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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Tommy_Vercetti, Jun 8, 2004.

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    okay, with the new set of Hidden Legends that came out theres alot of decks that screw people over, in other words, Me likey. okay so without further adue, the deck

    Pokemon 21
    4 Oddish
    1 Gloom
    3 Viaplume EX
    4 claw Fossil
    1 Anorith
    3 Armadalo (SS)
    2 rain castform
    2 Skitty
    2 Delekatty

    Trainers 19
    2 Professor oaks Research
    3 magnetic Storm
    4 Life Herb
    3 Ancient TM rock
    3 Switch
    4 Rare Candy

    Energy 20
    8 Fighting
    5 Grass
    4 Muilti
    3 Double Rainbow

    So please help make this deck better, the reason theres no good trainers is becasue armaldo, no suporters... i origiannaly made thgis deck w/o reading the cards too whell and it was just for normal play and it had muk Ex, for some reason i forgot that they had to be active for it to work. So just please help, this is the first 2 on 2 deck i jhave seen in a while, BTW what ever hapened with that, i liked it better when Wizzards had the 2 on 2 covered, Later------
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