any1 willing 2 buy everything for around $70? highest offer so far $45 thnx

Discussion in 'Auction & Sales House' started by blackanese, May 26, 2007.

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  1. blackanese

    blackanese New Member

    trying 2 just sell the whole thing now, idk if anything is willing 2 pay around 70 for everything so far the highest offer i have is $45

    Moderators, PLEASE let me know if there is something i forgot to add in order to keep this thread open i was amazed at all the new changes lol thank you

    Hi once again, im back, still have a few stuff, just want 2 get rid of everything, im just selling everything 4 a decent amount nothing much, just give me an offer and im sure ill take it

    1.Trying to Sell everything, theres no specific price on the cards, just looking for a fair price, just give me an offer, and the more u buy, the lower i can sell everything in a bundle for.

    2.I accept cash (at your own risk), money order, or check (u must wait until check is cashed), i do NOT have paypal

    3.Money must be sent first, i have many refs, please check signature if you need proof. i can send same time for people for more refs than me, or who i traded with many times

    4.Once addresses are exchanged, and the buyer backs out, i will put u on the caution list

    5.) You must spend a minimun of at least $5.00

    6. most likely there are a few more rules i 4got to add but until then if u have any questions just PM me, type them here, or if u need me now talk to me on AIM

    SECTION 1 - CARDS - Exs/ *s

    Altaria Ex #1 (DF)

    Altaria Ex #2 (DF)

    Torterra Lv. X (Japanese) (from the pack)

    Mew Ex (LM)

    Manectric Ex (DX) Bad condition (bad scratches everywhere, should only be used for playing)

    Latios EX (DF)

    Mew * (DF) (japanese)

    Flygon EX (LM) (japanese)

    rockets syther ex (japanese)

    Section 2 - Cards - EVERYTHING below is Reverse Holo

    1.)Holon Mentor #1 (DS)

    2.)Holon Mentor #2 (DS)

    4.)Marys Request #1

    5.)Marys Request #2

    6.)Marys Request #3

    7.)Marys Request #4

    8.)Professor Elm's Training Method #1 (UF)

    9.)Professor Elm's Training Method #2 (UF)

    10.)Professor Elm's Training Method #3 (UF)

    11.)Professor Elm's Training Method #4 (UF)

    14.)Switch (FRLG)

    15.)Holon Legacy #1

    16.)Holon Legacy #2

    Holon Legacy #3 (i 4got 2 add 1 more sorry)

    17.)Crystal Beach #1

    18.)crystal beach #2

    19.)Cursed Stone

    20.)Copycat (TR)

    21.)Holon Transciever X2

    22.)Warp Point (CG)

    24.)Pokemon Reversal #1 (FRLG)

    25.)Pokemon Reversal #2 (FRLG)

    26.) 2 cyclone energy

    27.) 7 electric energy (HP) (1 has small bent)

    Section 3 - Other

    NOTE: if u need picture of any of these items, no problem)

    2.) Pokemon Binder ( the one with all the psychic pokemon including deoxy latios luatone etc. if u need 2 see a picture no problem)

    3.) Rare Pokemon Center Dice Box, can only be bought at PCNY, its used though

    4.) Pokemon CG charizard deck box X2 (opened and used,comes with seperator )

    5.) Rare pokemon PCNY groudon deck box (open and used, comes with seperator)

    6.) Jpn Revival of lugia deck box (open and used seperator is missing)]

    6.) rare pokemon PCNY card / deck carrying case (used)

    ONCE AGAIN if u need 2 see a pic of any of these just ask

    Section 4 - rest of the stuff i must sell / random cards


    PCNY promo Ho-oh X5
    PCNY promo Rapidash X6
    Pikachu 10th anniversary X6

    Shuckle (UF) (RH)
    Slowking X3 (UF)
    SlowBro X2 (UF) (1 is RH)
    Unkown E (UF)
    Jolteon (UF)
    Flareon (UF) (RH)
    eevee X3 (UF) (all RH) (the energy evolution 1s)

    holons voltorb (DS) (RH)
    Porygon 2
    Gardevoir (DS) (RH)(energy jump)
    Crobat X3 (DS) (1 is RH)
    Beedrill (DS) RH
    Marowak (DS) (1 is RH)
    Jolteon (DS)
    vaporeon (DS)
    Weezing RH (DS)

    Roselia X2 (1 is RH)
    Aerodactyl X3 (LM) (1 is RH)
    Cradily X4 (LM) (1 is RH)
    Delcatty X4 (LM) (2 is RH)
    Kabutops X3 (LM)
    Golem X5 (LM) (3 is RH)
    Mew X2 (LM) (1 is RH)
    Muk (LM) (RH)
    Aggron (LM) (RH)
    Wailord X4 (LM) (3 is RH)
    Lapras (LM)
    Victreebel X5 (LM) (2 is RH)

    Pikachu (RH)
    Vileplume X5 (HP) (2 is RH)
    Armaldo (HP)
    Pidgeot (HP)
    Deoxy X3 (dark) (HP)
    Deoxy (normal) (HP)
    Cradily X3 (HP)
    Omastar X3 (1 is RH)
    Kabutops (HP)
    Rayquaza (hydro barrier) (HP)
    Mew X2 (box topper)

    Cacturne X3 (CG) 1 is RH
    swampert (CG)
    Blastoise RH (CG)
    Ludicolo (CG)
    Mawile (RH) (CG)
    Wigglytuff (CG)
    Bannette X2 (CG) (1 is japanese)

    swablu (DF) (RH)


    Professor Birch X5
    Mr Stones project
    professor Elms Training Method (a bit tanned b/c of the factory, picture wil be provided if u need 2 see 1)
    protective orb X4 (1 is RH)
    Holon Researcher X2
    warp point X6 (TATM)
    Dual Ball X3 (CG) All RH
    Great Ball X4 (FRLG) (3 is RH)
    Bills Maintenace (FRLG)
    Stevens Advice (HL) (1 is RH)
    Power tree X6 (1 is RH)
    Full Flame X2 (1 is RH)
    Giant Stump X3 (2 is RH)
    tv reporter X2
    Holon Mentor (bit tan b/c of factory, if u need 2 see a pic, no problem)
    Holon Scientist
    Crystal shard (DX) (RH)
    All the fossils in RH X4 of each of them (the newer ones not SS)

    ANYWAYS hope you enjoyed looking through and everything, i have MANY more cards, like uncoomons and commons and rares as well, just not listed here, please lmk if there is something youre looking for (not from the d/p sets) and i will see if i have it, most likely i can just add it to u for free if u buy a few things

    so far i have sold items to

    Steelix 14
    Professor Elm

    (these r not my trades refs, but selling refs)
    So far, no complaints, hopefully it will stay like that

    ALSO, this list is not 100% gauranteed, im basically saying i do have most of the cards, but i might be missing 1 or 2 from the list, anyways just lmk what youre interested in and ill see, hopefully we can make a deal

    and finally, this isnt a list of everything i have, so if youre in search of something just ask (besides the newest sets) and ill see if i have it
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  2. poke_master2008

    poke_master2008 New Member

    Ill give you $80 for all the Mew Exs.... x3 LM and x1 HP
  3. blackanese

    blackanese New Member

    not a bad price but a little low, would u do $90? if so there all yours
  4. PojosamaWannabe

    PojosamaWannabe New Member

    PM me, I'm interested in buying the whole lot at once, all the EXs, RHs, holos, commons, and uncommons. Let me know, ASAP. Thanks!
  5. blackanese

    blackanese New Member

    O_O r u serious? well sure, just give me a moment to see if poke master is still interested in the mews first
  6. Cipher_Admin

    Cipher_Admin New Member

    How much is it for those Packs? Please give me a really cheap price. Thanks!
  7. blackanese

    blackanese New Member

    im really not sure how much they go for, umm how much would u offer
  8. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    $20 For Flygon ex d' DF.
  9. blackanese

    blackanese New Member

    sure i can do that, if everything is good, and u read the rules and its fine, please PM me your info
  10. poke_master2008

    poke_master2008 New Member

    Sure i can do $90

    PM me so we can work everything out
  11. blackanese

    blackanese New Member

  12. steelix14

    steelix14 New Member

    $4 on 11.) Manectric EX and $10 on the Colloseum Bonus Disk? (does it come with original case and instructions?)
  13. blackanese

    blackanese New Member

    mmm sorry but kinda low to me. i could probably sell both for somewhere around 20-25$, also yes it comes with original case, but no instructions, just a bonus disk, theres no playing involved, just used to get jarachi and see preview of the pokemon movie : jarachi the wish maker, and a preview of pokemon colloseum
  14. steelix14

    steelix14 New Member

    Hmm could you do $18 for both?
  15. blackanese

    blackanese New Member

    umm sure y not i guess, well if u read the rules and everything and u r fine with them, please PM me your info. thnx
  16. Shiftryguy847

    Shiftryguy847 New Member

    What are your bottom prices for Torterra lvl X, Ray ex d and Flygon ex LM? LMK, thanks

  17. blackanese

    blackanese New Member

    not sure, how much would you offer?
  18. Shiftryguy847

    Shiftryguy847 New Member

  19. blackanese

    blackanese New Member

    umm yeah i could do that, but you do already know the Torterra lvl X, and the Flygon ex LM are japanese right, just making sure with u. well if everythings good and u read the rules ant those are fine as well. please PM mw your info. thnx
  20. Shiftryguy847

    Shiftryguy847 New Member

    Oh ya, they are japanese...could you go any lower because of that? Also, do you have any delcatty ex or PK, I need the PK ones bad. LMK, thanks


    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    I could do 45 for the 3 ex and 1 lvl X or 50 for the 3 ex and 1 lvl X and some delcaty PK.
    Last edited: May 30, 2007
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