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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Miamisportsfan45, Mar 20, 2007.

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  1. Miamisportsfan45

    Miamisportsfan45 Active Member

    I have yet to see any of these pokemon played in any popular decks that we know and use today. If this deck works I now claim credit for creating a deck that hasn't been taken,used, and thought up before me! Now to try to make this deck good and popular and hope to make it into a Pokegym article and make this deck into the Front Page Content or Archetypes and Strategies or wherever the famous popular strong decks and archetypes go. lol. The strategy is after the list. Now, Here's the list:

    4 Anorith (Legend Maker)
    3 Armaldo (Holon Phantom)
    4 Omanyte (Power Keeper)
    3 Omastar (Power Keeper)
    2 Mawile (Crystal Guardians)
    1 Kabuto (Power Keeper)
    1 Kabutops (Power Keeper)

    4 Mysterious Fossil
    2 Cursed Stone
    3 Strange Cave
    4 Claw Fossil
    2 Holon Fossil
    1 Scott
    2 Prof. Oak's Research
    2 Copycat
    3 Steven's Advice
    1 Energy Recycle System
    2 Switch

    2 Metal
    3 Holon Energy FF
    6 Fighting Energy
    5 Water Energy

    The strategy of this deck is to use Armaldo to do 50 damage to the active pokemon and discard a fossil or holon fossil of any kind to do 30 to the benched pokemon. Now, this may not seem like a lot but in the end it will all be worth it. Eventually you will ko there active pokemon and force them to bring out another or you will have Armaldo get ko'd and be forced to bring out another. By the time Armaldo is ko'd you will have a powerful bench. But what if you dont? Then this is where things get interesting. All that time you spent damaging there bench pokemon by 30 will pay off. Hopefully they would have evolved there pokemon and if not you can always use cursed stone...if they have a PokePower. You can attack with Omastar and De-Evolve all of there pokemon and ko a ton of pokemon all at once. If they're still not ko'd you can always use Kabutops instead. Kabutops can stop them from playing any pokemon down from there hands! That means they cant evolve and cant play any more basics down! You'll basically have them in a lock!

    Fixes, Comments, and Help Welcome! Thanks.

    Last edited: Mar 21, 2007
  2. shiftrymaster68

    shiftrymaster68 New Member

    I'd have to say that the deck gets murdered by Latios and Lugia due to Resistance and the ability to OHKO everything in the deck. Still, I'll try to help...

    20 Pokemon
    3 Anorith LM
    3 Armaldo d
    3 Omanyte PK
    3 Omastar PK
    4 Mawile CG
    4 Lickitung d
    1 Holon's Electrode
    1 Holon's Voltorb

    12 Energy
    4 d Rainbow
    4 Scramble
    2 DRE/Psychic/Metal/Fighting
    2 Metal

    28 Trainers
    4 Holon Fossil
    3 Claw Fossil
    3 Mysterious Fossil
    2 Strange Cave
    3 Celio's Network
    2 Holon Transciever
    2 Holon Mentor
    3 Cursed Stone
    2 Scott
    1 Holon Adventurer
    1 Holon Scientist
    1 Holon Farmer
    1 Warp Point

    GL w/ it!
  3. Miamisportsfan45

    Miamisportsfan45 Active Member

    The Holon Engine wouldnt work in this because the main pokemon evolve from fossils. 12 Energy doesnt seem like enough...scramble wouldnt do too much unless I sacraficed something such as mawile or something. DRE would reduce my base attack damage. The rest I can somewhat agree with you on...except for the PokeLineup. 20 pokemon and then fossils? That seems a bit too much. usually when I play fossils I play so that I equal up to 23-26 Pokemon + Fossils overall. If you get what im saying. Thanks for the help. Appreciate it.

  4. Jayson

    Jayson Active Member

    So uh, the whole claiming credit thing? Kinda silly, when a very similar deck was posted yesterday, and I posted the Armaldo d idea as a reply, hours before you posted this list.

    And there is no synergy between Kabutops PK and Omastar PK. You pull down, and they re-evolve immediately after. There is no time to get Kabutops out to lock their basic in. Try Cradily LM, it shuffles evolutions into your opponent's deck. Then Kabutops might be useful, but I still doubt it.

    You have no trainer engine. You're going to have a lot of trouble consistently getting out the correct combination of fossils, stage 1s, stage 2s, and energies.

    And in a few months, when DP comes out, EX-series fossil pokemon will be completely useless. So, I don't mean to crush on your idea, but don't get your hopes up about this becoming an archetype or an article.
  5. BlackBrock

    BlackBrock New Member

    a Simalir deck was posted yesterday i beilive. or the day b4. and with the new rules...Fossils arent going to be very much fun to play beign they coutn as a KO. also with Kabutops...they can play basics but cant Evolve the basics. so tehre hand is locked for only so much.

    The idea is good, sounds like it would work. but like mentioned above, Omatar and Kabutops dont really work together that well. besides u onyl having 1 in the deck...:rolleyes:... but GL with it. :thumb:

    o0o...antoehr Scott might be a good idea. ^_^.
  6. Miamisportsfan45

    Miamisportsfan45 Active Member

    Im starting to get very frustrated. lol. I come up with a deck that works that I thought nobody else had thought of and yet I stand incorrect. I will come up with a deck that nobody else had though of! I want to make a completely rogue deck. Also, I came up with this deck 3-4 days ago but only posted it up now. I havnt even seen your list so please don't say I copied your idea or list. Thanks.

  7. Lt. Boomer

    Lt. Boomer New Member

    haha its okay im sure many other people thought they had the miracle but found out other people have it too.

    The only way that you could get consistant results is maybe playing LM Lunatune to get your fossils out and then work from there. I most definatly agree with Omastar not working with Kabutops at all. And good fossil decks are just getting too hard to make reliable and consistant.
  8. The Phenom1993

    The Phenom1993 New Member

    this idea vould work better with ATM(R). i think it isn't that consistant since you can't get the fossils by mentor etc.
  9. Roy 747

    Roy 747 New Member

    I would like to help but I cant reveal my SD deck for states.
  10. Miamisportsfan45

    Miamisportsfan45 Active Member

    Roy 747: Im sure your deck isnt secret. lol. No offense, but I have made a ton of decks. Many of which people don't know about. I posted about less then 1\4 of them up & so far they were all already posted on the gym surprisingly.

    Lt. Boomer: I somewhat agree with you on that one. But one energy is crazy for around 1-6 knock outs. Kabutops and Omastar don't work well together but Kabutops is just a tech so that they can't evolve again. In case they rare candied or something. Get what im saying now?

    The Phenom1993: Yeah, I know what you mean.

  11. Lt. Boomer

    Lt. Boomer New Member

    Yeah i get what you mean. The Omastar is great for causing irritation for Rare Candied pokemon, but many decks out there can recover pretty fast from that sort of thing. And im sure that if they see that you may have an Omastar they won't discard their evolutions like they normally can.
  12. Miamisportsfan45

    Miamisportsfan45 Active Member

    They can only recover so fast because of:

    1) The Holon Engine

    2) Holon Castform

    3) Luck

    Just my opinion though. lol.

  13. Tendencies

    Tendencies New Member

    I'd be the one who posted before you. I'm not going to argue as far as credit goes, you'll notice the deck isn't good enought to beat
    all the archetyps you should look at my list and the reasons why I put the cards in there that I did. I could care less about who gets the credit of the deck, there's never really been one deck that makes archetype it's always been a crappy deck list that gives someone the idea and then it gets tweaked. Tweaking a deck to fit in the metagame is just as hard as making a new deck. The best way to do rogue is to find a good deck and modify to be better suited for what people play in your region. Trust me I know I used to play MTG I even went to worlds.
  14. Roy 747

    Roy 747 New Member

    Tell me what my SD is then. unless you are too lazy too go back and chack because "my secret deck has been posted before".
  15. Master_Whiscash_77

    Master_Whiscash_77 New Member

    roy: he didnt say he knew what ur deck was, he just said itsprobably been thought of before.
    if this is true, which it probably is, no offense, then ur deck will not surprise the people that matter
  16. nikx1

    nikx1 New Member

    No Rare Candy?
  17. Miamisportsfan45

    Miamisportsfan45 Active Member

    I dont think RC is needed.

    Roy: Dont get so offensive. All I meant by that was that everytime I make a deck it has always been thought up before me and had the same name, strategy, etc. So im sure your deck has been thought up before and posted by someone on the gym.

    Tendencies: I agree with you. Im just trying to come up with my own ideas and decks to deck build with and make a new famous\popular archetype-like deck.

  18. BlackBrock

    BlackBrock New Member

    Not to get off topic, but personally i think everyone is out now to not just make a great deck that distroys everyone but for it to be and Archtype. its the way of pokemon now...

    On to the deck, R candy shouldnt be needed But it wouldnt hurt to run atlest 2 for emergency. but to work with the Omastar's de-evolving i'd run a Houndoom Tech. but you'd have a full bench with this deck. which is the only problem with that....
  19. Miamisportsfan45

    Miamisportsfan45 Active Member

    I think R Candy would be a good surprise for when this is a rogue deck. It'd be like...just a fossil and they just decide to evolve and all that. next thing ya no. Rare candy and Omastar. Energy. De-Evolve. That way they'd discard evolutions and stuff like lt. boomer said they would if they werent expecting it. It could actually work. I wouldnt overdo the RC's though.

  20. Roy 747

    Roy 747 New Member

    Sorry, I didn't mean to offend anyone but I guess I should go about bragging about my SD. Please don't say "lol" then "no offense because you are countering your own point.
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