Anyone else have trouble installing/reinstalling PTCGO?

Discussion in 'PTCGO' started by Croatian_Nidoking, Mar 6, 2015.

  1. Croatian_Nidoking

    Croatian_Nidoking New Member

    I'm having trouble reinstalling PTCGO. It says the installer progarm has to be in a specific file folder in order for it to work - a folder which is not on my computer. Has anyone else had this same problem? Please let me know.

    For what it's worth, my computer runs Windows 7.

    - Croatian_Nidoking
  2. ZivaFire

    ZivaFire New Member

    help please

    i cant open my game it comes up
    "failed to initialize player", "could.....not preload global game manager #0 i=0"
    i tryed to uninstall to redownload but it says
    "could not access network location", "property. USER_PROFILE"

    can someone help me i just want to play. :frown::frown:
  3. Tasekai

    Tasekai New Member

    Ive been having the same problem. Sucks because I really wanted to give it a shot. Hopefully somebody can post a solution.

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