ARG Pokemon State Championship 2017 Schedule

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    - Looking to compete with the Pokemon Trading Card Game and/or Sun & Moon video games to win some cash, prizes and/or Championship Points? On Saturday, February 4, 2017, you can do both! At ARG Game Center in Medina, OH, you can compete in the ARG Winter State Championship with the Pokemon Trading Card Game for prizes that increase based upon the number of total players as well as an invite to the $2,500 ARG Pokemon Invitational! Then, you can compete in a Pokemon Premier Challenge using the Sun & Moon video games for both Championship Points and either cash or prizes!

    ARG Winter State Championship (Feb. 4 - Medina, OH)
    COST: $20 USD | REG: 12 PM | START: 1 PM

    [2017] Pokemon Premier Challenge (Feb. 4 - Medina, OH) [Winter #2]
    COST: $5 USD | REG: 4:15 PM | START: 5 PM

    Visit our website for more details:

    Event Schedule:

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