Ape Too?(includes DP4!)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Dr. Mason, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. Dr. Mason

    Dr. Mason New Member

    Also said as Ape 2. A deck I plan to build that can really dish a hit, and even keep your opponent from attacking at all!

    Thanks to the Beach for spoilers.

    Natu L.9 – Psychic – HP40
    Basic Pokemon

    [C] Deep Thought: 20 damage. Flip a coin, if tails this attack does nothing. If heads, discard 1 Energy attached to the Defending Pokemon.
    [P] Foresight: Look at the top 5 cards of either player’s deck, and return them to the top of the deck in any order.

    Weakness: Psychic (+10)
    Resistance: Fighting (-20)
    Retreat: 1

    Xatu L.44 – Psychic – HP80
    Stage 1 – Evolves from Natu

    Poke-Power: Psycho Shift
    You can use this Power once during your turn, if this Pokemon is on your Bench. Choose 1 of your Active Pokemon’s Special Conditions, and remove it. Then, choose 1 of your opponent’s Active Pokemon, and that Pokemon is now affected by that Special Condition.

    [P][C] Energy Burn: Does 20 damage to 1 of your opponent’s Pokemon. If that Pokemon has any Energy attached to it, do an additional 10 damage x the number of Energy.

    Weakness: Psychic (+10)
    Resistance: Fighting (-20)
    Retreat: 1

    Aerodactyl L.44 – Colorless – HP80
    Stage 1 – Evolves from Old Amber

    Poke-Body: Ancient Claw:
    Whenever one of your opponent’s Pokemon uses a Poke-Powers, after the effect resolves, place 2 damage counters on that Pokemon.

    [C][C] Supersonic: 30 damage. Flip a coin, if heads the Defending Pokemon is now Confused.

    Weakness: Lightning (+20)
    Resistance: Fighting (-20)
    Retreat: 1

    Mankey L.14 – Fighting – HP50
    Basic Pokemon

    [F] Hurl: 10 damage.
    [C][C] Rage: Does 10 damage + 10 more damage for each damage counter on Mankey.

    Weakness: Psychic (+10)
    Resistance: none
    Retreat: 1

    Primeape L.41 – Fighting – HP90
    Stage 1 – Evolves from Mankey

    Poke-Body: Rage Target
    If this Pokemon has any damage counters on it, any damage done by attacks by this Pokemon to any Active Pokemon is increased by 40.

    [F][C][C] Lay Out: 50 damage. Primeape is now Confused. Flip a coin, if heads the Defending Pokemon can’t attack during your opponent’s next turn.

    Weakness: Psychic (+20)
    Resistance: none
    Retreat: 1

    Unown P L.17 – Psychic – HP50
    Basic Pokemon

    Poke-Power: Put
    This Power can be used once during your turn, if this Pokemon is on your Bench. Place 1 damage counter on 1 of your Pokemon, excluding any Unown.

    [P] Hidden Power: 20 damage. Discard 1 card from the top of each player’s deck. This attack does an additional 20 damage for every Unown that’s discarded in this way.

    Weakness: Psychic (+10)
    Resistance: none
    Retreat: 1

    Trainer – Pokemon Tool

    At the end of your turn, if the Pokemon this card is attached to is your Active Pokemon, remove 1 damage counter from that Pokemon.

    To use a Pokemon Tool, attach it to 1 of your Pokemon. It can’t be attached to a Pokemon that’s already holding a Pokemon Tool.

    Suzy’s Lottery

    Discard up to 2 cards from your hand.
    If you discarded 1 card, draw 3 cards from your deck. If you discarded 2 cards, draw 4 cards.

    You can only use a Supporter card 1 time during your turn. To use it, place it next to your Active Pokemon and discard it at the end of your turn.

    Old Amber – HP50

    Poke-Body: Hard Amber
    As long as this Pokemon is on your Bench, it take no damage from attacks.

    This card can be put into play as a Colorless-type Basic Pokemon (if this card is Knocked Out, your opponent draws a prize). This card can’t be affected by Special Conditions and can’t retreat. The owner of this card can discard this card at any time during his or her turn (in this case it doesn’t count as a Knocked Out Pokemon).

    Pokemon 23
    4-4 Primeape DP4
    3-3 Xatu DP3
    2 Unown P DP4
    1 Unown E MT
    2 Aerodactyl DP 4
    3 Chingling
    1 Chimecho

    Trainers 22

    3 Suzy's Lottery
    3 Celi's Network
    2 TGW
    2 Old Amber
    1 Fossil Excavator
    2 Holon Mentor
    2 Leftovers
    3 Castaway
    2 Strength Charm
    2 Windstorm

    Energy 15

    3 Scramble
    12 Fighting


    Get set up with Chingling. Get out Primeape ASAP and start attacking, using Unown P to help activate his power on the spot. 90 damage then confusion to yourself, and a chance at prevent the opponent from attacking! Then hit Xatu with Psycho shift and transfer the confusion to them next turn :)

    Unown E to up your HP, Aerodactly to hurt your oppnent on the bench making higher HP Pokemon easier to take down.

    Another great mini strategy is to play Leftovers on Primape and then put the damage back with Unown P before the end of every turn.
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  2. Skull Bash

    Skull Bash New Member

    First off, you have no fossil to set up your Aerodactyl. Second, there are much better starters now than Chingling/Chimecho.
  3. larllt

    larllt New Member

    Looks good, but I'd use Pachirisu instead of chingy...

    O yea, you're not supposed to copy the spoilers from pokebeach
  4. Dr. Mason

    Dr. Mason New Member

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