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Discussion in 'Tournaments & Events Worldwide' started by Jason, May 27, 2008.

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  1. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Asia/Pacific Rankings Thread.

    Just like Europe...but 3 nats are done with one more to go. :p
    & I know New Zealand isnt uploaded but they wont get a chance at the rankings anyways (they got 4 rounds and T2 max), the only kiwi that would go past the 1680+ mark is David Y. - Seniors, but he got the invitation from winning the NZ Nationals.

    [del]Oh, Melbourne BRs still not up yet :/[/del]ABOUT TIME its up, but NZ needs to be uploaded before POP fully recognise it I guess.

    The *bolded means that the person have an invitation already. I ain't going to bother with juniors...

    *1 Sean T. 1832.86 MA Victoria, Australia
    *2 Marcus R. 1730.78 MA Victoria, Australia
    3 Ranilo R. 1729.65 MA Philippines
    4 Jason W. 1703.12 MA Queensland, Australia
    5 Que Son N. 1690.63 MA Victoria, Australia <-- not going to worlds
    6 Jelvin C. 1688.07 MA Philippines
    7 QC N. 1687.97 MA Victoria, Australia <-- not going to worlds
    *7 Chew Y. 1685.99 MA Malaysia
    *8 Lawrence G. 1685.84 MA Philippines
    10 Rhian F. 1685.04 MA Philippines
    *11 N.O.I.R 1671.99 MA Phillippines (nats runnerup)
    12 Yee Wei C. 1661.93 MA Malaysia
    13 Alan J, 1661.21 MA Queensland, Australia <-- definately going only if have invitation

    For those who are wondering about the Malaysian National Champion:
    *Kylie C. 1803.86 MA Great Britain

    *1 Aaron C. 1801.75 SR Victoria, Australia
    *2 N.O.I.R. 1795.64 SR Malaysia
    3 Sam H. 1733.56 SR Queensland, Australia
    *4 Jared I. 1715.35 SR Queensland, Australia
    *5 Daniel V. 1709.82 SR Philippines
    [del]6 N.O.I.R. 1682.11 SR Malaysia[/del]
    7 Liam C. 1680.56 SR Tasmania, Australia <-- not going to worlds
    8 Peter G. 1674.35 SR Victoria, Australia
    9 Justin T. 1674.13 SR Victoria, Australia <--may not go to worlds
    10 Dominic Chow Y. SR 1674.04 Malaysia <-- might be using the Malaysian invitation/travel award
    11 Shaun M. 1668.85 SR Queensland, Australia

    fin. remember, this is not final yet :p
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  2. KaMewie

    KaMewie New Member

    Finalized by the end of this week?
  3. A BR is not uploaded yet, that means that all thers are so inaccurate. Look at how close you guys are.

    If this QC N guy played in Sydney BR and did really well he would pass this Jelven guy from PH. Less then 3 points away from an invite, it is too early to call

    Also lets look at you Jason and this Que Son guy. If ether of you guys played in Sydney BR and did bad
    in Sydeny BR you could easlyly bumped out of an invite. Still its too soon to call, even with not even a 20point diffrence. Dont get your hopes up too soon.
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  4. Jason

    Jason New Member

    First of all, I mean Melbourne, not Sydney. *fixes* :p

    Myself and Que Son did not play in it, but QC did. But she might get up a bit but the main person will be affected with the upload is Sean and Marcus. From the last BR upload after Nats, she said she got up by like 4 points.

    And last thing need to be said: I DID NOT PLAY IN ANY BRS, NOR REGISTERED FOR ANY. thus I will not be knocked off the 1700 mark for sure - and i will not be taken out of T4.

    The only real big change will be the Malaysian Nationals, nothing else.
  5. Ok then, you and Que Son should be ok since you guys didnt play. But QC if did well enough at that battle road, she might surpass the Philippines guy. GO AUSTRALIA!!!!
  6. Jason

    Jason New Member

    She went like 3-2 so probs not much of impact.
  7. charchar

    charchar New Member

  8. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Rankings updated.

    Still need the Melbourne BRs to be uploaded.

    NZ wont take any impacts on the ratings ever.

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