Arthas Zero's 2v2 Deck building Tips

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Dek, Nov 19, 2003.

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    Since dkates did the other two, I'll give him a break :lol:. Anyways...

    These were the one of the many things Vince Lombardi said during his lifetime. This quote can be applied to the Pokemon card game because of a new factor that was introduced by Nintendo: 2v2 Battling. With this new type of gameplay, a whole new game has just been introduced before our eyes, with more flexibility than ever. Here are some tips when playing with the 2v2 mechanics.

    -The following sets are reccommended when playing in this format:
    -EX: Ruby and Saphire
    -EX: Sandstorm
    -EX: Dragon

    Another thing that should be taken into consideration is the fact that 2v2 is divided into two new formats of card playing: Double and Multi. Just like the GBA game, Double is when 2 people are playing the game with 2 Active Pokemon and Multi is where 4 people are playing the game, the teams are separated into 2 people per team, and each person always have one Active Pokemon out at all times.

    Double: Just like 1v1, these types of decks must have a special synergy within to make the deck very effective in battling. Try using decks that have a good balance of Offense and Defense.

    Multi: This is the type of gameplay that makes you want to scream like little girls when it comes to synergies. The reason being is because you will have to know what your ally's deck is before even playing the game. It can be a good thing and It can be a bad thing. Why? Well, do you want to be using a Fire deck when your ally has a Water deck with no sense of synergy whatsoever? That's what i thought.

    Double: like I said before, a good balance of Offense and Defense is a good idea when it comes to this format. A good idea would to have an Active-Attacker and an Active-Defender. That way, not only can you prevent damage done to one Pokemon, but you only have to worry about one Pokemon then.

    Multi: When it comes to Multi-Play, a lot of weak effects have now become a lot more effective in this format. Some would include Poison, Burn, and Sleep. The reason they have become more effective is because you have 4 players in teh arena at once. When in this format, each player must take a turn. Therefore, poison, for example, has become a lot more effecetive because it goes into effect between each player's turn. Another thing that should be taken into consideration are teh "big kahunas."

    Double: This is a pretty easy topic. Just make sure that multiple Poke-Powers/Bodies dont cancel each other out. A good idea would be to use Powers/Bodies that really have nothing in common, but also don't affect each other (Unless it's Solrock and Lunatone).

    Multi: This...can get hard. When it comes to Poke-Powers/Bodies in Multi format, a good idea is to build the decks with your partner so then both of you would have a sense of how each deck works and how they have a synergy.

    For now, this is all I have to share. If you have any ideas, reply here and I can possibly add them into this topic.
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