmortar SW

    I get a GOD start but, I decide to try out some new playing skills this match (since I already knew I had won) that would eventually change my fate today:lol:! I get a Turn 2 Gardevoir / Turn 3 Lv.X and I keep on using Telepass to sweep him with a Gallade. I eventually get Gallade out and I go crazy on ALL of his Pokemon. I win by OHKO'ing his last Magmar.


    Round 2: Myself Vs. Kevin Lee w/ Fire TRUK (Typhlosion MT + Magmortar SW + Corsola SW)

    I get an above-average start with a Turn 3 Gardevoir Lv.X. He gets the whole strategy going but, in the end, time gets called and I draw a Prize Card for the win. He gets all angry and calls me a few choiced words because "I am a staller" but, I told the judge and he is on thin ice.


    Round 3: Myself Vs. Troy Nayler w/ BlissCatty

    I get another GOD start w/ a Turn 2 Gallade!!! I flip up my Prize Cards like crazy to destroy his upcoming army of Blissey. The game drags on with me Sonic Blading his Blisseys and then using Bring Down to OHKO them. Easy but long game:lol:


    Now I know I have made the Top Cut for sure along with Kevin Lee. It is a lunch-break now for a bit so our Judge, P_A, ordered some pizza and it was good. Anyways, lets get on with the top cut.

    Top Cut/Finals: Myself Vs. Kevin Lee w/ Fire TRUK (Typhlosion MT + Magmortar SW + Corsola SW)

    Game 1:

    I get a quick Gardevoir Lv.X out a OHKO all of his basics/ weak Stage 1's. That was game.


    Game 2:

    I do the same as game 1 for the win:lol:


    So I win my second City Championship Medal:thumb:

    My TO/LL for a GREAT event
    Coming 1st
    Team Lesage
    My Bro coming 2nd
    My Dad coming 5th
    Only Master in Ontario to win to City Championships this year so far
    Beating Fire TRUK
    Beating Kevin
    18 Packs
    Being better in Masters than in Seniors
    Going 17-1 with my new deck Power-ADE


    Coleman Fung:lol:
    Kevin for bad sportsmanship
    No Lv.X

    Smacktack15 out
  2. Omega_Prime

    Omega_Prime Member

    :nonono: It seems when some one wins with something other than an already known deck or how can you say "inconsistent" deck Kevin's always finds a way to make it seem like it was a lucked victory, a bad sport. It's not only him either it's coleman as well... it seems they can't just get over the fact how i won nationals... i mean even though it was so last year they still go on about it till this day. Both never ever faced the deck and already assumed it sucks because i t2 Kant (it was the only time i ever t2 anybody with that deck)... oh well what can you do when they only use/trust decks off the internet, though it did happen so well for coleman yesterday:tongue:
  3. Throne0fLegends

    Throne0fLegends New Member

    lets not rub it in now... play nice... some games are more frustrating than others, especially when you know you had a good chance of taking it if there was more time. Anyways, congrats Zach.
  4. smacktack15

    smacktack15 New Member

    Ratings & Rankings
    North America Rankings in the Masters Division for Premier Rating Ratings in 2007-2008
    Return to Ranks Search
    Return to My Stats

    Page 4 of 250

    Rank Name Rating Age Div State Country
    31 Ross Cawthon 1687.32 MA WA US
    32 Adrian Pineda 1687.10 MA TX US
    33 Jorel Ker 1687.03 MA TX US
    34 Michael Chin 1684.49 MA WA US
    35 zach lesage 1682.75 MA ON CA
    36 Victor Pruett 1682.64 MA GA US
    37 Alex Brosseau 1681.02 MA IL US
    38 Tyler Ninomura 1679.91 MA WA US
    39 Alan Schell 1678.39 MA MS US
    40 Gabriel Alonso 1678.35 MA FL US

    So close to top 25 :( :lol:

    Anyways, thanks for the support guys and I will see you all January 5th but, beware.
  5. sar86

    sar86 New Member

    How come you're not going to Georgetown? And once they update etobicoke CC's you'll be lower than 35
  6. smacktack15

    smacktack15 New Member

    What do you mean(by lower than 35)??? I know my rankings will have their ups and downs but, I am showing that (from a month a go) I was the last place player in Canada (I sucked at BR's) and now I am 2nd best.

    Here is how I think it will go...

    Ratings & Rankings
    Ontario, Canada Rankings in the Masters Division for Premier Rating Ratings in 2007-2008
    Return to Ranks Search

    Page 1 of 5

    Rank Name Rating Age Div State Country
    1 Kant Shen 1712.25 MA ON CA
    2 zach lesage 1682.75 MA ON CA
    3 Bryan Cresswell 1667.55 MA ON CA
    4 Greg Cresswell 1655.47 MA ON CA
    5 Sean Robinson 1642.57 MA ON CA
    6 Not Opted Into Rankings 1639.67 MA ON CA
    7 Geneses Pabuna 1634.61 MA ON CA
    8 Matthew Koo 1629.90 MA ON CA

    (To my current knowledge) The bolded people are the same people who went to Etobicoke. Out of those 3 people who are high enough to overpass my points, you Sean/Matt are the only ones who could pass me. The only person (you Sean) with a record that COULD pass me would only be ahead by 5-10 points or be behind 2-10 points. I was just saying "URGHHH" that I still hadn't made top 25 because that is my goal for this year that I have set for myself (or to at least be there for a bit). I might go to Georgetown but, I might not go due to this...

    My dad has me this Christmas.
    My mom has me for New Years.
    My dad is leaving for London, Ontario December 30th (late at night without me).

    This means that if we go to Georgetown my dad has to leave at 9:00AM to get us there, we then do the tournament, we leave when it ends, drive home, get dropped off at my moms house, he leaves for London.

    So it totally comes down to my dad not wanting to drive an 1 hour 30 min there and 1 hour 30 min back then 2 hour 30 min to London for a whopping 5 hour 30 min in one day (also, gas is pretty expensive).

    Before, it was a definate NO for Georgetown but, it is a MAYBE (If I can get there I will).

    Sorry for this longer than normal post :lol:
  7. Omega_Prime

    Omega_Prime Member

    hey man, why do you gotta point me out -.-...

    but yeah Zach, remember you're only 35, 25 is really hard to obtain right now especially because you gotta assume that the other 34 players ahead of you did bad during their cities.

    though you went undefeated at your tournament... so did Sean, but there's a big difference, you only went 4 - 0 and Sean went 6 - 0, beating Matt twice and me once boosting him a lot better than you beating Kevin Lee twice. Even if he doesn't pass you after this past weekend tournament, it hard to say if you'll make it into top 25 after only one tournament.

    but dude you can totally make top 25 before nationals for sure! keep up the good work in your first years in masters!!
  8. Throne0fLegends

    Throne0fLegends New Member

    *Yawn*. It's that time again already? Rankings and rating talk is usually overrated seeing that no one in Canada will probably make it yet again to Worlds through this system. Anyways, time to go to MI and see how I do there haha =P

  9. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    There's a possibility that Josh and I will go to play in Georgetown. No confirmation yet, but if so, you can bum a ride with us. That might make it simpler - or not?
  10. smacktack15

    smacktack15 New Member

    Thanks for the encouragement and I will try to. I know I probably won't get a trip through rankings but, I could still try :lol:.

    So Josh might be going to Georgetown... I will have to see about what my dad is doing because it isn't a definate no. Thanks for the offer but, I will have to see right.
  11. kungfufita

    kungfufita New Member


    This is Troy.............

    I am going to Georgetown with Paige and Emma. I might have an extra space in the to me at League. (I am still up 2 games on you 4-2 - just not when it counts but that will change :)

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  12. smacktack15

    smacktack15 New Member

    Thanks for the offer Troy:) I am still sorting out some stuff (while I am doing my science project... due tomorrow:()!!! I will have to talk to my parents about all of this.

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    BTW, I will change that 4-2 record if I end up at Georgetown:p
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